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The Tutor chapter 1:

Bad news and a plan unfurled.

It was a slightly overcast day in a little town called Middleton where teen hero Kim possible and her best friend/sidekick Ron Stoppable were walking home. "Aw man," whined Ron as he looked at the F on his math paper. "That's the third one this month," remarked Kim. "My mom's gonna kill me," Ron griped. "I'm the walking dead" "So not the drama" Kim assured as they walked home from school. "I suck at math," said Ron depressed. "You don't suck at math, just algebra" Kim joked. "Ha Ha very funny" said Ron. "Well here's my exit" said Ron as the twosome arrived at Ron's house. "I'm sure my parents are gonna love this" said Ron gesturing to the paper in his hand. "See you later" Kim called as she went on her way home after dropping Ron off. "Mom, dad, I'm home" Ron called. "Son, we need to talk" said Mr. Stoppable. 'Uh oh' thought Ron, 'this can't be good' "It's about your math grades" said Mrs. Stoppable. "They've been so bad lately that the school called us and suggested a tutor for you" Mr. Stoppable explained. "Couldn't hurt" commented Ron. "Your tutoring starts tomorrow after school at 4:00" Mrs. Stoppable said. "Ok mom" said Ron.

Meanwhile elsewhere, "very good" complimented Gill as he watched Adrena Lynn practice her moves on the half pipe for the X-Games. "I'm gonna be back on top even if I have to cheat to do it!" she cried laughing evilly. "I'm gonna prove once and for all that I am the most extreme athlete on the planet" "I'm perfectly aware of what happened to your show" commented Gill as he watched Adrena fall for the umpteenth time "besides; I hate Ron as much as you do, if not more." "Damn it" cried Adrena. "I think we need a little help" remarked Gill. "Got anyone in mind?" asked Adrena. "I heard of a villain that has the talent to compete in the X-Games, maybe he'd be willing to help us." "Well, who is it?" "Sr. Senior Sr." "FREEAAAAKKKKKY" Adrena yelled. 'I hate it when she does that' thought Gill.

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