Title: What are we?
Any? Please?
Angel/Collins, Maureen/Joanne, Mimi/Roger

Word Count: 199
It's all pretty PG
We were a family
This is my first story here on livejournal, so please, be gentle!
Special Thanks: VivaLaVieBohemeA, thanks for telling me about this!
None, I don't think
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From the moment we were all together, at the Life Cafe that day, I knew what we were. We were a family. Yeah, us, who were so different from each other that it was fate that we'd all end up this close. Angel and Collins, who had just met, but still knew that they would be together for the rest of their lives. Maureen and Joanne, who were as unlikely a pairing as a pairing could be, with so much passion that fueled their relationship. And who could forget our newest pair? Roger and Mimi, who had almost as much passion as Maureen and Joanne. They had the attraction from the start, but Roger pushed Mimi away until now. When they found out that maybe, just maybe, they were meant to be. Benny, no matter how much he tried not to be, would always be part of our family. And even I, Mark, am part of it too. A huge, loving, fiery family that sticks with each other, through the good times and the bad. That'll always be there for you, whether you want them to be or not. That's what we were, and that's what we'd always be.