Chapter 15: Perfection

8:36AM – Christmas Day

"Drake," Cam shook him a little. "Come on, you've gotta get up! It's Christmas!"

"Just let me sleep… Like, one more half hour," Drake mumbled, pulling the comforter over his head and turning to face the opposite direction.

"Drake, get up," Cam stated, firmly, crawling over him so she was face-to-face with him once again. Even if his face was buried.

"But I'm tired…" He grumbled, closing his eyes in attempt to fall asleep again. Ha. That's funny.

Camryn stood up and pulled the comforter off of him. "Go back to bed after. Ty's waiting for you downstairs...with Megan."

He groaned and followed her downstairs to the living room.

8:52AM – Living Room

"This one's for you and Drake, Cam," Audrey stated, handing her a present wrapped in white and silver, dove-covered paper. "From Walter and I."

Cam glanced at Drake. He looked tired, but he was smiling at Ty. When she opened it, she was looking down at a picture frame with a handwritten note in it. The note was Audrey's handwriting and it said,

Our Son and Future-Daughter-in-law (wink wink),

God know you didn't plan anything that's happened the past year, but he blessed you with a beautiful baby boy. The Miracle Baby, I think was the nick name we decided on, and we thought you'd want a family photo of the 3 of you. So tomorrow, that's the plan. We're going to get your family photo done. Our treat.

Proud Grandparents,

Audrey & Walter

"Drake." She handed him the frame and let him read the note. 'Thanks so much, you guys," Cam smiled, giving each of them a hug.

"We got something for Ty, too. Here," Walter handed Drake a bag with Pooh Bear on it.

Since Ty obviously couldn't open it himself, Drake pulled out the tissue paper and found an Eeyore plush stuffed animal and a Pooh Bear blanket for Ty's crib.

"Aw, that's so cute!" Cam smiled, holding up the blanket so she could see the whole thing.

"All right, I've got one for Josh," Drake stated, leaning over to reach a present on the other side of the couch. It was tall, almost as tall as Drake himself.

He handed it to Josh and watched him open it. "OPRAH!" Josh screeched, excitedly, starring at the life-sized framed picture of his hero.

"I thought that white wall in your room could use some help," Drake laughed.

"You have no idea! Thanks, Drake!"

"Cam, why don't you get Drake's gift?" Audrey suggested, smiling because she knew what Cam had gotten him. She'd helped Cam hide it.

"'Kay. I'll be right back." Camryn started for the laundry room. When she came back, Drake was turned around to face her, Ty in his lap, holding Drake's fingers and leaning back against a pillow.

"Drake, come here," She sighed, crossing her arms, loosely over her chest and smirking.

Drake picked up Ty and walked over to her, a slightly confused look on his face.

"Mom helped me pick this out last weekend. Before the baby." She pulled a cherry red Fender Stratocaster out of the laundry room and quickly took Ty from Drake's arms so he could freak over the guitar.

"Oh my—YOU GOT ME A GUITAR!?" Drake exclaimed, glancing at her and then back to the guitar in disbelief.

Cam nodded. "You like it?"

"Camryn, are you kidding!? I love it!" He breathed, walking over and engaging her in a passionate kiss before looking her in the eye and saying, "Thank you."

"Hey, love birds, before I move out. I wanna see what you got Camryn, Drake," Megan laughed.

"Okay, okay." Drake walked over to the Christmas tree and picked up a small box out from behind the tree. "Here," He grinned.

When she opened it, she couldn't help but look confused as it was an empty jewelry box. "Drake…?"

"Yeah, it's supposed to be empty. Megan didn't do anything to it," He laughed. "When we get the family photo done, afterwards, I'll give you what's supposed to be in the box. They kind of go hand-in-hand, in a way."

"Kind of like you 2?" Josh chuckled.

"The wedding picture could go in there, too," Walter stated.

"Okay…" Cam gave all the guys a confused look. They were all acting like they knew something she didn't… Or maybe they did…

5:34PM – Drake, Cam & Ty's "Apartment" (AKA: The bedroom)

"Cam, is Cassie coming to dinner tonight?" Josh asked from the doorway, while Drake latched the clip on Cam's necklace. They were getting ready for the Christmas dinner.

"Yeah, I invited her. Why? Is it a problem?" Cam turned around to face him, worried.

"No! It's fine!" Josh smiled. "I'll meet you 2 downstairs."

"You like her, don't you?" Drake smirked, turning to face his brother.

Josh didn't answer. He could only smile.

6:15PM – Kitchen

Cam was helping Audrey finish up dinner, Ty rested on her hip, his head against her shoulder. Drake was setting the table; Megan's orders because she had told him their mother told him to do it. He was too terrified of her to argue.

Ding dong!

"I'll get it!" Drake called to the house and whoever heard him. He opened the door and there was…Grammy! She gave him a hug and said, "Well, aren't you all grown up!"

He chuckled, "Ma's in the kitchen with Cam and the baby."

"Baby, huh?" Grammy smirked. "Well, don't just stand there; come introduce me to this lucky lady!"

Drake moved out of the way so she could come in, then shut the door and led her into the kitchen. "Cam," he started. "This is Mrs. Nichols. Grammy, this is my girlfriend, Cam. And our son, Ty."

"You got yourself a pretty girl, Drake! And you got me an adorable great-grandson!" Grammy smiled at Cam and then put her hands out to Ty to see if he would let her hold him. He didn't fight it, at first, but then when she started to walk away from Cam to sit down, he started crying.

"He's just tired," Drake said, taking Ty back from her. He brought him upstairs and laid him down in his crib.

(Meanwhile, in the kitchen)

"I've never seen my grandson like this… So…happy… It's amazing what love can do, isn't that right, Audrey?" Grammy smiled. Cam smiled to herself; she decided she wouldn't mind marrying into this family…

A Few Weeks Later

"Drake, what are you doing?" Camryn giggled as Drake covered her eyes from behind.

"Well, since we're going out to an extremely fancy restaurant tonight, I thought you might want something to wear," Drake said, while leading her upstairs to their room and shutting the door.

Once he uncovered her eyes, she noticed the gorgeous strapless black dress lying on their bed. The bottom was cut at an angle and at the waist was layered red fabric perfectly placed so it would ride just above her hips.

"What do you think?" He asked, excitedly smiling.

"Drake…I-I don't know what to say. How'd you know my size and everything…?" She breathed.

"It was a team effort, really. When you were out with Mom, I took Ty to the mall. He picked the dress and since I know your shape so well, I think I did a pretty good with the size."

"Thank you!" Cam cried, wrapping her arms around his neck and giving him a kiss.

"I love you, Cam."

"I love you, too, baby," She whispered, a few strayed happy tears trailing down her cheeks.

"You've got to start getting ready, though, reservations at 7:00."

She nodded and he gave her another quick kiss before letting her body go.

At The Restaurant

Camryn had fit perfectly in the dress and she looked stunning. Audrey gave her a gold necklace to wear with a black heart that dangled between her breasts.

Drake had managed to get the 2 of them a table with a view of the ocean. He wanted everything leading up to the event, the event itself and everything after to be PERFECT.

After dinner, the 2 of them took a romantic walk along the beach, barefoot and hand-in-hand along the shore so the waves crashed just before it misted their ankles with warm salt-water.

They reached a certain point along the shore where Drake stopped and pulled Cam against him. Out of no where a slow song started; "Here By Me" by 3 Doors Down. He rested his left hand on her lower back and intertwined the fingers on his right hand with the ones on her left. Cam held him close as they swayed. Time stood still for a few long, un-forgetful minutes.

Then Drake looked her in the eye. "Cam, I love you."

Before she could reply, he continued, "And I can't wait any longer to do this."

When Drake got down on one knee, Cam's jaw almost fell off.

"Drake, wha…?"

"Camryn Elizabeth," He started, while opening the velvet jewelry case, "will you marry me?"

Cam couldn't even speak; tears were running down her cheeks and at that moment, her actions spoke louder than words. She pulled Drake into a passionate kiss, then looked him in the eye and smiled before saying, "Of course."

He slid the gold band around her ring finger and kissed her again.


Camryn and Drake were cuddled up on the couch, watching Saved! Cam got kind of uncomfortable near the end and she wasn't sure why; maybe the fact that almost the same thing happened to her…well the whole getting-pregnant-as-a-senior-part. She still hadn't accepted the fact that she couldn't have anymore kids.

"You okay, Camryn?" Drake asked, looking down at the frown on his future-wife's face.

Cam shrugged, playing with the engagement ring, silently.

"What's wrong? You've been quiet ever since we got home." Drake shifted so Cam was lying, facing him, on the inside of the couch.

"I'm tired…that's all," She said, quietly, closing her eyes and wrapping her arms around his waist.

"And you're not answering my question honestly. 'Cause I know that's not the only thing that's bothering, you," He said, muting the TV and resting his hand on the back of her thigh.



"Can you turn the movie off please?" She asked, suddenly.

"…So that's what's bothering you…? The whole no-more-kids thing, huh?"

"…I just feel so…stupid. I slept with him, got pregnant with his kid and then the whole thing got even more screwed up because I got too stressed out and now we can't start a family of our own," She whispered, on the edge of tears.

"Hey, look at me," He demanded, softly, brushing stray hairs from her eyes. "I don't care. That little miracle baby you gave me is more than enough. Even if he isn't truly mine. I love you and I would never give you up because of some stupid little thing like that. I'm not going to treat him any differently than I would my own son."

"Yeah, but that's the thing. If we get married, you're never going to have your own son! Or daughter… I always wanted a little girl, Drake. And it's never going to happen because of one stupid mistake…" She paused and took a deep breath. "You don't deserve all of this crap. You deserve a big, happy family that you actually…created…yourself! Drake, don't you get it? I can't give you any of that!" She sobbed.

"I don't need any of that. I've already got you and Ty." It was killing Drake to see her fall apart like this.

Cam started playing with the engagement ring again, contemplating the thought of giving it back to Drake so he could be happy with another girl.

"Cam, I get it, but I want you. I honestly don't care if I ever have truly my own kids. I've already got you and Ty," He repeated. "Do you understand that?"

"But you always said you wanted a little girl…"

"We can always adopt a girl. But we don't need another child to be happy." Drake kissed her on the forehead and held her tight. "You want to go to bed?"

Cam nodded, silently, slowly rising from the couch and following him up to their room. Ty was asleep in his crib.

Once Drake and Cam got settled in, quiet enough not to wake Ty, Drake took Cam's left hand and kissed her palm. "I'll love you no matter what, sweetheart," He whispered.

Cam nuzzled his chest with her cheek and rested her hand against his heartbeat. "I love you, too, Drake."

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