The Princess and the Jedi

By Traser SyberJedi

Author's disclaimers and notes: No money is being made from this story. It was written for my pleasure, and for those who want to read it. This is a place that I love, and I just want to play there. Star Wars characters are the property of George Lucas. Original characters that I created are mine. Please ask my permission before using them.
This story was started before Phantom Menace was even storyboarded. I refuse to alter my storyline to reflect it. I had similiar ideas as found in the movie, however there are differences. The few similiarities are a coincidence.

Book One The Prophecy's Begining

Beware the Dark Side, oh Users of the Force, for it will destroy you.
Beware the Dark Side, oh Believers in the Force, for it will see you gone.
Beware the Dark Side, oh Deciples of the Force, for one will come ending all you know.
Stay true to the Light, oh Child of the Force, for it will will bring forth, not one but two, each of them, the last.
Old Taegan Saying

Part One Jedi To Be, and the Heir of the Taegan Force Users

Chpt 1: The Birth of Shaiey

Five years. The majority of the Jedi, including the Force-using race known as Septes, and the Taegan Warriors were dead. Dead from the Jedi Purge, at Palpatine's and Darth Vader's hands. In Talago City on the planet Taega, fifteen of the remaining Light Side Force-users were meeting in a semi-deserted warehouse. One of them was a young woman near the end of her pregnancy. Kase, the Jedi who had called the meeting, thought that the woman should not be there. Then he noticed the lightsaber like weapon that she wore at her waist, and her silver sash. Kase then noticed that she wasn't alone either. She had brought five others with her, two of them wearing silver sashes. The two men stayed near her, protecting her. One was obviously her husband. With them were three of the near mythical Windicorns of Taega. Kase pointed out an area near the backwall where they would have room to stand. He then showed the three humans to chairs where they could sit. As the Taegans were sitting down, one last Jedi arrived, and seated herself.

"Now that we are all here, let's get started." Kase said.

"I will speak." stated the woman who had just arrived.

"Go ahead." Kase indicated to her.

"I am Jedi Wren Kalan Skywalker, the widow of Jedi Anakin Skywalker. It may not be known to all of you here, but those of us here are basicly the last Force-users alive. Well, Master Yoda and my friend Obi-Wan Kenobi are still alive, but both of them have gone into hiding. There are maybe a hundred or so Septes left, scattered across the galaxy. As to what their number are, only the Taegans Warriors and Windicorns know." Wren reported, indicating those from Taega. "It falls to us to try to stop Vader and Palpatine."

"I am Princess Xana Tagla. I agree that Palpatine and Vader must be stopped. But it will take all of us here in this room to stop them. However, I can not fight. My daughter is close to being born. So, what do you suggest?" Xana added.

"I suggest that we start a Rebellion. I have a friend in the Senate who is already organising a start for us to rebel against Palpatine's New Order. However, it will take some time." Wren answered.

Arrowshot, one of the Windicorns started pawing the floor with a hoof. "Princess Xana, flee for your unborn's life. Vader is here."
The others picked up on the telepathic communication. Everyone started rushing around, making preparations for their last stand. Kase made his way over to a hidden passage.

"Your Highness, you can escape through here. It will take you to safety." Kase instructed. He grabbed a couple of frames that held several ysilimiri. "Use these. They will block the Force."

Kade Halan-Tagla, Xana's husband, grabbed the offered frames. "Thank you. We are in your debt."

He shouldered the one frame, and offered the other one to his father, Raphen. Raphen, however, declined it. Xana, seeing his reply, made her way over to him. She placed a slim hand on his shoulder.

"Raphen, you must come too. The baby will need a teacher when she is old enough to train. You are the last Taegan Master left." was all Xana said.

Raphen just nodded, and took the offered frame. He led his son and daughter-in-law to the passage entrance. The three Windicorns just looked at their friends. Arrowshot shook his head.

"Run, we will stop Vader to cover your escape." Kase told them. "The Windicorns are too big to fit through the passageway. They'll have to stay here, or find another way out."

"Thank you. We are indebted unto you. You will always be remembered. May the Force protect you." Raphen told the Jedi and the others. He then turned towards his son and daughter in law. "Kade, you help Xana, guiding her out. I'll take point, and find the way for us."

The three Taegans dissapeared into the corridor, vanishing from the sight of those who stayed behind. They who stayed started making preperations to face the Sith Lord.

"They are brave, for choosing to live in the Dark Times ahead. "One of the other Jedi said.

"They are true Taegan Warriors, chosen by the Force to nuture and raise one of the two chosen ones. They will do as they must." Kase replied. "May the Force protect them, and us all from what is to come."

Down the tunnel went the three warriors of the Force. Raphen led the way, followed closely by Xana and Kade. However, their journey was becoming dangerous, because Xana had gone into labor. At first, she tried to hide the pain that she was in, but the contractions were getting worse. One intense contraction hit, causing Xana to double over in pain. She let out a hiss, trying to ease it.

"Xana, what is it?" Kade asked his wife. He wanted to extend his senses out to her, but knew that it would be a useless gesture, as the ysilimri were doing as they should, and had blocked the Force from them completely. Kade realised what was happening. "Father, Xana has gone into labor. Our daughter is wanting to see her world. "

Raphen made his way back to them. He knew of the prophecy foretelling of two who would restore the Light Side. He also knew that his yet unborn granddaughter would be one of the pair. She would have a long, hard road ahead of her.

"I'm familiar with the tunnel that this one leads to. It leads out into an alley that will get us to the division between the business area, and the residential sector of the city. We'll be safe soon. As for Xana, until we reach the palace, there isn't much we can do."

They continued on without further conversation. Xana's labor was speeding up, as her water broke. They reached the entrance to the alley, finding Alara, of the Windicorns, waiting for them. Seeing the princess, and realising that she was in labor, Alara indicated that Xana should get on her back.

"Alara, my friend, why are you here?" Raphen asked. "You can be killed if the Imperials find you."

Alara tossed her head defiantly, and snorted in disgust. She pointed her long crystal blue horn at Xana again, and then at her back.

"You want us to put Xana on your back?" Kade asked the Windicorn.

Alara nodded in agreement. Then she tried to remove Kade's sash, using her horn. Alara raised one of her wings, showing a hidden saddlebag, and a nurient frame with ysilimiri on it.

"I'm guessing that you want us to hide our weapons and sashes in the bag?" Alara tossed her head in agreement. She looked intently at the alley's entrance. The sounds of a saber duel drifted back to them.

"I think that we had better hurry. We might not have much time." Xana moaned in pain. She handed her lazerdagger and sash to her husband. Both men helped her up on to the Windicorn's back next. The group headed for the opening of the alley. Another contraction hit Xana hard. A moan escaped her lips. "I wish I could use pain control."

"And we would have Vader down on our heads, too." Raphen replied. "Now let's head on back to the castle."

When the foursome reached the alley's entrance, they found a horrifying scene. A lone woman stood there, an activated lightsaber in her hand, before Darth Vader. All around them were the bodies of several people and one Windicorn. The group kept quiet, and were able to hear the conversation between the Jedi and the Sith.

"You may kill me. I don't care. I know who you are. You are now dead to me. You are dead to those who remain." The woman said, defiantly.

"Wren, join me. I do not want to kill you. I still love you." Vader said softly.

"I'll never turn. I'll die first, by your hand or my own. I despise you now. I forsaw my death on the day I lost my husband. But from my death will come two to take you down. Remember the old prophecy of the Force. Two will stand forth to bring back the Light to our galaxy. I have seen your death, my husband, and you will not like it." Wren said, swinging the glowing blue saber.

The four in the alley silently crept out of the alley. They made their escape, vowing to remember what they had seen and heard, but never to tell. As they entered another passageway, Xana watched as Darth Vader cut down and kill the lone Jedi, his wife Wren.

The last Taegan Warriors had finally made their way back to the palace. They were assisted inside, and Xana was taken to the medical section of the palace. Kade sent a guard after Lalatha, Xana's mother. When she arrived, Kade disappeared into the room where Xana had been placed. Several hours would pass, Lalatha and Raphen taking turns pacing and sitting as they waited.

"So, what happened at the meeting, Raphen?" Lalatha asked.

"Vader somehow found out about it. He found us. We were the only ones to have escaped. All the rest are one with the Force now, including Wren Kalan-Skywalker, Anakin Skywalker's widow."

"I thought that I felt something through the Force, but with how things have been the last several years, I have all but cut myself off from the Force. I will mourn for the loss of all their lives." Lalatha stated, sadly.

Two hours later, Kade and a medic appeared. Kade was carrying a small gold wrapped bundle.

"My daughter. I have a second daughter." He yelled joyously.

"What is her name?" Raphen asked.

"Shaiey. Shaiey Alaine. Xana and I spell it s-h-a-i-e-y. That way it is different from her ancestress Shai." Kade answered. "Here Lalatha, you may be the first to hold her."

Kade handed Shaiey to her grandmother. He went back in the room to his wife.

"How is Xana?" Lalatha asked the medic. "Her Royal Highness came through the delivery just fine. However, she needs to rest for awhile." The medic replied. "Excuse me, Your Highness, I need to return to my duties."

As Lalatha sat there, cuddling her new granddaughter, she felt a strong ripple in the Force. She stretched out her senses, and felt the Force present in the baby. A vision overcame her. Lalatha found herself looking at a lazerdagger with a blade of deep blue-green. She realised that it was her own weapon, long since hidden away. Then, superimposed over it was an image of her newborn granddaughter. The image faded out, with a new one fading in. A lightsaber with a blade of blue appeared. A boy with blonde hair. He looked to be about 5 years of age. Then the blade of the saber changed from blue to green. A small elfin figure appeared behind the boy. The vision faded completely out.

"Yoda." was all Lalatha could say.

"Yoda? What about him?" Raphen asked.

"The Force just sent me a vision. Shaiey, an unknown boy, and Yoda were in it."

"What does Yoda have to do with Shaiey?"

"Nothing. His student will be male. The prophecy is coming true. Two users of the Force. Shaiey is to be a Taegan Warrior. The boy will be a Jedi trained by Yoda. Both will be the last, and the first." Lalatha explained.

"I will train Shaiey when she reaches the age for training. She will be my last student." Raphen stated.

"Thank you Raphen." Lalatha said.

"She is my granddaughter too." was all Raphen said in reply.

Far across several lightyears, on a hot, dry, sandy planet named Tatooine, the boy of Lalatha's vision sat learning his letters from a book. A woman sat next to him pointing out random letters.

"What's this letter, Luke?" Beru Lars asked her ward, pointing to the letter W.

"It's an upside-down M, Aunt Beru." Luke replied. He grinned at his cleverness.

"No. It's a W. Double you." Beru instructed.

"Double you. W." Luke repeated, pointing at the new letter.

A timer went off in the kitchen, signaling an end to the lesson. Beru stood up, and said "Luke, go put your book away. Then go and wash your face and hands. When you are done with that, I would like you to set the table, while I finish dinner."

"Yes ma'am." Luke softly replied.

"And don't poke about. Your Uncle Owen will be home shortly, and will be wanting to eat right away." Beru replied, using a stern tone.
"Okay. I'm not poking." came a gasping suprano voice, as Luke ran into another room.

Several hours later, Owen went over Luke's lessons with him. "That was good Luke. Now off to bed with you." Owen told the boy.

"Goodnight Uncle Owen." Luke said, giving the man a hug. He went over to his foster aunt and gave her a hug. "Goodnight Aunt Beru."

"Night Luke. I'll be in in a moment to tuck you in." Beru replied, giving Luke a kiss on the cheek. She went and tucked him in.

An hour later, she checked on him, finding him sound asleep. "Owen, Luke is now old enough to start school. He knows the basics, and is starting to read. So, what are we going to do?" Beru stated.

"You can teach him here. It's not safe to start him in school yet. People haven't forgotten enough about his father or the Jedi. It is too soon. Maybe in a few years, he can go to school. But for now, let's keep him here where it is safe." Owen replied.

"You're right. It is too soon. I was a teacher before I married you, so I can teach Luke the basics." Beru agreed.

"Just don't tell him about the Jedi. Or his father. It could mean his life in the long run." Owen omminously said.