AN: Pretty lame but it's supposed to be Bree singing 'All That Jazz' from Chicago.


C'mon babe,

Why don't we paint the house?

... And all that jazz

I'm gonna chop those onions

And give them to my husband

... And all that Jazz

Start the car

I know a pharmacist

Who loves me so

And wants to give me a kiss

So I blew off his toe

There was a nightly brawl

And all - that - jazz ...

S&M ...

And all that jazz!

Rex, George ...!

... And all that jazz

Get your gun

And wear your stilletos

... And all that jazz

I hear that Reverand Sikes

Is gonna spill the beans

... And all that jazz

Hold on hun,

We're gonna poison Rex

I bought some medicine

Gun that united drug

You'll have a heart attack

But the best is yet to come

To do..THAT..jazz!

Find a flask

To test my son's urine

... And all that jazz

Right up here

Is where Rex plays his golf

... And all that jazz

Come on babe

We're gonna handcuff you

To the bed and beat you with a leather strap

'Cuz I love S&M

I bet you'd like to try

To all..that..jazz!


We're gonna see Bree's shiver shimmy shake

... And all that jazz


She's gonna shimmy til her garters break

... And all that jazz


Her where to park her gertle


Her mind and blood with curtle

If she hear

George the pharmacist squeal

For all..that..jazz!


I'm someones wife, but


I love my life!

And all...