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Authors note: Well this it the letter back to Kagome from Inuyasha, tell me what you think ok REVIEW!

Dear Kagome,

Kagome,You were mistaken

I loved you

It was you I was going to chose

I didn't tell you so, for I thought you did not feel the same

But I guess I was wrong

and maybe it's for the best

even though you are with my brother

feh, I rather have you with that Hobo guy or that mangy wolf

But its your choice

As it was mine when I didn't tell you

those three words

Kagome, I do love you

But a promise is a promise

My promise was to protect Kikyo

That promise was also promised to you

do you not remember

but I guess my brother took up on that

better then I probably ever could

wow I cant believe I just wrote that

This is that last you will be hearing from me

After you left to him

I made another promise to Kikyo

Sorry to say but I can not help with the jewel

Tonight I will help Kikyo be at rest

Which means I will be going with her to Hell

So I thought you should be first to know

Take great care of Shippo

funny to say he was like my son

tell him I love him to

well I have to go

I love you Kagome

Please always remember that

Remember that I was going to choose you

But you chose Sesshomaru

Until we meet in the after life

Kagome I love you



P.S. Sesshomaru please take care of her or I will haunt your ass. And uhh im taking Tetsusaiga with me.

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