Reassignment: Project Amshas

By Amerise Athena Rei


Darkness shrouded everything despite the full moon's rays and shadows seemed to be moving at their own accord. The wind whipped pass groves of trees; thrashing things about yet not a sound was heard.

Dark figures that could easily be mistaken for shadows skulked in the night ready to pounce on anything that moved.

Stealthily moving though and around corners in a dark building only to face a shady stairwell that seemed to lead to nothingness. One step over the other for what seemed like eternity until there were no more. All that was there was a dreary room with an elderly man standing at the window looking out into nothingness.

Startling him, the hoary figure turned from his post at the window and fixed a look that was something akin to pity and worry. He started to mouth something that seemed to be in slow motion but either way, it was unintelligible and inaudible.

Suddenly, a dark figure with hair draping that masking his face appeared before the senior gentleman and pointed a glowing object at him. Both were now exchanging words yet nothing could be heard except…

"Avada Kedavra!"

A blinding bright green light shot out at the elder man without warning and with that, he was dead.

Gasp! Draco shot up from his makeshift bed clutching his shirt, feeling his heart race a mile a minute.

The same damn dream again! When will it end!

With that, he tossed his cover away from him and got out of bed with an exhausted groan.

No point in going back to sleep after that. It would be futile like the previous nights.

Draco turned on the lights to the bathroom with a click and a downwards pull on the rope attached to the lighting mechanism. The light was dim but bright enough to shock anyone half asleep with its brilliance.

Draco grumbled as he opened the mirror cabinet above his leaky sink. He vainly tried to twist the handles for the spigot to dispense more than the little trickle that was constantly leaking from the pipes; the damned thing twisted off all together as a result!

"Ragh!" He growled in frustration as he looked about the bathroom if you can even call it a bathroom that would probably be fit for Azkaban.

Azkaban is probably too good for this!

The once white room is now covered with a multitude of stains that he wouldn't even want to address their origins. The multiple leaks – some of which, their source on the wall is still a mystery to even him – leave a ubiquitous puddle on the warping linoleum floor.

"Ugh! Look at what you're reduced to!" Yelling at no one but his own reflection. "From decadence to slums. Heh, if father could only see you now. I'm sure he'd be proud of his heir…that is, former heir after that fiasco! 'A Malfoy never fails!' Well, it's not over yet!"

With that, he grabbed a silvery cloak that was crumpled by a table fully covered with a plethora of ingredients – shredded boomslang skin, powdered bicorn horn, stewed lacewing flies, fluxweed, knotgrass, and leeches –as well as potions flask a mini burner and an assortment of trinkets, brushes, and whatnots. Draco then draped the sheer material over his head like a blanket and his form disappeared behind the cloak appearing as if his face, and only his face, was floating in mid-air.

It seems my samples are running low. At least the cloak that Snape gave me comes in handy in more than I way. If only I knew for certain that any traces of magic would not be detected, I could use my damn wand!

Draco looked at the squalor of his temporary living quarters and nostalgia for the mansion that he used to reside in.

For God's sake! I've lowered myself to being a parasite and posing as a new poltergeist taking resident in Knockturn Alley, taking bits and pieces of random people, just to get by day to day. I've been reduced to live in this here-on-earth-hell-hole just to hide my whereabouts! I even have to manually click the lights on just to illuminate the damn room!

After 3½ moths of barely getting by and living like the lowest being on earth, Draco's mind near hysteria. His resolve was made and he would do what ever it takes in order to not live life as he's been doing for the past ¼ of the year…even at the cost of taking someone else's life.