Hi people! I already thank you for clicking this story! Ehem, anyway, this is like "Are you afraid of the dark" by nickelodeon. But don't worry; I didn't copy any stories from them. In this fic, they always go to the woods in their subdivision to tell scary stories every Friday. So I will be updating every Friday! Ok well… feel free to read on… thanks again!

BTW: Thanks so much for Shinobi-Sakura who suggested the title. Haha, I used it, ehem- anyway, for writing-zeal, I love the title you suggested me! The 'spellbound experience'; But I thought of putting it as a chapter title since I have a story close to that… so yeah, I'll still use it… anyway, I'm starting to bore you… just read on…

Full Summary: Every Friday night, a circle of friends that consists of Naruto, Sasuke, Neji, Shikamaru, Hinata, Sakura, Ten-Ten and Ino, goes to the woods of their subdivision/village. They set up a small fire in the centre, bring chips and pops then tell different scary stories. Wanna hear and know those stories? Do you like to hear scary stories? Enjoy scaring yourself? Then continue reading on…

Title: Firelight Horrors

Chapter Title: The Cab

Genre: Main: Horror and Mystery; minor: some tints of romance and humor

Author: crazed-aki66

"Hey guys!" a pink haired girl said.

"Hey Sakura…" a blond girl said, her hair was tied up in a high pony-tail. Her name, as we all know, is Ino.

"So…is everyone here?" Sakura asked while looking around. As she did that, she saw a purple-haired girl which was her friend, Hinata, and another friend of hers which is Ten-Ten. Her hair was tied up in two buns as she, Hinata and Ino sat on a log on one side. Around them were chips and its wrappers all around. There were pops and even empty can-ones all around too. There were brownies that Hinata usually bring for them.

On the other side, Sakura saw loud-mouth Naruto whose mouth is 24 hours open- like 7eleven! Moving on, next she saw pineapple-head and as usual, sitting lazily on a log. That's Shikamaru!

Sakura stopped when she noticed that two of their members weren't there, ice-cube and ice-berg. Who's the ice cube? Neji, he's a pure block of ice! But who's the ice-berg? Sasuke, someone that'll never have a chance of melting. So all-in-all, they're both ice, nothing can change that.

They were all somewhere in the woods. Not forest, just woods, it was found everywhere in their subdivision. There were always trails and shortcuts across those woods. But they chose a spot far away from the trails but not too far so that they can still find a way back. It was 11:30pm on a Friday night, so they had a small fire in the middle of their circle where they gathered logs to sit on. Every Friday, they do this. They go to their secret spot and tell scary stories. It may be make-believe, something you heard from others, or may be real-life-experience. Anything, just as long as it's scary. Sometimes when they don't have stories in mind, they just play games. It was like a tradition for them.

"Where are they?" Sakura asked, referring to the two that were missing.

Ten-Ten looked up from the booked she was reading "Not here yet…" she answered.

"Why?" Sakura asked, again.

"Not a psychic" Ten-Ten answered looking back at her book. Just as Sakura was about to answer, loud-mouth interrupted.

"Where the hell are those guys!" Naruto yelled.

"Calm down" Shikamaru said lazily while also reading a book.

"Hello? How the hell could I calm down? I've been here for… half an hour! For all I know I should be home eating ramen right now! But no… those two just had to be late so now I'm stuck here in this cold and dirty place!" Naruto yelled, loudly… duh?

Shikamaru looked up from his orange book. He turned to Naruto then said "Have you ever tried talking? It's like yelling but much quieter"

"Why you idiot, I'm not that dumb!" Naruto once again yelled letting his anger out.

"Well in that case, why are you still yelling?"

"Hey, I'm not the one who's reading a perverted book… come come paradise…"

At this, Shikamaru raise one of his eyebrows "You think this is the perverted book Sir Kakashi reads?"

"Don't try and read the book…" Naruto said in a sort-of don't-do-it-or-else way.

"I'm not reading that book."

"Don't read it…"

"I'm not!"

"Don't even think about reading it…"

"Alright already!" Shikamaru said and he was starting to loose patience.

"There is no good-!"

"Naruto… Leave me alone!"

"How can I leave you alone when I'm not even there?" Naruto had a point. He moved on the other side from where Shikamaru was staying and moved beside Hinata.

"God! Just shut up!" Okay, Shikamaru definitely isn't on the mood now…

"Good pineapple-head! Anger is a tool, use it! Let it out!"


But before this conversation could go on any further, a noise was made from the bushes. As everyone turned around facing where the noise came from, two familiar figures emerged from the shadows and darkness.

It was, obviously, Sasuke and Neji. "Well, it's about time you two got here…" Shikamaru said eyes closed.



"Whoa… Whoa… you two were together! I mean, Sasuke I always thought that you were gay but… I never knew it was true! And Neji! Are you like, gay or something?" Naruto shouted in disbelief.

That just earned Naruto two punches in the head. Smart move!

"Let's get this going…" Sasuke stated as he sat on a log that Sakura was is. Same here for Neji, but he sat on the floor.

"Hey bastard, who died and made you the boss?" Naruto asked bluntly.

"Well hey idiot, have you ever heard of the words 'Shut Up'? Cuz I don't think you have. You better update your brain soon before people starts to think you're stupid" a well-done come-back by Sasuke.

"You shut up! If I were you I'd shut up now!" Naruto said angrily.

"And if I were you… I'd be ugly…" Sasuke said smirking.

"I'm not the one who's a gay… coughdatingnejicough…"

"OKAY! SHUSH PEOPLE!" Ino yelled, more like ordered. But it worked anyway, everyone hushed up.

"Better…" Sakura commented. "So… whose turn is it?"

"Lazy-Ass" Ino said before Shikamaru could even talk.

"Will you ever shut up?" He said getting up from his lying position and now sitting up straight.

"I will when you stop being lazy…" Ino said.

"What makes you think I'll follow you?" Shikamaru said being a little pissed-off.

"Could you just get on with it? I'm getting bored." Neji said looking quit bored, well, no duh.

'Hmph! That's my line…' Shikamaru thought. "Fine, anyway, it's my turn."

Everyone gathered around the small fire in front of them, forming a circle. They're formation was: Sasuke, Sakura, Ino, Shikamaru, Naruto, Ten-Ten, Hinata and Neji then back to Sasuke.

Shikamaru's facial expression changed from lazy to serious type-of-way. "So, my story for tonight is a true story. But it didn't happen to me though, I just heard it from my friend who heard it from her mom's friend that said she heard it from her friend who happens to be the uncle of he's classmate's friend…"

And everyone sweat-dropped at this… "Anyway, the title of the story is 'The Passenger'"…

In the story

A cab driver was once again doing his job by driving a cab. He was around late 30s. It was a hot sunny day, around 12 noon and as the sun shined down his eyes; it made him even sleepier and tired. So all-in-all it was just another boring hot day like any other. But at least, that was what he thought.

As he turned around one corner, he was now on a main road subdivision. Not much people were in that road so he figured that this street may not be worth-it. But he had NO idea how right he was.

Then he saw a woman on one end of the road. She looked lost, but then again, looks can be deceiving. She wore a white old-fashioned dress, and a veil that went down all the way to the ground. Weird… who would where this kind of hot dress on a hot summer day? Jeez! It's 20degrees on a summer day! Her hair was white as she seems to look straight towards the cab driver.

So the driver went towards her and when he reached her, he put down the window. "Need a ride? You look lost…" He said.

The woman said nothing but she just went straight for the back seat, and sat there. The driver started to drive the car heading to one end of the street. "Where are you heading to?" he asked.

But once again the woman said nothing, and just stared at the man. This seemed to get the driver creeped out. He droved through the same street. "Look you better speak up now" he said.

But the woman said nothing as she continued to stare on the dusty road. Every once in a while, she would turn to look at the driver, staring at him for 3 seconds then staring back at the road. "Okay, look if you're not going anywhere you could just leave" the driver said stopping the car. "Come on please just leave!"

But as usual the woman said nothing. So the driver just pulled her out of the car. He went in the driver's seat really fast and drove to the main road so that more people could see him if ever that creepy woman tries to follow him. As he was about to turned to the main road, he saw the old woman on his side-mirror still standing on the same spot where he left her, staring…

He shook his head. Stupid. He was imagining too much. It was just probably another retard. But he just wanted to make sure. He went straight to the police station.

When he got there, he let them check his cab.

He waited for a few minutes in the lobby then a police came to him. "Sir are you ok? Are you hurt somewhere?"

"Um… I'm fine… you're suppose to check the cab… not me" The driver said, trying to make a joke. First the creepy old woman and now the police!

"Well yes, we just wanted to see if you were ok." The police man said, a bit worried and at the same time curious.

"Why would you like to know, officer?" the driver asked.

"Well you see… my men there found a knife in your backseat. What is it yours?"


"Well then who was your last passenger?"

"The old lady…"

End of story

"What did that mean?" Ino said a bit shivering.

"It means the old lady was about to kill him, but good thing he kicked her off before she did" Shikamaru said with a tone like stating the obvious.

"Why would she kill him?"

"Bad people do not need a reason to kill, understood?"

"Ugh, that's a diss…" Ino said annoyed.

"What? How is that a diss?"

"Cuz you think I don't understand!"

"You don't have a reason to say that…"

"Who says I need a reason?"

"How about both of you shut up? Jeez, anyway, nice story Shikamaru…" Ten-Ten commented, and then smiled.

"Thanks… you're no scared or anything?"

"Oh I am! I'm just hiding it…" She forced a smile once again.

Everyone once again sweat-dropped.

"Hn, are you kidding me? That one was lame…" Sasuke commented. "It wasn't scary at all…"

"Oh, really? I'd like to see you do better…" Shikamaru said, a little pissed off.

"No problem. It's my turn tomorrow anyway…"

"I bet it sucks…"

"Not as much as your story did…"

"Guys, zip it! Okay?" Ten-Ten said loudly enough for the whole group to hear.

"Anyway, let's just go… I'm sleepy, and it's getting late anyway. I don't really wanna walk too late at night" Sakura said as she stretched her arms while yawning. "Especially when this stuff keeps rolling over and over on my head like a broken record."

"Okay… Hinata c'mon…" Ten-Ten said while picking up her bag.

"'kay, coming" Hinata replied and both of them went off.

"Yo, Neji wait up…" Shikamaru said also picking up his bag and hurriedly walked over to the now walking-away Neji.

"Sakura I'm heading over to the flower shop right now since that's closer than my house, can't walk with you tonight." Ino said while getting her hand-bag and some chips and crackers "and I'm bringing these with me"

"Right… leave me alone walking at midnight…" Sakura said sarcastically.

"Sorry…" Ino said with an apologetic smile.

"Mmm… It's fine."

"Ok, I'm gonna go now, bye! Oh yeah, Naruto, your turn to clean. Now clean!"

"Yeah, yeah! Whatever… leaving me alone in the dark…" Naruto whined and complained.

Sakura headed out for the trail as then she heard someone call out. "Hey Sakura…" Turns out it was Sasuke.

"Hey…" Sakura said.

"You walking alone?" Sasuke asked curiously.

"Yeah… alone in the dark. Not that I'm afraid or anything… it just seems creepy…" she wrapped her arms around her as the cold wind breezed through her. This caused shivers to go up and down her spine. "Great, I'm not gonna be able to sleep tonight."

"You shouldn't be afraid of that stuff… It's just nonsense."

"It's not that easy! I have a huge and strong imagination you know… and right now I can't seem to forget that story…"

"Whatever, that story was lame anyway. If you're scared of that then just don't show up next week. I'll have a way better story." Sasuke said proudly, as if he was the best. "And besides, it's not like you'll see an old woman on an all-white dress on the way..."

"Jeez… thanks for the encouragement…" Sakura said with a tone dripping with sarcasm.

Just then, they suddenly passed by a woman, around mid-50s wearing all-white. They didn't notice her on the way since they were busy with their conversation. Plus, they also couldn't see her face since it was late at night.

"Whoa! Look, Sasuke!" Sakura hissed as her right hand shook Sasuke on his left arm while pointing at the woman in white with her right hand.

"Holy-!" Sasuke said when he turned to look at the woman. But he didn't get to finish what he was going to say, as he was stunned by the woman. She was the same from Shikamaru's story: wearing all-white with her white hair covering her face and just staring at them.

'Oh my gosh, oh my gosh… Sasuke run! Run! Run! Run! C'mon you idiot let's run! RRRUUUNNN!" Sakura thought. But she couldn't seem to say it out loud, she was too scared. It was as if her voice was gone. She continued to gape at the lady while her grip was starting to tighten at Sasuke's left arm.

'Oh crap, what the hell is happening…?' Sasuke thought as he continued to stare at the old lady. But just then, he heard Sakura say in a low voice.

"Sasuke i-it's the old lady…" she hissed like a whisper but somehow, it was louder than they thought it would be. Then lady managed to hear it as her eyes grew wider than it was before.

"Excuse me? Who the hell are you to call me old! I was just –hic- strolling around then –hic- you start calling me –hic- old! Then to add up more, you're still –hic- starring at me like –hic- you've seen a ghost! Heh, but I guess its okay… -hic- since I'm so hot almost everyone –hic- gapes and stares at me… hic!" The lady said without even stopping.

'Uh… what?' Sakura thought very, very confused. This lady is drunk! But she somehow heard this voice before… it was familiar.

'Jeez… this woman's a nut-case!' Sasuke thought getting a little bit freaked out.

"But I'm a little disappointed…" the lady continued. "I mean Sakura! Gaping at me? I never knew you were so lesbian! Am I really that irresistible?"

"What. The. Heck! I'm not a les, you retard! Who do you think you are, showing up late at night looking like a ghost! If you don't know since you're so drunk, then just Get. Lost. you old hag!" Sakura yelled at the top of her lungs. Guess this means she's not scared anymore. She's more of pissed of now.

"Hmmm… is that really how you –hic- talk to your –hic- principal?"


"TSUNADE!" both said, in disbelief.


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