I have officially changed l Lumiare's part from Miroku to Garra and Cogsworth's part to Neji cuz you no Sango isn't a guy. ok and now for the realy important part I am no longer updating this or any other story on this site. If you are still interested in either. here is the link. here is the new cast list

Belle- Ichigo

Beast- Kish and then there's a surprise at the end

Gaston- Saske don't you think he fits for this part

Lefou- Shippo

Baker- Keiichiro

Book Seller- Lettuce

Gaston fangirls-Sakura Ino Pudding Hinata Temari ya I kinda ran out of girls for this part

Wolf Leader- Koga

Anime obsessed wolf- Taki of course I'm using my own charter for this part

Crazyish wolf- Naruto

Wolf that loves Texas- Inuyasha

Kid obsessed wolf- Kiba his kid will be Akamararu

Lumiere- Garra

Belle's Dad- Kakashi

Cogsworth- Neji

Mrs. Potts- Zakuro

Chip- Mint

Featherduster- Kagome

Wardrobe- TenTen

Super Lucky Tiki Charm- No, I didn't forget Garra personally I think Garra is hot I but put an add on quizilla for who should be Gaston Garra or Saske most peaple said Saske so I had to use him instead but I'll change a part just for u and him k. I have changed the part of Lumiare from Miroku to Garra see I found a part.

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Saske and Shippo enter a bar the five girls follow him in.

"Oh Saske can I get you a drink" Ino asked

"No I'm getting him a drink" yelled Temari

"No I'm" they both yelled

"Now now ladies you can both get me a drink" Saske said

"Hey Saske what about me" Shippo asked

"Oh right you there Pudding bring Shippo a drink too" Saske said

They all come back carrying a drink. They hand it to him.

Just then the door opens and another girl enters. The girl is Ino. She sits down and starts crying. Saske, Shippo, and the rest of the girls walk over to her.

"What's the matter" asked Saske

"My little dog…. Cuppie... he he….. Got eaten by the wolfs" said Ino

"Oh you mean that adorable little chowchow that slept in a cup by you bed?" said Hinata

"Yes that's her" said Ino

"Wow that's too bad" said Pudding "I'm your best friend so how can I consul you?"

"Best friend ha that's and laugh" said Temari

"And just why is that" Pudding asked

"Well remember you had all the tomatoes in your cart fall out on top of her" Temari said

"Well that was an accident" said Pudding

"And was it and was it an accident when you had your horse sit on her was that an accident too?" asked Sakura

"Well ya it was we make ketchup you no" said Pudding "That's what he's trained to do"

"And then here was that time in 2d grade where you tied her ponytail to that moving cart and then the cart…" said Hinata

"Ok ok I get it I get it I don't like her are you happy now?" asked Pudding

"Oh and there was that time at my birthday party where you threw her into the cake and…." said Sakura

"Alright enough girls, those stories are amusing and all but…" said Saske

"Oh Saske the worst thing happened to me" Ino said

"Well don't worry about the wolves I mean I am the best hunter in the world I can kill those wolves in no time" said Saske "I would do it for all you girls"

ok hope you enjoyed the link for the last time is