Warning: A very long Author's Note


I'm back!

After nearly a year-long hiatus from this site, I'm back and here to say that I am really, really sorry –especially to those who were waiting for my next story to be posted. Good news though: it's here D after, like, a year.

So, I have a lot to say. Like, a lot. So bare with me.

1) To those who are wondering what happened, why I suddenly disappeared; here's a summary:

December 2006 (just before Christmas, and just after our break started) I had like, 11 chapters written for this fic (with more than 20 pages for each, typed in really small fonts) but I got a virus from MSN that wiped out all my files. Everything. I was so upset. I couldn't even go to this site anymore cuz it reminded me of my fic that got erased. I didn't have a back up too, so it was completely gone without a trace. Plus, I lost all my memorable pictures, my 1000+ songs, just… everything. As a result, I totally had no inspiration and motivation to rewrite. After a few months though, I got over it, and I rewrote it, and ta-da! here it is. lol

I really hate the fact that my story was deleted and I had to rewrite it again, but, to be honest, because of that, what I'm posting right now (or like, soon) is a way better version of my story. Cuz… I grew (a year) so I improved (kinda) and I realized that I had so, so, so many clichés. I made the story line better…less clichés… better grammar –that stuff. So, in a way, that stupid virus deleting all my files helped me.

I moved, too. So I was busy packing and then unpacking; plus, I had to cope with a new school and new friends. But everything's fine now, and everything's back to being normal and boring

2) You know what's weird? Not even done writing this story. Haven't even started posting it. Yet, I already have ideas for Part 2 (nudge-nudge-wink-wink) xP

3) To those who are saying that I continue Scavenger Hunt… um… I'm glad you liked it. But I'm really not continuing it. Story line's too boring. Most moments are clichés. Ugly grammar. It's going nowhere but down. I read over it one time, and I got goose bumps (which I get whenever I read a story or watch a movie that is so completely stupid, cliché, pathetic, and… you get the picture.) Even Firelight Horrors gave me goosebumps. The only reason I'm not deleting those two is because… well, believe it or not, it gives me inspiration. It's my code of what to avoid and what not to do; and it gives me an idea of how a bad story looks like. xD it helps me grow. Learn from your mistakes, right?

4) Note! I'm changing my screen name/username for…many, random reasons. Lainey-bo-bainey - Keelah-CrMn Take note of it

Anyway, the real reason for this post: as an apology for leaving you hanging for that summary that I put up a year ago, but then I never posted the story. And as a thank you for still being there (whoever's reading this) here's a little Sneak Peak of my next story. (which I promise that I WILL post, this time.)

Oh and guys? R&R. Review please. Tell me what you think.

Title: Instant Message

Author: Keelah-CrMn

Genre: mystery. romance. Suspense.

Pairing: oh, who else?!


Sakura had lived the life of a teenaged-girl to perfection. That was, of course, before she met him –a mysterious stranger she met from cyber world who had it all in one: humour, manners (for the most part) and so hotly secretive… it was all fun and exciting until that one night, when he proposed to play a little game of his own.

She agreed without any hesitation.

And before she knew it, she was being watched…followed…

Suddenly, he was everywhere, and there were no places left to hide in.

Little did Sakura know, she was being drawn into a never ending game of hide and go kill -an online game made too deadly real.

And that the cost of loosing was the life of your own.

Sneak Peek (an excerpt from the story)

To be able to play any sort of a board game, logically, you'll need two main things: the player and the representing token, also known as: a game piece.

A game piece is, according to the dictionary, the object the player controls to be able to carry through and play the game.

The player, in the process, enjoys the game, if it goes well to his liking.

But why wouldn't it… when the token, a mere nonliving thing, did not have the ability to object?

The player, therefore, was in control.

The game piece only follows.

In this little game that I was involuntarily playing in,

He was the player…

And I was his game piece.

Instant Message
Coming This Spring
April 2008