Hi, and welcome to "The Threat in Alminea" (pronounced Al-min-AY-uh). The first chapter of this story is based off a dream that I had a few nights ago that was quite...interesting. If you had a dream like this one, you'd probably want to get yourself checked out. Me, I turned it into a fan fiction! Yippee for me!

Anyways, only minor details in this chapter stray from my dream. You'll understand why that is scary after you've read the whole chapter. Hehehe.

So, here is chapter one. . . .

Link used the golden key to unlock the door to the next room. When he walked inside, he saw nothing but a round platform over a large pool of molten lava. It reminded him vaguely of the room where he had fought Volvagia, but it obviously wasn't the same. The round platform was held up by iron chains and looked a bit unsteady. Several crates lined the outside of it. Link suspected that they helped to balance the platform.

"I don't like this place," Zelda commented, walking up behind Link. "There seems to be nobody here."

"There has to be someone here," he said. "This is the main room of this dungeon." He walked out onto the platform, climbing over one of the boxes in his way. Zelda did not follow him. Instead, she looked up to see something falling from the ceiling.

"Link! Look out!" she cried. He looked up and rolled out of the way just in time. Right where Link had been standing before was a Dark Nut in black and gold armor. He had no shield and his sword was much thinner than what was the norm for a Dark Nut. Zelda noticed that he had no visible straps holding his armor on.

"You did receive my message," the Dark Nut hissed. "I was concerned that it may not have made it to you."

"Yeah, I got it," Link replied, drawing his sword.

"And you walked right into my trap," the Dark Nut said. He held up an armored hand and the only exit from the room locked. "Though, I must admit, I did not expect you to bring the princess along. You must have known that this little venture would be dangerous."

"I couldn't let Link go alone," Zelda explained. "I figured that I had to help him." The Dark Nut laughed.

"Help him? You can only get in the way," he said, still laughing. "But, there is a small advantage to you being here."

"And what would that be?" she asked.

"I won't spoil the surprise," he replied. He looked over toward Link, who had his sword and shield at the ready. "Enough talk, though. I'm sure you're anxious to cut me down."

Not waiting for the Dark Nut to make the first move, Link lunged at him. The Dark Nut parried the blow with ease and punched at Link, but he blocked it with his shield. The force of the punch sent Link flying several feet backwards into one of the crates, knocking it over the side of the platform.

"Lucky for you that crate was there," the Dark Nut said tauntingly. Link got back to his feet and lunged again, and again, his attack was parried. This time, though, the Dark Nut aimed a kick at his midsection. Link tried to get his shield up, but he was too slow. The kick nailed him right in the gut, sending him into another crate. The crate shattered as Link hit it, and Link had to quickly grab the edge of the platform to keep from falling into the lava.

The Dark Nut gave him enough time to pull himself back up onto the platform before attacking again. Link rolled out of the way and got back up to his feet. That was a powerful kick, he thought. My midsection feels like it's on fire.

"You're disappointing me, Hero," the Dark Nut said. "I expected for someone with your reputation to be better than this." He lunged at Link again and Link parried the attack and slashed at the Dark Nut's side, but his sword bounced harmlessly off of the black and gold armor.

"Dammit!" Link shouted as another attack did nothing to the Dark Nut. The Dark Nut laughed and he kicked Link in the side, sending him flying into another crate, shattering it like the last one.

"It's useless, Hero," he said as Link climbed painfully back to his feet. "None of your attacks can get through my armor. I doubt that even a Light Arrow could."

"You've really done your homework on me, haven't you?" Link asked, trying to buy himself some time to come up with a plan. The Dark Nut laughed again.

"I may be from a different country, Hero, but I know all about you," he responded. He lunged at Link, and Link rolled out of the way. "Just dodging now, huh? Can't think of anything better?" The taunts were really starting to piss Link off. He aimed an attack at the Dark Nut's legs, hoping that they weren't as heavily armored as the rest of him, but just like when he had struck at the Dark Nut's side, the sword did no damage.

"Link, you need to think of something!" Zelda shouted to him. "You can't let him beat you!"

"I know!" he shouted back to her as he dodged another attack. He tried to avoid another attack, but the Dark Nut had him pinned between several crates. He pushed the crate behind him over the edge of the platform, giving himself just enough space to reduce what would have been a fatal blow to a shallow cut across his chest.

"Good move," the Dark Nut commented. "But now you have nowhere to go. Lucky for you I'm having a good time." The Dark Nut sheathed his sword, grabbed Link by the neck, and threw him to the other end of the platform. A few more crates fell over the edge, and Link struggled to get back to his feet.

"Link!" Zelda cried as he collapsed back onto the floor. The Dark Nut laughed.

"You're not in my league, Hero," he said. "You can't possibly defeat me. You realize that now, don't you? You came all the way to my fortress in Alminea just to lose."

"I haven't lost yet," Link managed to say as he forced himself to stand. He pulled out his bow and charged up a Light Arrow. He felt the arrow sap most of his remaining strength away as it became bright yellow at the tip. He aimed and fired. The arrow coated the Dark Nut in light, but it didn't appear to do any damage to him. "Damn…" Link fell to his knees. He didn't have enough energy to continue the fight.

"Now do you understand?" the Dark Nut asked. "You cannot win." He drew his sword again, lifted the semiconscious hero off the ground, and drove the sword into his chest. Zelda screamed. He pulled the sword out of Link and tossed him aside. Link stirred on the ground, trying to stay conscious. Through his blurred vision, he saw the Dark Nut grab Zelda. "I hope you manage to stay alive," he said. "I would love to fight you again." He vanished with Zelda, and Link also felt the sensation of teleporting. A moment later he found himself outside of the fortress. The last thing he saw before losing consciousness was a blurred figure looking down at him.

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