For Mazoo. Request: Perrault/Red Word: Altruistic

Perrault sighed as he wrung the blood from his gloves, then turned to Red. "You really must be more careful to take note of who is standing nearby before you chop a target to bits. Really, this suit is ruined. I'll need to convince a tailor he must make me a new one or he'll be overrun with goblins, most likely - do you know how hard it is to get one customized to accommodate a tail?"

Red simply smirked and stepped closer. Personal space became negligible. "I might be able to fix it for you. I've gotten quite skilled at removing bloodstains."

It was true; aside from her signature cloak, there wasn't a hint of red on any of her other garments. Perrault gave her a half-smile. "Very altruistic of you."