Chapter 3: Michael Escapes! Dun! Dun! Dun!

Michael grew up to be a somewhat pleasant little boy... He still tried to murder people, but since it was all related to ADD, and he couldn't afford riddalin, the doctors and nurses let him slide by... Occasionally allowing him to murder a little boy and/or girl.

Now, it happened that on the night before Halloween, Michael's favorite doctor, Loomis, and some arbitrary bimbo-nurse were driving up to the hospital to visit the darling teenager, who was clearly suffering from stress, Loomis was droning on about something completely irrelevant, as he always did when he wasn't high, "...Then he gets another physical by the state, and he makes his appearance before the judge. That should take four hours if we're lucky, then we're on our way."

"That's nice," the nurse replies, applying lipstick to her huge lips which clearly had BOTOX,"What did you use to drug him up before? Clearly, these murders are stress-related, and due to his ADD... a complex disease, y'know."


"Thorazin? Why Thorazin! Why not Riddalin, God-damn it! Why not Riddalin, you madman!"

"Jesus Christ, woman! Lay off the booze! I told you; his parents are piss-ass poor, even though they lived in that huge house, so they can't afford the good stuff... I have to give him the imitation shit."

"That's not very nice."

"Oh, well, here we are!"

Lightning flashes, and an evil scientist is heard cackling in a nearby castle in Transylvania, as a side on the side of the road is lit up:



They frown at the shack, which is the sanitarium, The nurse's face lights up with understanding, "No wonder all those inmates escaped last night... They don't have any locks on the doors... They don't even have doors..."

"Are there any special instructions?" she asks, annoyed.

"Just try to understand what we're dealing with here. Don't underestimate it."

"IT! IT! Oh my God! I love that book, I mean: I think we should refer to 'it' as 'him.' Calling 'it' 'him...' I mean calling 'him' 'it' isn't very nice. And he wasn't the 'It Girl' in 1905... I was."

He stares at her face, and smiles, "If you say so."

Suddenly, through the rain-covered windshield, they see five patients running amuck. "Not this shit again," she whispers, angrily, lighting a cigarette, "I'm sick of the crazies escaping, and ruining my life! After all, girls just wanna have fun!"

"Oh no!" Loomis screams, "Michael's there too! He's escaped as well! How awfully convenient for a horror movie!"

"Slasher flick," Michael corrects him, giving the both of them the finger.

"That's not very nice!" the nurse interjects, as Michael runs off into the distance...