Just a poem I wrote after reading The hunter and the prey along with Love thy enemy byRedNovember . So I give credit to her for the idea. Hope you enjoy.

A hundred year war

A hundred years cursed.

A flame that tore

A flame that coursed.

The mixing of blood

Forbidden it was

Two teens defied it

All for one cause

The sacrifice made all for their lives.

They tried to defy it in lies.

But a problem arose

The web was strung.

They dug a deep hole.

They dug it to deep

Some called it a grave when they couldn't get out.

Stuck in a turmoil

They had to face the lies they made.

Barriers were stripped

Emotions were shown

All to survive a day alone.

Unconfident he was in his ability to see

What life really held for those to seek.

But she told him one thing to put his mind to rest.

Throw your cares away

Put your morals to rest

Live for today

Just do your best.

Never had such a bond been made

Never had such flames been tamed.

She took on the impossible

She went against the odds

It started for survival

Began with a rival

They ended in friends

Despite the latest trend

Together the rose above the odds.

Defied the great leaders and became one.

And now here they are together at last

But he was unable to see what was wrong

He didn't know he was tearing her apart.

Off the path she strayed

He went overboard.

Now she's gone forever more.

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