The Broken soul and the Watchful Reflection.

The Broken Soul wanders
The watchful Reflection peerswhen both are found
they are formed by tearsone will rejoice
the other will Mournfor they have Found Love.

So, Hidden by the light of moonsand the glitter of Stars

one will die
and one will lie

to preserve this one true love.

Tricked by a mirrior but once
the Broken soul had found true love
Trapped in a minefield of thoughts
the reflection has found true love.

They have eachother
that is true
the mirrior and the Soul
they have found eachother
after being Lost
so please
let them be
for one is you
and the other is Me.

a poem by Touya for Yukito.

please. Review
i know this is a fan-fictiopn site.
but should't poetry count for something
I DO plan to write a story
but i jsut can't get inspired for a story the same way i get inspired for terrible poetry.

First Poem I have published about something non-depressing

so i'm allowed to be crappy right?

answer taht in your review

Touketsu Iji