Jalil's POV

There's a thing about vampires.

They are gods in their own right. Able to live forever on the blood of others, but seemingly damned into darkness, never knowing and ever forgetting what it is to live in the light. And the vampires of Everworld were none the different. They tired of their world and sought something new, something different and what they found they loathed with a passion that so very few have ever felt. For they were the gods of their world, feared and powerful. In Everworld they were little but a bug compared to the other gods. They were just another being left to fend for themselves slowly becoming a dying race, always lurking and always watching.

Their story had been told of their rush to leave their world, how they sought the new world that is Everworld and how its inhabitants fought back and their numbered shrunk. They had no way of getting back to their world and with little less than a hundred in hiding they were looking for a new world in which they could thrive and be like gods once more. But to do that they would need a pathway - something that would open up a gate into a different kind of world. Anything to them would be better than Everworld.

Here they were nothing but flesh, bone, and little sharp teeth, and nothing made sense to them. Just like nothing made sense to us anymore. The sun had little effect on them in Everworld, it made them weaker, as if an illness had taken over them.

April's scream had pierced us all, making me jump and turn my head. Sel had run off somewhere in the woods once more and was completely out of sight when April's screaming had finally come to an end. If this had been a cartoon I'm sure that Christopher's left eye would be twitching very dramatically and David and myself would have fallen to the ground. But it wasn't.

"Don't care for stories," I muttered under my breath, shifting my weight. "There'll be no end, nothing to put together."

And that was when the vampire girl laughed. "It's a puzzle, it is!" she barked, throwing a hand down. "One that has no beginning and no end."

Christopher pushed David forward, leering between the two vampires. "Him!" he said, hushed. "Eat him! General Davidus, he's all your's!"

"Christopher!" both April and David shouted.

The boy vampire growled stepping forward. He looked David over before eyeing Christopher. There was a moment when we all held our breath. And then he pushed both of them over onto the ground and scoffed. "He's no general," he scowled, turned to face the girl. "Danette, find the girl, and bring her here, love. I've got something to ask her."

The other vampire, Danette, pouted for a moment. "Jadon, you've always had the fun! I want my turn!" she hissed before darting off at a speed I'd never have considered reasonable. It was a speed that I felt offended reason.

Both Christopher and David slowly stood with the help of April and myself, neither of us taking our eyes off of the vampire, Jadon, before us. Something, some voice in the back of my head was whispering to me, almost mockingly. There are rules, Jalil. It said. Rules that they must follow. Make them an offer. Make them an offer to help them. Rules. Guidelines. Everything had them. Or at least everything should have them.

"We can help," I said, voice cracking. "You want out of Everworld - we can help."

Christopher blanched. "We can what?"

Jadon turned toward me and smiled - or maybe it was a smirk. "Brilliant."

That's my little scientist.

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