Realm of Dragons

Dropping in

By DinoboyKingoftheDinosaurs

This is my first Fan Fiction story but not my first Realm of Dragons story. Oh yah if anyone sends any nasty letters I'll put a new crater in this semi-small planet, Got it!

Disclaimer: I may not own the copyrights to Inuyasha or the Star Wars Saga, but I do own The Realm of Dragons, the Buster, her Immortal Crew, and their weapons (Well I don't own the Ring-world known as HALO. Although I would love to have a weapon that powerful. Yet the United States not to mention an annoying thing known as the U.N. would want to take it from me by force! Although I doubt the French, being the little pricks they are, would help anyone! But I do own everything else!)

Authors note: I don't use any Japanese words. Why you ask? I'm a HONEST TO GOD REDNECK OF A CONFEDERATE (And proud of it!). And because I don't know any and don't have the time to bother raking my brain for any.

Chapter 1: Its going to be a Bumpy Landing!

"This is your captain speaking we might experience some turbulence and then explode." Mal Reynolds, Serenity.

Nova the Reaper P.O.V

"Tim! I am going to kill you for this one!" Reigne said as she stormed into the Buster's Primary hanger. I stared at her and sighed, and wondered 'what did Tim do this time?' Lately he has become notorious for his pranks. Yet, even though I may be the Reaper's Daughter even I don't always know what he is going to do next. But after seeing Reigne storm past covered in various paintball colors, I knew what the prank was, and who pulled it. Apparently Tim still was into paintball tanks (annoying little treaded robots armed with paintball guns that, if it ever came down to it could be switched out with a blaster or grenade launchers). Tim jumped out from behind Raptor's over-modified F/A-22 Raptor, and raced for the currently under construction, Imperial Star Destroyer Chimmera (A/N: for those who have never read the books in the Star Wars saga known as the Thrawn Trilogy, this was the flagship of former Grand Admiral Thrawn's massive fleet of Victory-class Star-Destroyers) that Raptor bought the copyrights for a while back. It was Raptor and Reigne's personal project, but sometimes it was hard to tell if it was the Star destroyer or they're love life they were really working on. When Reigne caught up to him he knew what was going to happen, and braced himself as Reigne lifted him off the deck. Tim muttered, "Sorry."

"Sure you were." ,Reigne glared. Tim finally started to crack up with laughter making Reigne even more likely to kill him. Reigne was just about to deck his sorry butt, when the whole ship began to shake.

End Nova P.O.V

Begin Raptor P.O.V

'Just when things started to calm down something else decides to break!' I thought as the Buster rattled and shook the controls out of my hands and went into a tailspin. Earth filled the view ports and slowly began to change as the reactor began leaking fuel and coolant into space. The cities began to shrink and land masses shifted until the landmasses were where they were in the 1500's. The main island of Japan filled my view and then Tokyo Bay entered range. Dozens of small villages littered the area and the Buster was fighting me. So I did my best at aiming it at a large clearing. I grabbed the intercom and said, "Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. We are experiencing some…err… technical difficulties. We are going to have a bumpy landing."

The Buster did another tailspin and I did my absolute best to counter it but the twenty-seven mile long vessel would not cooperate. A massive wake appeared in the ocean as the Buster roared just mere meters above the surface. The land mass of Japan grew then the hull and the ground meet. Impact! The Buster bounced once then finally plowed into the ground about a mile in land before coming to a stop. Around us was a massive crater that was rapidly turning into a bay but the very tip of the ship(more like a mile of it!) was imbedded in the overturned Japanese soil. I muttered to myself, "If that didn't wake the dead nothing will!"

I know I'm Evil no Inuyasha but they will be in the next chapter anyways Review to this nutty Velociraptor! I'll be waiting! Oh and next time the Inu gang meets Reigne and Reigne meets a certain perverted monk! Will hell be unleashed on Miroku or will Sango kill him.