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Chapter 7: The help of a summoner and her guardians

Water swepted down the never-ending ground. Light was dim. While sparkles of light then tuned to a human form. The spirits were waiting for them. The middle spirit held a shield.

"Where are we," questioned Fox looking at the spirits."You're at the source of time," answered the hero of wind. The hero of Legend then said, 'It seems you're almost done...But it isn't good enough, you have to hurry before he will reign his power for all time!" His light then began to fade and disappear.

"Hey where he go," questioned them all moving around and turning their heads. "He went to the sacred realm where Ganondorf lies." explained the Hero of Time."But not inside of course and not outside either." The hero of time went to Link. He showed him the shield he used. "Take this. It will come in handy when you're in your tightest position..."

Link touched the shield and it automatically turned into color. It was clean steel, in the middle was blue sapphire while the triforce was coated on it. Once it fully turned into color it slipped out of Link's hands. He tried to pick it up from the wet floor, but there was no avail. Then his friends tried helping him and it came up from the floor to Link's the hero of wind gave Link a mirror so he can teleport back to the source of time. Now they were ready to do the next mission. "Get a boy name Tidus and his group." The three started to levitate. "My luck to all of you, now go!" There bodies was surrounded from a blue crystal and was circling them until they disappeared from a flash of light.

Meanwhile far away from time itself and all excistance, there was green fog and mist. The sky was not seen, as if the fog blocked everything except the mountains, and a old tower with the glowing color of red as blood inside it. Dark Link bowed down to his master, Ganondorf, while he wanders around in the portal to the sacred realm. "Did you kill him Dark Link?" bellowed Ganondorf in a deep solymn voice. "No master. But I brought you two people that can help." Out in the darkness he saw a cloaked figure and a turtle half dragon.

"Good! You brought Voldemort and Bowser. You're half way done, but you still failed me! I ordered you in that temple to kill him!" His eyes glowed in anger as the sacred realm started glowing brighter. "I-I tried master, b-but the wizard stopped my attack." stuttered Dark Link knowing what can happen to him. "Let me bring my friends," querried Voldemort. "Our deatheater's will surely finish the job."

He started to calm down as the light went down, "Alright. Now hurry! My magic is almost done to get out of this horrid realm," commanded Ganondorf. "Yes master," answered Dark Link and disappeared. "Who are you bringing," Asked Bowser while his dark green eyes looked upon Ganondorf. "Their enemies, even a war to finish off those who defies me!" Then he laughed histerically into the deathly wind.

They softly fell on the ground, but something was wrong. Everyone felt an uneasy feeling at this place. They were at the shore. They heard yelling at the distance. and when they looked at the distance, a huge rock-like creature was in the water. They looked at the top of the cliff and saw seven people looking down upon the thing. Some warriors fought on the shore, ones that died was shreaded and was eaten, ones that live tried to get them off. " Let's go help," screemed Link and not a second later they ran toward sword was unsheathed and it began to glow, fox's laser was out and ready to shoot, and Harry's wand was ready to be used as well.

Gun's and sword's were clashed while killing the creature's, but they mainly tried to attack the huge fiend. Link was surrounded by what looks like birds except they had five eyes, there wings were as sharp as dagger's, and when they are dying, their wings would glow and flutter to shoot out a blast of energy. They jumped at him at all angles, his sword was attacking randomly until was off guard, he was stabbed from his side, then was surrounded again. "You won't do that to me again," bellowed Link holding his side. He pushed his elbow, his hands were as though looked like he was holding a ball, and pressed down his hands to the ground. "Din's fire!" a barrier of fire surrounded Link then spread towards them while getting scorched. it then stopped as a field of scortched fiends were on the ground.

"COME TO ME QUICK!" shouted Fox while a wave of energy was evaporating everything from its path. The cliff collapsed to the ground as the rock-like creature gave another shock wave. They came to him and the blue electrified barrier was summoned. It hit the barrier and it stopped. And now all you can see is dust. They walked around yelling, "Is anyone alive!" but there was no reply. The dust evaporated and what they saw was half eaten flesh, blood on rocks and on the dirt, and the fiend still there.

Right next to it was a tower where a atenna was pointed right at it. The atenna was then glowing and shot out a laser. The thing had a barrier, but the shield was starting to break. Then the tower broke in half and it then went under the water. A man ran after it, his shirt was yellow and his shorts were blue,but at his right leg there's what looks like a metal fish net that goes down to his ankle, his hair was dirty blonde, his eyes were a color of the ocean, as there goes the same way as the sword, blue as the water's, and forged from the waters. "Hey wait, come back!" screemed Fox. The man did not hesitate and went into the water. They looked around for survivors, but saw a group of people fighting a huge demon.

A guy with red hair and a bandana tied on his forehead was fighting, he had baggy yellow pants and shirt, and his weapon was a bumpy ball, Another man was fighting with a sword called the katana, he was a old person, he had on was red cloak with no hood, but a colar that sticks up,his pants were black, he wore sunglasses, and his hair was black. Then a girl in a black dress was fighting, she didn't have a weapon, but her dark magic is very powerful, her hair was also black. The next girl fought with her knuckles, she had a ribbon on her hair, her hair was brown it was rather short, she had tight shorts that were blue, and her shirt was whitish- yellow, her eyes were swirly green. Then another girl with a staff was fighting with them. She looked nice, her hair was dirty blonde, her eyes were blue as sapphires, her shirt is white and her skirt is blue.

Fox started shooting, Link tried attacking head-on, but the creature stomped and a earthquake pushed them away, and the other's. It's mouth was ready to throw something at them and went toward Link. He got up, he took out his sword and dodged the attack. It still came right at him though, throwing purple radiant blasts. His thought quarreled him. Somehow he felt powers that seemed wasn't real, he thought that maybe he should just stand there and hit it, but his other thoughts told him it would be suicide. And while he was thinking he stopped, giving the thing a perfect aim. It shot out and all that they heard was a electric sound hit that was blocked. The creature didn't know what to do but felt the cold air of death.

Yuna got up and took out the dust off her clothes. She went toward them while everyone was getting up and said, " Thank you for your help." They looked at each other and Harry said, "Well we weren't gonna let you guys fight it by yourselves. Umm, by any chance do you know a guy name Tidus?" She looked them some more and replied, "Yes, we know him, he's one of my guardians, he ran in the water though. I don't know why?" She thought some more then said. " Oh yes, my name is Yuna." The three introduced themselves as well and the goup then said their names. The black dressed girl was named Lulu, the other girl was named Rikku, the red head guy's name was Wakka, he has a deep jamaikan voice, but speaks english fluently, and the old man's name was Auron.

She then walked away explaining, " Excuse me, I'll be going to do the sending now." Link then muttered, "What's a sending?" Lulu explained, " It's to get the spirits called pyerflies to the Farplane." Fox then asked, " Where's that?" Rikku then answered, " At Guadosalam, but I don't like that place, I keep my thoughts in my head." Lulu then explained, " It's even where our thoughts are stored at, the ones we forgot and the ones that were new." Tidus then came out of the ocean. "And there he is," said Auron while walking toward him.

"Do you believe me now?" Tidus then paused and answered, "I felt his presence from Sin. Auron chucked knowing that he was right. "But that dosn't mean I believe you." Auron looked down and sighed. "Believe what you must, but the mind will always say what he is now." Auron walked away and Tidus yelled, "I'm not done with you don't run away from me!" Auron still walked saying, "You're the one running."

They both came back to the group and Tidus said with his arms crossed on his back neck. " So, whats next." Harry said quickly, " We need your help. An ancientpower is rising again, and all of us needs to stop it before it's too late."

"Well, we'll think about it." It was dark at night. Yuna came back and said, "Let's go to the moonflow. There's an inn over there. They then followed and made it to the inn. All of them went to sleep except one.

Link awoke in the middle of the night, breathing and sweating hard. He got up, put on his clothes, and went outside to breathe. Light glittered in the sky, everything looked peaceful, until green fog approached. Many people came out of the forest, battle drums were hit. A guy in a skull mask with no wand yelled, "Hell fire!" Fire was burning homes. People were getting out of their homes and the gang came out of the inn.

One of the guys with a wand yelled, " Crucio!" And people were crying in pain, but there was a figure near a masked man that looked like Dark Link. He had blue hair, a blue robe, green eyes, his hair looked kind of spiked, but he had long hair so there was some spots that were spiked, and sharp nails. "Kill them all! Leave no prisoners!" Screemed the figure in a commanding tone.

Tidus yelled, "Seymore!" then took out his sword. Dark Link and Seymore was then teleported in darkness. "We have to get out of here!" yelled Harry. Then he held his forehead in pain. "What's wrong," asked Link in fast way. "No... no it can't be!" Another figure in a mask shouted, "There they are!" Yuna went in front of them and cried, "Shell!" A anti-magic force field surrounded them all.

One of them bellowed, " Who ever said we're gonna use magic on you! Hell fire!" Then hit the inn. "Let's transport now while we still can," said one of the deatheater's. "The dementor's will finish you off!" They transported back. Link tried to find the mirror, but it wasn't in his pockets.

"My equipment is in there!" Then he ran in the burning building. Dead burnt bodies were left in the inn. He tried opening a door, but it was so hot that he burned his hand. "Damn, forgot where i was at." He kicked the door, but nothing was in the room. "Where is it?" He kicked another door, but it didn't budge. Wood came down to the cieling, he rolled out of the way and a explosion hit the wall, creating another way in the room. He went in that way saw his equipment and put all of it on him.

Link was having trouble breathing and started choking in smoke. Crackle of fire then started sound like laughter. Then the fire turned into a human figure. " I see you're having trouble breathing. Let the undead make you breathless..." He then murmured words that doesn't sound like words at all and evaporated in the smoke.

He got himelf up and started to walk dazedly out of the room. He held his head an tried to shake off the drowsiness. Then out of nowhere a burnt zombie bit his neck from the back. Link sreamed in pain, and elbowed it to get off of him. He then turned around to then stab it hardin the chest. He then gasped by the horrid smell of burnt skin and gooey blood that is coming out of the zombie. It then fell to the ground, but was still moving. Link then stabbed it once more to finish it off.

As he staggered through the burning hallways. More were in the way to get out of the hallway. "Stay away!" yelled Link striking them randomly. But when he striked one of them. Another then jumped to attack. Link saw what was about to happen and with a jolt of strength he blocked it with his shield. The shield then gotten heavier after that. Fire then exploded onto the zombie's and was pushed by the force of the explosion. He then tried to get himself up, and started to get to the enterance.

Screams of hopeless horrors also known as the dementors were sucking the life out his friends. Harry tried to mumur some words, but one of the dementors pushed the wand out of his hand and he stated to collapse. "Hurry!" his mind said within a jolt of sadness and rage combined. He was about to use the mirror, but his hand with the mirror was pushed from the dementors. After everything, he thouht of death now.

Fears were with him, when he saw his life pass by within a second, and then he turned his head to see Sin. The thing that he saw in the afternoon. With that the thing started to kill the dementors. But was too late because one was getting to Link. He took out his sword, but then saw something strange. Their were writing on the blade. He then read it out loud. "POWERFUL BEINGS FROM THE WORLD, NONE WILL LIVE IN THIS WORLD, ROT AND DECAY FROM MIST TO MIST, LET TIME STOP FOR EVERY MINUTE YOU MISSED!" Light from the blade pushed out a wave of power. Creating the sword to float in the air.

"What happened?" he asked himself, seeing everything froze in place. He then picked up the mirror and went back to the sword to touch it to make time move again. As things were very wierd and hopeless, they will now rest in the chamber's until ready for departure.

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