There is an explosion Bang Bang Bang

Kakashi rolls in on some weird contraption thanks blowing off smoke as well.

"Saske-kun show me your hunting trophies" said Sakura

"oooo me 2 Saske" said Hinata

"I wanna see them now" demands Pudding

"Forget about her" said Ino

"and come with us" said Temari

The five girls drag Saske away to the bar.

"wait for me Saske" yelled Shippo

"Papa" Ichigo asked

"how on Earth did this happen" Kakashi asked

"are you ok Papa" Ichigo asked

"ya I am" Kakashi said

"but I'm about to give you on this piece of junk" Kakashi said

"you always say that Papa" said Ichigo

"I no but I mean it this time I don't think I'll ever get it to work" said Kakashi

"Oh yes you will papa. And you'll win 1sr place at the fair tomorrow" Ichigo said

"and you'll become a world famous inventor" she added

"you really believe that" Kakashi asked

"I always have" Ichigo said

"Well we better get started on this thing then. I'll have it fixed up in no time. Did you have a good time in town today" Kakashi asked

"well I got a new book Oh and I bought you a cake from the bakery….Papa do you think I'm odd" Ichigo asked

"My daughter odd where did you get such an idea" asked Kakashi

"Oh I don't know. It's just….I'm not sure I fit in here. There's not really anyone I can well talk to" said Ichigo at last

"What about Saske he's a handsome fellow" said Kakashi

"Oh ya he's handsome alright and rude and conceited an idiot….Oh Papa he's just not for me!" Ichigo exclaimed

"well don't you worry this invention will be the start of a new life for us….And I think I know how to fix it" said Kakashi

"Oh Papa you do!" asked Ichigo

"I do so I'm off to the fair" said Kakashi

"Right now" she said surprised

"Right Now" Kakashi said

"well good bye Papa and good luck" said Ichigo

"Goodbye Ichigo take care while I'm gone" Kakashi said