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Chapter 3: The Grim Reaper his Daughter and a Dragoon Kagome!

"Surprised to see me!"

Kagome's P.O.V.

My vision slowly came into focus as I began to regain consciousness. Inuyasha was sound asleep on a nearby bed, causing me to smile at him, when I noticed something sticking out of my back. I grown two beautiful pure-white wings and a tail to match, and while I was sleeping someone put an armor suit that was pure white on me. At first glance it looked like my school clothes uniform. Unlike my uniform however it was made out of a flexible metal. I sat up only to find my self in a dark dimly-lit room, the hum of the ship and the energy in it was immense. It almost seemed to be made out of solid matter. I noticed that my skin was made of tiny reptilian scales that were white and gold. I had long dragon like claws and feet that seemed to be more dinosaur like, with four toes with the two inner ones sporting Velociraptor like talons. I walked out of the room only to bump into a girl with long midnight red hair (Nova!), with two massive angle like wings. Behind her and in tow was a Ramen deprived Inuyasha. "Damn it let have some more ramen!" ,he cursed.

"Keep talking like that and I'll let you face the Tyrannosaurs!" The red head said. Inuyasha paled but looked confused, but then I highly doubt Sota ever told Inuyasha about dinosaurs. She thought for a moment, "Nah, I doubt they could phase you."

Inuyasha looked at me once with a rare plea for help, and then he did a double take. "What the hell are you?" He asked.

The red head stared at him and said, "She's a dragoon you idiot." hitting him on the back his skull.

Inuyasha rubbed the back of his head and scowled, "How did I end up with the Reaper's Daughter for an escort."

"It's Nova to you, Mutt!" ,she snapped. Then a dark figure appeared behind her.

Tasivain's P.O.V.

I grinned as I grabbed Nova by her neck and jabbed the syringe into her neck. She collapsed onto the floor and moved on to the half-demon Inuyasha and the new dragoon Kagome. I grabbed Kagome and injected the same poison that I had injected Nova with. "I'll see you soon my Dragons of Death." ,I laughed. 'Where my minions failed I will succeed.' ,I thought. Everything was going according to plan.

Inuyasha P.O.V.

I was paralyzed with fear by this hooded creature who just stood there and grinned. His aura was so dark and thick it paralyzed me to the point that I couldn't reach Tetsusaiga (is that the right name for Inuyasha's sword or Sessomorru's sword? I get them confused.) His laugh was like nothing I had ever heard it sounded like blades clashing together and something else mixed in, it was unearthly. I then came to the realization that, I was staring at death itself. He finished off Nova and went after Kagome and injected something into her he laughed and said, "See you soon my Dragons of Death!" And disappeared into a vortex of pure evil.

I looked at Kagome and noticed that she was paler, the same went for Nova, it was as if something had drained all the color out of them. I placed my hand on Kagome's forehead and she noticed that her temp had spiked, as if she had a high fever. Her dragon claws were growing larger, the same was happening to Nova. 'What the hell did he do to you two?' I thought, as I collapsed on to the deck next to Kagome as the last bit of strength I had left dissipated.

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