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Author's Note: So I lied: this is the last installment of this miniseries. This was just a small exploration of the relationship between Rowena and Godric for me to see if I could sense any... erm... romantic feelings between them. I think I've made my decision and it's likely you'll see a much, much better Founderfic (and longer, featuring more Salazar and Helga) from me in the near future! Please review one last time! Thanks!

The Lion and the Eagle
A Tale of Gryffindor and Ravenclaw
by Fiyero Oberon

A turned-up nose and sweeping black robes are the last they will ever see of Salazar Slytherin – they know that now, even though he has left just moments ago. Evergreen looks after him reluctantly, gazing back and forth from the exit to the man who has become his nearest and dearest friend to the woman he calls wife.

"Rowena," he says, stepping towards her.

But she holds up a hand to stop him. "Say nothing," she says. "Just go." Her words are cold, bitter, harsh, but she realizes she doesn't care. It's an opportunity for him to leave her, a chance that they both have been waiting for, and he does as she has instructed – her eyes are closed as he leaves and he is glad.

"Rowena," Helga says, her voice small and soft.

"No," is the only word Rowena can manage.

There is a long pause of hush between them – there is a shriek of laughter from the corridors, but Helga, Rowena, and Godric stand still, silent, staring at the door.

And suddenly they are all crying, even Godric, and Helga has thrown her arms around Rowena's neck and no one can tell whose tears are whose.

And Rowena looks at Godric. And though his face is solemn and sad, she knows that the School will go on.

The Lion, the Eagle, and the Badger will go on.