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Chapter1: before the beginning was the past

Lightning streaked through the darkend clouds. Lava pouring on a huge mass of lost surface. While a floating island is in the middle of it. On the island was piles of rubble that used to be a dark tower. What it used to look like was black ancient metal, spikes to make it sharp and dangerous, and the top you couldn't see because a ring of smoke was covering the top. No one couldn't face the evil inside unless they had the ultimate weapon. The Master Sword.

Legends told that it was called the sword of evils bane. Many brave knights tried to find this weapon, but failed to achieve its ultimate power. Some said it was the only weapon to kill this half demon. But one day when all hope was lost. A boy in green found the Master Sword and finally went into the tower to fight the evil called Ganondorf.

The boy saw Ganondorf playing his oregan. A purple crystal appeared on top of the oregan. Inside was a girl. There hands started to glow in a shape of the triforce. Ganondorf stopped playing then said as if he was angry, "The triforce parts are resonating... They are combing into one. The two triforce parts that I could not capture on that day seven years ago."

Ganondorf bellowed, "But I didn't expect it would be hidden within you two!" He crackled a sinister laugh. "And now, finally all the triforce parts have gathered here!" He looked at Link then bellowed, "These toys are too much for you! I command you to return them to me!" Ganondorf then showed the triforce of power and a purple aura blasted at Link, pushing him to the wall.

Zelda screemed, "Link! I can't help you! Because of the waves of darkness, I can't get close! I'm sorry Link!" She then disappeared. "If you think you can win... then you're wrong!" yelled Link looking into the abyss of darkness that surrounded his foe, twitching every time he see's it.

"And you think you can!" snapped Ganondorf. He took out his sword and ran toward Link. Link took out his sword & sheild then started running as well. As both foes close in on each other, it would look like a holy light was surrounding Link and pure darkness surrounding Ganondorf. Staggering strikes were performed, trying to seek the weak points in their foes blows.

'What power. The sense that he can overtake the hits of my sword and the essense of thetriforce of power. What must he be thinking? The clarity of who shall rise? Or his beloved princess?What power.' Ganondorf held the attack. Then pushed Link to now attack him, while Link tries to block the attacks.

'Strange,each time he strikes he gets stronger, likewhen I fought dark why? Is it the darkness? MaybeZelda's light force is that's the case, thenI shall try and kill him faster.'Link screemed, "Din's fire!" A ball of fire was thrown toward Ganondorf.

Ganondorf shifted his eyes on the the ball of flame and caught it like it was nothing. "hehe. Is that all you can do?" asked Ganondorf loudly. He threw the fire ball back at the owner. Link blocked it with his sheild. Then Ganondorf threw a lightning orb at Link. Link's sword glowed white light and reflected his lightning shot.

"What the hell," yelled Ganondorf hitting it as well with his own sword. 'So he learned the true way of reflecting magic, I should have never made the phantom.'The ball went back and forth until it hit the king of evil. It stunned him long enough that Link took out a bow and arrow and aimed at him. Focusing his energy on the arrow it started to glow, causing his hands to glow. He shot the light arrow at Ganondorf.

Link ran toward him slashing as quickly as he can. 'So, this is his weakness, the light arrows could stun him. But he's quick, no telling what he may do. 'Blood was pouring down Ganondorf's body, but the blood suddenly stopped and he blocked Link's attack with his sword. "Do you remember this sword!" yelled Ganondorf while swinnging his sword.

"I've heard about it," muttered Link dodging the swing from his head. Then did a spin attack causing the sword to go blue for a second.

"The two swords of destiny," explained Ganondorf while trying to prarry the spin attack. "The sword of the heavens and the sword of hell. Your sword was originally made to kill evil. My sword was originally made to break your sword." The swords sparked and crackled when they came to blows.

"This sword will never break,"screemed Link getting Ganondorf unbalanced."The one that will break is you!" Then struck Ganondorf hard in the chest.

Ganondorf shrieked in pain, "If I die... then you shall come with me!" He struck Link hard in the stomach with his sword. Blood gushed out of the hero's body. He was gasping for air and his power was weakening. He then went to his knee's while holding his stomache."It's time for you to die." sighed Ganondorf. His hands were conguring a black cloud, concentrating his energy, the cloud started to glow with huge mass of lightning. Link got up, holding his stomach very tightly and sqinting in pain. He took out his sword and it started to glow blue, then to yellow. He was going to use his best attack that he could do.

Ganondorf screemed in a rushed voice, "Now die!" Then threw hundreds of lightning bolts that were impossible to block. Link used the spin attack that went faster and longer, but blood was going everywhere while he was doing that. Ganondorf was again stunned and Link ran towards him. Slashing fast and hard, he then stopped, breathing hard and fast. ' too... tired... one more... hit.'

Ganondorf got up, andglared at Link. "You should have killed me when you had the chance!" shouted Ganondorf. He then started swinging really hard and fast as well.

Link was pushed into the wall. Attempting to block every fast strike, but kept on failing. "Heh heh heh, now even the Hero of Time shall-" Ganondorf stopped and looked at Link. Link whispered to himself, "Nayru's love." He was then surrounded by a blue crystal, shining in blue light from a dim crimson room. "Your magic is no use to my power!" roured Ganondorf. Then started striking again.

Ganondorf was being blocked by Link's sword and shield but then Link was caught off guard. "Now die!"screached Ganondorf and stroked at Link, but then was blocked from his spell. Then his sword was held upside down and Ganondorf's throat was close to the sword. "No... you die..." whispered Link and stroked his throat then jumped away from Ganondorf.

He kneeled down and held his throat. Ganondorf muttered, "The great evil king Ganondorf... beaten by this kid!" Blood gushed out of his throat. "Link!" Ganondorf was then surrounded by white light and the roof was collapsing.

The roof was gone and Ganondorf fell to his knees, to his face. A purple crystal came down and disappeared. Zelda turned and looked down at the once living Ganondorf. "Ganondorf... pitiful man... without a strong, ritious mind, he could not control the power of the gods and-"

The place started to rumble and fallen rubble was coming down. "Link... this place is crumbling into ruins. With his final breath he is still trying to kill us within these walls. Please follow me," said Zelda.

He then followed her, running down on the crumbling ramp. They then reached to a bar door. Link started slamming the bars but did not budge. Then he held his stomach again tightly. "There's no way... I cant push it," said Link breathing heavily while blood was moving freely.

"I'll try to move it,"said Zelda. She concentrated her energy on the bars. The bars started to glow blue and was pushed out of the way. Link had no comment because of his pain but said, "Let's go." They ran until they saw the last bar door.

"Just one more to go," said Link. But what Link did not know was that she was tired from pushing all those bars out. She then went to the bars and pushed it out once more. Then they both watched it to crumble down into ruin.

"It's over... It's finally over,"muttered Zelda. "Link, I'm sorry I did not help you in the battle before-" Then a quick rumble shook it again. Link then pushed her out of the way.

"What? I thought he was finished." He then walk toward the pile of rubble to see his body until...

Fire surrounded the Hero of Time and Ganondorf came out of the rubble. He then showed him the triforce of power. "I shall not die from a mere mortal!"scowled Ganondorf. His voice as if sounding like a god. Lightning striked from the far distance and Ganondorf was surrounded by red Lightning bolts. He was turning into his demon form.

He started swinging his hardest attack on Link's sword. Link then lost force on his sword and was thrown outside the fire. He turned his head to see where his sword went. Zelda screemed, "He will not trap me this time. This time we fight together! "He then turned to Ganondorf and roared out.

Pain still echoed in his body from his other battle and now, he knows he won't live from this final battle. He then took out an arrow and turned it into a light arrow. Ganondorf was then struck. Then he shot another arrow at it's tail. Ganondorf then threw his sword toward Link's body, but he rolled out of the way. He then took out a dagger from his pocket. The same sword he used when he was little. The Kokiri Sword.

He stabbed the evil from the leg. It yelped in pain but a sound that only dragons would scream, but then still attacked by stomping on the ground. Making Link move toward a crumble wall. Zelda screamed in fright of what was happening. But he still got up and went toward his death. He ran toward it, nothing was in his eyes.

Ganon's sword was swinging toward everywhere, but Link had the chance to jump in the air and stab the evil king's orb. Causing Ganon to collapse to the floor and the fire going down. Link went back to the ground, struggling to stand up but somehow to pull himself to stay put. Zelda's hands were glowing white light. She then beathed heavily, "I'm not ready yet... keep him busy until I'm ready."

He then got his sword and said to himself, "Now you're gonna die". Link limped toward it to hit it once more but was to late to swing at it. It then swung at him again but Link jumped on it's sword and went toward it's head and started swinging at it. Ganondorf turned at Link and shot out a flame at him which caused him to fall out of Ganon's sword. 'How am I going to beat him when he keeps on doing that." He thought for a sec, and had an idea. "Maybe that will work."

Link went toward Ganondorf. Eyes were fixed together. Ganondorf was about to swing his sword, but ice frozed his arm. He then tried his other arm, but was frozen as well. Then both his feet were frozen. Then it was tackled by Link and his tail was chopped off, causing blood to pour out. Fire went down again and a white light hit Ganondorf hard in his body. "I'll... hold him down for a while... do the final blow."

Link went to Ganondorf and shown him the sacred blade. His last words were, "You shall be prisoned in the sacred realm. May you rot in the prison as long the sages bond are true and the master sword still holds power." His sword turned blue and striked its face until the sword was stuck in it's mouth. Link took it out and Ganondorf started swinging at Link while he opened his arms taking the blow.

Zelda breathed heavily, "Sages of time... may he... go to the sacred realm." Her hand was over her head to help make the sacred realm. Then collapse.

An old man from the portal of time then roared, "Forest, fire, water, spirit, and shadow. It's time to take action. Let us make Ganondorf's final destination." All five races came out of nowhere and connected their power to make a portal to the sacred realm.

Slowly, ganondorf floated around, doing little amount of movement. Even his voice was very slow. "Curse you sages... Curse you Zelda... Curse you Link! Once I come out here... That's when I will destroy your descendants!" He stayed there, not able to get out. But time flows like a river, and history repeats...

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