My husband is a sex god. Who knew? Lizzie thought to herself.

"How was that?" Gordo asked.

Lizzie laid against the bed. "It was amazing." she sighed.

"That was my first time. I've wanted to do it for a while." Gordo told her.

"It was my first time too." Lizzie said. Gordo rested his head on her back. Suddenly, she jumped up, slipped on her nightgown, turned on the radio, and started dancing.

Gordo just looked at her. My wife is hot! He thought. He got up, slipped on his boxers and joined her.

The next morning, Jo and Sam picked them up. "How was your honeymoon?" Jo asked. She looked at Sam and smiled.

"Uh. It was fine." Gordo replied. He looked at Lizzie and she blushed.

"Gordo, your mom and dad brought over your stuff. They left your bed at their house, incase you and Lizzie want to go and visit them for a few days." Sam informed him.

"Thanks." Gordo said. He sat back and was quiet the rest of the way home.

When they got back to the McGuire house, Lizzie announced, "Gordo and I want to take our driver's test this Friday."

"Okay." Jo said. She grabbed one of their luggage bags.

"Is there anyway that one of you guys will be able to take us?" Gordo asked.

"I have off on Friday." Sam volunteered.

"Lizzie, what are you going to do with your wedding dress?" Jo asked as they walked to the door.

"I was going to leave it here, until we got a house, which won't be for a while." Lizzie said.

The door opened, and Miranda, her boyfriend, Larry, Kate, Ethan, Matt and Melina were there to congratulate them.

"We passed!" Lizzie exclaimed, bursting in the door. Gordo and Lizzie showed everyone their driver's license.

"I'm happy for you sweetheart. You too, Gordo." Jo said.

"Just think, now we can send them to the store and run Matt places." Sam said with a smile.

"Now that you mention it, maybe this wasn't such a good idea." Gordo said, jokingly.

"Hey, Lizzie, Gordo, want to go to the Digital Bean?" Kate asked.

Lizzie looked at Jo and Sam. "Be safe." They said.