Chapter 1: Stupid Sisters who Deserve to be Murdered!

Once upon a time, there was a family by the name of Meyers. Now, little Michael was just a little bit crazy, but who'd have thunk?

One night- Halloween to be exact, Michael's horny sister, and her equally horny boyfriend were in her bedroom...

"My parents won't be back until ten," she tells her boyfriend.

"Are you sure?" he asks, getting excited.

The two giggle like maniacs, while Michael is plotting away his evils, "We're all alone aren't we?" the boyfriend asked, putting on a stupid clown-mask, and trying to make Michael's ditzy sister laugh.

"DUH," she retorts, "Well, that stupid psycho-path Michael is around someplace... Y'know, they make eight movies about him and his weirdness... In part II, it is revealed..."

"Shut up! They're not supposed to know that! It's only 1978!"

"Oh," she says, as a glazed look comes over her eyes; then the two begin to make-out.

SEVEN HOURS LATER: "I gotta go."

"Will you call me tomorrow?"

"Uh, yeah... TOMORROW... About tomorrow, didn't you read the script...? Michael has a little surprise in store for you."


"Uh, yeah... Presents..."

He leaves, and she giggles greedily, just as Michael enters the room, "Michael...? Is that you? I can't recognize you in that costume."

Since Michael does not respond, she rambles on, "My boyfriend, whose name will remain anonymous said that you have something for me..."

Michael nods, and raises a butcher knife.

"Ooh! Is that a necklace, a bracelet, or an anklet?"

Her idiotic smile widens, as he approaches, "Hey I recognize that thing... It starts with a K... But what is it? What is it?"

Michael does not respond, and raises the knife, "Ooh! I know! I know! It's a kleptomaniac!"

Michael shakes his head, angrily, "God, you're stupid! It's a knife! A knife! Jesus Christ! Did all those drugs, alcohol, and sex rot your brain, or what?"

"A knife? What's a-?" But before she can finish her idiotic sentence, she is being stabbed by her strange brother who seriously needs some riddalin.