Sora is overwhelmed with loneliness but will the very voice that annoys him end up saving him? SxR

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I…I-I feel it….

….the coldness and….fear…..

….but there's something else, yes, something I've never felt before….

….It's so beautiful and….warm…..

…..warm light…..

….I want it...

…..I want...I...I….I

I….I want Sora!

One: The voice

Sora awakens with a start, spiky brown hair swaying in the midnight breeze. Beside him, Goofy and Donald lightly snore as they lay in the soft grass beside the road that they are traveling on. Sora smiles softly and crosses his bare arms over him legs and buries his face into his knees.

'….It was just a dream Sora; calm yourself….just a dream…dream…'

/….only a dream to you Sora….it's very real…/

Sora clenches his eyes shut tightly and covers his ears. This voice has been talking to him ever since he left castle oblivion and Riku vanished with the unknowns, choosing a different path from his childhood friend. Sora strangely longs for his lost, dark friend, more than he misses Kairi in fact. Tears form in his ocean blue eyes as he stands up and walks down the dirt road with Pluto in tow. He comes upon a three way fork in the road and pauses, staring up at the starry sky.

"Why did I come here?" Sora whispers up at the midnight sky, other worlds and moon only sparkling in the distance.

/….to see….what….happened…./

Sora's blue eyes widen as two wispy figures come towards him. His heart beats faster as he recognizes one of the figures.


Sora holds back tears as he watches Riku and the king walk right through him to meet red leather clad unknown.

"Why must I choose now?" Riku's ghost look alike glares at the red unknown.

"You must choose your path….the road to light?..," the unknown points to the left path, "...or the road to darkness…." The unknown then points to the right path.

"….Neither." Sora gaps as Riku moves past the unknown and down the middle road.

"The road to dusk?..." The unknown asks monotone.

"…No…the road to dawn…."

/…And to you, Sora…. /

Sora jumps as the voice speaks again.

"What do you mean to me? Are you saying Riku hopes to meet me so that's why he chose this road?" Sora questions quietly but there is no reply.

'Great! Now the voice is quiet!' Sora rolls his eyes and huffs while pouting.

"You always did complain, Sora, when you didn't like what was happening. Don't worry," Riku smirks, "We'll have fun soon…..


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