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Notes: This is my first Everworld fic, and I'm trying to decide on if I want to continue it or not.
Summary: David, Christopher, Jalil, and April came out of Everworld. They fell asleep for the final time over there. Senna, however, is still on each of their minds, and Everworld seems like just a dream that they all shared. That dream is soon becoming another reality.

"General Davidus, the little boy who always pretended he was asleep…"

It had been a year since Everworld. A year since Loki, since Merlin. A year since Senna. The four of us had come out of it just fine. We had fallen asleep in Everworld for the final time. The real world was how we had left it, or rather how we didn't leave it. We hadn't really left. Our real world selves were living out our lives while we spent out time in Everworld. It was a concept I'd never understand. There was always one way to describe things in Everworld; W.T.E.. Welcome To Everworld.

None of us ever forgot, I don't think. We avoided each other like the plague or at least we tried to. April called it all a dream, something that had never truly happened, she wanted to believe that Senna had just run away from home, ran away for good. Jalil was the same way. What had happened defied all logic stood for in his mind; he didn't want to believe it. Christopher thought it was some joke, something that could be carelessly tossed about. The slightest thing would remind him of Everworld, and he would twitch. I didn't want to believe that it wasn't not real. Everything we had felt sure as hell felt real. All of it.

The fact of the matter was: None of us could ever escape the nightmare that had been Everworld.

There was something that never left my mind, something that had been bothering even before we returned to the real world. If Senna had died in Everworld, would she be dead in the real world. She probably was. Her entirety had either completely crossed over to Everworld or back to the real world. Still, we had been awake in the real world while we were both alive and sleeping in Everworld. Could it be possible that dead dream, and if Senna's entirety hadn't crossed over to one world completely, could she be dead and dreaming in Everworld, and still be alive somewhere in the real world?

I could hear her. I could hear Senna in the back of my mind. The words she had spoken to me before Everworld. Before we had all entered the nightmare. She had been so innocent when she had asked it, so helpless and so shy. Senna had been draining me then, wrapping me around her finger like yarn. I had been at her disposal. It wasn't long before she got to Jalil, and toyed with his mind, and then took hold of Christopher. We had all been her toys. We were pieces in that game of hers. And it was that game we played.

Seniors and juniors still went to Taco Bell for lunch, and it's the one place where all of us went. It was the only place we talked about Everworld. We talked about everything there, hell, we talked about everything that we could remember. Talk about Everworld was always very serious.

"Jesus Christ," Christopher said, sliding into the booth next to April. "Stop aging, would you? You all are getting old. And ugly. Butt ass ugly."

Leave it to Christopher to break the serious tension. April scooted as close to the wall as she could. Jalil rolled his eyes, and all I did was stare. If I said that talk of Everworld was always very serious between the four of us, I lied. We hardly talked about it. When we did it was mainly just nodding, and short agreeing or disagreeing, depending on the way the conversation had been going.

"They should sell beer here."

April looked up. "It would be pointless," she said. She took a drink of her soda before continuing. "You wouldn't be able to buy it until you're twenty-one. Even then you'd just be aching for an early death.." She crinkled her nose, avoiding the pointed look she was getting from Jalil who was all too clearly amused. She waved her hand at him before taking another drink of her soda.

Though it was Jalil who had brought up the subject of Senna and Everworld first. It was always him who brought it up, even if he didn't want to believe it had happened. There was always questions to be asked, and there was always those same questions that went unanswered. We'd be silent for awhile, poking at our food, and drinking our sodas, flicking little balls of rolled up napkins at each other before Jalil finally snapped. "What do you think happened to Se-"

"Don't," Christopher said, gritting his teeth. "She died and skipped off to the special hell with the rest of the nut jobs like Hitler and that other guy, and people who talk during movies. Look. She's gone. Creepy witchy woman is gone."

April drew in a breath, and our attention was directed at her as she pursed her lips together in thought before looking up at the three of us. Her green eyes were studying us all intently before she shook her head, biting down on her straw now. She sucked in another breath threw her nose. April shook her head again. "We didn't move her body, did we?" She asked, glancing up at us again. I felt my stomach drop. I couldn't remember, and judging by the looks on Christopher's and Jalil's faces, they couldn't remember either. "I think she could still be out there somewhere."

Christopher sat back. "Man," he said, running a hand through his hair. "W.T.E."

"W.T.E.," Jalil amended.

Once again with feeling.

"W.T.E.." I agreed.

"When it happen, David, will you save me?"