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Chapter 2: So be it

"My Katara. Don't we look amazing today?" asks Water Queen Sedna.

"Yes we do. Why did you call for me this early?" asks Katara. ( MOF- what are you doing? be nice!)

"The ocean. I can sense those who will oppose us approaching. Your friends Aang, Zuko, Zula, Iroh, and your brother, Sokka." Sedna is very tall and tan. But she has light blue eyes and a silver tinted hair color. She is wearing a long pale blue dress, and decorated with seashells. She has a crown of pearls on her head.

"Oh Katara, I'm so glad to have your help. You're like a daughter to me. Together, we shall rule." says Sedna on her usual morning rants.

"But what of those who will oppose us? And fire?" asks Katara. She has her brown hair up as usual but is wearing a blue dress. (The same as princess yue's)

"Fire is not superior, the world will end in ice. You will help me do this." starts Sedna.

This is so hard. Brainwashing everyone tires me. At least Katara will remain like this for a bit. But she's so stubborn, and I'll have to repeat the spell, thinks Sedna.

"And of my annoying friends?" asks Katara. (SNAP OUT OF IT! why you, Katara. why not Sokka? and you ask a lot of question.)

"I don't know yet. Probably torture or something fun like that." Sedna giggles, "No need to panic. We'll crush all that oppose us."

NO! They're my friends! I can't hurt them. Not Zuko. Wait why'd I think that?

Cause you like him.

NO! Just stop. I must obey Sedna.

Sedna walks over to a window in the castle she made of ice and snow. (It's just like a normal house. heated and everything.)

"They shall be here soon. But you mustn't go to them. They'll lie to you." Katara nods.

"Then what must I do about this?" she asks.

" Well, we must plan out what we want. First, we must conquer the other nations. Earth first because it will be easier. Fire counters us. But they'll still fall easily." She makes a table in the floor with a map of the 4 nations on it, and knocks the figurines on it down.

"We will take over, and show everyone true power." says Sedna joyfully. She then begins to skip around the room while Katara (brainwashed version) stares at her, very confused. Sedna turns to her and says, " Oh in the horrible name of Agni! Don't tell me you've lost all of your emotions. That wouldn't be fun. It would suck majorly!"

Before Katara answers she thinks to herself:

I don't think I lost them.

You didn't.

Ok. But how do you know?

Cause you adore and love Zuko.


"I don't' think I have." answers Katara.

Sedna just shrugs and then says, "Well you better have some emotion or we won't have that much fun taking over the world." She then pulls Katara over to the thrones. She motions for Katara to sit in one and then sits in the larger one.

"See Katara. I told you. You're the perfect person to help me take over the world. You even look amazing and you fit into that throne perfectly. You were born to be a queen and to rule over everyone." says Sedna as she blabbers on. (Wow. she's full of herself. And she knows how to over compliment. I already am tried of her.)

"So, when do we send the first hit?" asks Katara.

"Tomorrow at moonrise. Of course you'll have to be careful. Your friends shall be arriving sometime tomorrow." says Sedna.

"And then I shall start. Shall I chase the Avatar?" asks Katara. (TOO MANY QUESTIONS! it hurts my head!)

"No. He'll be chasing you. Now Katara, what will we be doing?" asks Sedna.

"World Conquest." says Katara.

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