Eisei Senshi: Sailor Earth's Story

By Traser SyberJedi

Disclaimer: Sailor Moon, and it's various settings do not belong to me.

Author's notes: I know that within the Sailor Moon storyline that there is not a Sailor Earth, at least not that we know of. However, within the story, Chiba Mamoru who is the Prince of Earth and essentually fills that spot. So, for the purpose of my various stories that make up my Eisei Senshi storyverse, Endymion/Mamoru is the Senshi of Earth.

Name: Chiba Mamoru
Silver Millenium name: Endymion
Area of Influence: Hope
Height: 6'2"
Hair color: black
Eye color: blue
Uniform colors: navy blue, silver
Talisman: the Golden Crystal
Guardian: no

Endymion could not believe it when his mother told him that they would be going on a trip to the Moon. She told him that if there was any thing in particular that he wanted to take with him, that he had best get it ready to be packed. He was also informed that he could take his sword with him, as his trip was not a social visit. The Earth Prince was then dismissed to go and get ready.

It did not take long for Endymion to make sure that the few items that he wanted to take were packed. His valet had seen to the packing of his clothes and was finishing up when the ten year old Prince arrived.

"Have you seen any of the Shitennou?" Endymion asked his valet.

"No, I have not. Sorry Your Highness." The valet replied. "Do you wish me to have them summoned?"

Endymion shook his head no. "That will be alright. I'm fairly sure that I'll see them before I leave out."

"Very well, Your Highness. Do you have everything that you require?"

"Yes, thank you." Endymion stated. "I guess I'm as ready as I'm going to get."

And with that, the Earth Prince departed his rooms and headed for the teleport platform. When he arrived there a few minutes later, Endymion encountered his mother, her maid, and the Shitennou.

"Hey Endy, I was begining to think you weren't coming." Jadeite stated, grinning.

"I wasn't concerned on that angle. I just figured he was going to try and delay us all from arriving on time." Nephrite added, patting Endymion on the back.

Zoicite looked up from his ever present book, glanced around at everyone gathered, and gave the Queen an appologetic look. He then sighed and went back to reading his book.

"Okay you two jokers, enough." Kunzite stepped in, pulling both Jadeite and Nephrite away from Endymion. "You both know very well that Endy wasn't given as much time as we were to get ready."

The Queen chuckled at the antics of the boys. She was going to miss all five of them while they were away on the Moon. Still, she was glad that the Shitennou were being allowed to accompany Endymion to the Moon.

"It is time." She warned them. "So brace yourselves."

None of the boys knew what to expect when the teleport started. Finding themselves drenched in light of various colors was not what they were figuring on. When the light faded away, several long minutes later, the group from Earth found themselves in a room that looked almost identical to the one they had left.

"We didn't go anywhere." Jadeite protested.

At that moment, a teenaged girl wearing a Senshi fuku of white and light purple, trimmed with orange bows and accents, entered the room.

"I bring greetings from Queen Serenity, Your Majesty." The Senshi smiled as she spoke. "She asked me to be here in her place, as something very important came up unexpectantly. I am Sailor Pandora. Welcome to the Moon Palace."

Pandora then looked over at Endymion, and her smile turned into a friendly grin. "Hello Sailor Earth. I am looking forward to your presence in the Senshi training sessions. Now, if you all will follow me, I will show you to your rooms."

The Senshi then spun around and headed out of the room. The Queen of Earth and her maid followed the girl, both women chuckling over the matching expressions on the faces of the Prince and the Shitennou.

Endymion, for his part, just stood there stunned. He looked at his four friends and saw that they all had the same expressions that he knew that was on his own face.

"Hey, are you all coming or not?" Pandora's voice floated back to them from the corridor.

Kunzite was the first one to snap out of it. "Come on. We don't want to be in here if anyone else is expected to arrive." He gathered up his bag, and snagged Endy's as well. "Jadeite, get Zoicite's gear. Zoi, you help Endy. I think he's going to need several moments to allow the knowledge that he's a Senshi to sink in."

Zoicite looked over at the Prince, then took his arm. "I think you're right Kunzite."

Endymion finally started regaining his senses at that point. He looked around at his four friends. They would be staying with him on the Moon.

"You know, there's one thing I'm curious about. I thought that all of the Senshi were girls." Nephrite stated, as they finally began to clear out of the teleport platform. "So if Endy is the Senshi of Earth, if Sailor Pandora is correct with her claim, does that mean that Endy is going to be in a skirt?"

"I don't think so, Neph." Zoicite responded. "I know that there are male Senshi, and I've never heard of any of them being in a skirt. I also don't believe that all of the female Senshi are in skirts either. But that's something we'll discover eventually. Now we better catch up to the Queen and Sailor Pandora. We don't need to be getting lost on our first day here."

With that said, the five boys started off at a trot, eager to see what this new twist in their lives would bring them.