I am downloading episode 24 of .hack/sign but it's takin a while so im gonna type while I wait

"Konichiwa Ichigo-Chan" Saske said

"Oh Konichiwa Saske-san" Ichigo said

Saske takes the book out of Ichigo's hand

"Oh Saske-kun" his fangirls said posing for him

Saske looks for a split second then turns back to Ichigo and her book.

"Saske-san can I have my book back please" asked Ichigo

"how can you read this there's no pictures it's not a new type of manga is it" asked Saske

"well no it's not but some people do use their imaginations you no" Ichigo said

"Ichigo it's about time you got your nose out of those picture less books and paid attention to more important things…like me. The whole town's talking about it. It's not right for a woman to read well manga is ok tho. Soon she starts getting idea's and well…thinking."

"Saske you are positively primeval" Ichigo said

Saske put his arm around Ichigo's sholder

"why thank you Ichigo" said Saske (I think he thought of that as a compliment not an insult.)

"How bout we go over to the bar and take a look at my hunting trophies" Saske said

"Maybe some other time Saske" Ichigo said

"What's wrong with her" asked Shippo

"I don't know" said Temari

"how would we no it's not like anyone likes her well except Saske that is" said Ino

"or would even talk or think of asking o wait I just did" said Sakura

"Personally I think she's crazy" said Hinata

"ya I agree completely with Hinata" said Pudding

"I can't go with you Saske. I must get home and help my papa" said Ichigo

"hahahahahahaha that crazy old loon he needs all the help he can get" Shippo said

"don't you dare talk about my father that way" Ichigo yelled

"Ya don't talk about her father that way" Saske yelled at Shippo

"my papa's not crazy he a genius" Ichigo yelled

She stormed out of town clutching her book and cake she had got for her father.