Eisei Senshi: The Soldier of Time, Sailor Pluto
By Traser SyberJedi

Disclaimer: I don't own Sailor Moon, or any of it's characters. We all know who they belong to.
Author's notes are at the bottom.

Name: Meiou Setsuna
Silver Millenium name: Chiyo
Area of influence: time
Height: 5'6"
Hair color: green
Eye color: red
Sex: female
Fuku colors: Black and maroon
Talisman: Garnet Orb/Time Staff
Guardian: no

She stood her lonely vigil, guarding the Gates of Time. Chiyo sighed. Usually, she did not mind her duty. However it had not been that long since Sailor Pandora had been to visit with her, bringing with him his new daughter Triala. Chiyo loved babies and small children, but very rarely ever got to see any. Little Triala though, was going to be an exception to the usual rules that kept most visitors away. Pluto smiled, looking forward to the change in routine. She was going to enjoy watching Triala grow up, all due to the mark of Saturn that glowed on the infant's brow. Triala was fated to follow in her father's footsteps and be the next Senshi of Illusion, Sailor Pandora. And since Illusion was tied to Time, it meant that Chiyo would get company. The Soldier of Time then smiled to herself. The birth of the Pandoran Princess and future Senshi heralded the next generation of warriors to protect the Silver Millenium and the Moon Kingdom. That meant that Queen Serenity would once again call Pluto forth from the Gates to meet the heirs of the various worlds.

Time continued on it's merry course, it's Senshi remaining true to her duty. As she stood at her post, Pandora and his growing daughter Triala would come to visit Chiyo on a regular basis. Soon, it would be time for Triala to come to stay for a while with Sailor Pluto, in order to learn what lessons that the Illusion Senshi would need to protect the Gates when Time and Illusion needed both Senshi to keep the Gates safe. Pluto looked forward to when that would happen. Until then, she enjoyed the times when Queen Serenity would appear to ask her along to a presentation of a new birth. However, when Sora of Uranus, and then Naunet of Neptune were born, Chiyo was already at the Moon Palace when Queen Serenity was heading to the spot where she would go to reach the Gates.

"A bit impatient, Chiyo?" Serenity asked, when she was coming to fetch Pluto go accompany her to the presentation of the new Princess of Uranus.

"Not really." Pluto replied. "With the exception of Sailor Pandora, Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune are the two senshi I will be working the closest with. So I tend to have the strongest connection to them."

"Are you certain that Sora is the next Senshi of the Wind then?"

"I am positive, my Queen. I am also positive that the babe yet to be born to Neptune royals is the next Sailor Neptune."

Queen Serenity laughed at that. "Very well then Chiyo. I will meet you here then when the heir of Neptune is ready to be presented."

"Expect me for a long visit by that point." Pluto grinned her enigmatic smile. "One that will last until after your daughter is born."


Author's notes:
Eisei Senshi is a massive writing project that I started several years ago, and spans from the Silver Millenium through Crystal Tokyo, and is a slightly alternative universe setting. I say slightly, because none of the stories take place during the timeline of the series and do not change any of the events. If any stories do get written that are part of this series and take place during the period of time covered by the show, they will be taking place in other locations besides Tokyo, and will give a different perspective on what takes place in the show.
A Look at the Soldiers of the Silver Millenium is a series of vignettes that are little character pieces focusing on a different Senshi. Each Senshi that existed during the Silver Millenium will have a their own little story. The majority of them are going to be dealing with original characters.