Eyes Meet Eyes

Prologue: Expired Tranquility


Ember stared up in horror as a trap that was meant for her impaled her Lovemate. She pushed herself up from the hard ground and ran to his fallen body, gathering him up in her arms.


Beloved, please, hold on! She sent urgently.

She clutched his body tightly against her own, feeling his warmth slowly seep from his body and his breaths becoming deep and shallow. Desperately, she closed her hands over the gaping wounds; all the while, raking her mind for a solution.

MENDER! Ember's mind and own voice shrilled simultaneously.

Within seconds, her most trusted friend and former Lovemate came at her beacon, knowing his duty and her need for urgency as his eyes fell upon Teir still body. Their petty rivalry ended long ago as he realized that her spirit was free just as her sires' and from that sprung a strong camaraderie between the two elves as they once had their eye on a common "aspiration" of sorts.

Mender set to work immediately, placing his skilled hands upon Teir's chest where he was impaled by jutting rods set to trap the unknowing Wolfriders. Three deep wounds were left in its wake as the healer removed any remaining bits of the metal that broke off during his fall to the ground; instantly placing his hand over the gaping holes where his blood was flowing non-stop.

Ember couldn't stop the sting at the rim of her eyes as the tears threatened to overflow, just as Teir's own life was teetering on the edge.

Lovemate, it's not your time! We still have many eights of eights to live! Ember pleaded desperately for him as she felt his body tense and shudder with each breath.

Mender's powers were practically tangible as it radiated and washed over Teir's body. To Ember's relief, the wound was visibly shrinking before her eyes when suddenly, Mender stiffened before falling upon them both.

"Mender!" Alarm and panic washes over her yet again as her good friend & only hope for Teir & her tribe, doubled over in pain.

A brightly colored blur was protruding from Mender's back, as he doubled forward, Ember recognized the item to be an arrow. Upon closer inspection, she recognized the trademark feathers and confirmed her doubts into reality.

That was her arrow.

Swiftly pulling the arrow from the Healer's back, she inspected it and was baffled at what she found. The young Chieftess' eyes blurred with tears with the onslaught of fear for her tribemates and herself came crashing down onto her.

Widow's Wine! High One's, why is all this happening to my tribe! First, my Lovemate, now Mender! I can't win! Not now, and not without them!

Ember's body sagged with defeat as she clutched the arrow close to her, tears falling freely now.

Suddenly, out of the corner of her eye, she caught a glint just before it hit the ground before her. The Chieftess quickly whipped her head towards the owner of the arrow, her eyes taking on a new fire and vehement thirsting for retribution for her fallen loved ones.

Her hand clutched her dagger that her sire, Cutter, Blood of Ten Chief and ElfSeeker, bestowed upon her to lead her tribe. Now, using that very dagger as a challenge to the one person that is threatening those that have been a surrogate family to her and their very safety; with it, she intends to defend them until death.

Ember, Blood of Eleven Chiefs and Keeper of They Way, stood up defensively with her dagger prepared for the oncoming onslaught of attacks that will come her way, yet when she looked up at the cold, stone stronghold, a familiar silhouette came into view. Her heart sped up for a second as she knew who she was facing a small tugging at her heart filled her confident and courageous spirit with doubt.

Come, young Chieftess. I've been awaiting your arrival, little sister

Ember recoiled at the intensity and cold sensation that the sending gave her; also the cruel use of a once, cherished endearment, yet she didn't back down.

You've changed and let that Black Snake corrupt your heart! Why are you attacking us!

Hahaha! I've only been enlighten to what I've been too blind to see before. Soon enough all the world will see things through my eyes but for now, the rest of you must suffer as I have!

Her violent sending sent Ember reeling back before she finally gained control over herself and sent back to her attacker.

You let your soul turn just as black as the Snake's. Your mother wouldn't have wanted to you turn out this way, even if it was revenge towards Rayek!

Kahvi is dead now! I died along with her and on that day!

With that, Ember was practically knocked unconscious as the Dark Sendings throbbed within her head, almost as though it would explode from inside out.

"Ah!" The last thing the Chieftess' pictured was the cruel eyes that pierced her very soul as they once have such great warmth in them. Before she blacked out, she sent the name of yet another fallen individual almost in a plea for she was one that was far too deep to at this point to be saved.