Eisei Senshi: The Soldier of the Sun, (Sol) StarKnight

By Traser SyberJedi

Author's disclaimers: I don't own Sailor Moon, or anything related to Sailor Moon. Sol StarKnight/Lian/Taiyo Akemi is not mine either, truthfully. She belongs to my sister who has given me permission to use her character. Though I can claim that I had a big hand in designing the character. So, I respectfully request that no one borrow her, as I can not give the okay for anyone else to use her. Other original characters belong to me. Please ask permission to use them.

Name: Taiyo Akemi
Silver Millenium Name: Lian
Area of Influence: Sol/the Sun (fire/souls)
Height: 5' 10"
Hair color: red
Eye color: green
Fuku colors: yellow and orange pants
Talisman: Starsword
Guardian: Amaterasu

Lian strode through the white corridors of the Moon Palace, not letting anyone stop her. She had been summoned to court by Queen Serenity. The red haired girl knew it was coming, ever since that day back on her homeworld of Mars when the Sacred Fire exploded at her bow of respect towards it. Lian had managed to calm the flames, keeping the young Princess Kemuri from catching on fire. When Sailor Mars looked at the older girl, she spotted the sigil of the Sun on her forehead.

"Contact Queen Serenity. Inform her that there is a Soldier of the Sun." is what Lian heard as she stood surrounded by fire. Next thing she knew, she had been shipped off to the Moon. Lian snapped out of her reverie, as she heard footsteps coming towards her.

"Ah, there you are. Her Majesty sent me out to look for you." Chiyo stated, as she walked up to Lian. "Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Chiyo, better known as Sailor Pluto. If you will follow me, I'll show you the quickest way to the court. It's reserved for us Senshi alone."

Lian watched carefully as Chiyo showed her where to access the secret passage at. The white marble walls had various designs carved into them, flowers and various phases of the Moon predominating. Chiyo's hand pressed against a carved crescent moon, which caused a thin section of wall to open up and reveal a hidden passage.

"Where ever you see a crescent moon like this, it indicates a passageway that you are free to use." Chiyo informed Lian. "These were designed especially for us Senshi to be able to move about the Palace safely in the event of an attack, to allow us to facilitate the escape of the members of the Royal Family."

"Chiyo, can I ask you a question?" Lian asked the older girl. Pluto did not seem to be more than a couple of years older than Lian was. However, Lian knew that the Senshi of Time was much, much older than what she looked.

"Well, that was a question there. However, feel free to ask me as many questions as you need to. The older Senshi tend to look to me as a sort of older sister figure, and come to me for guidence a lot." Chiyo replied.

"That makes sense, as they would see you as not beeing much older than the rest of us." Lian agreed. "Anyways, back when I was discovered to be a Senshi, I heard Sailor Mars say something about a Soldier of the Sun. I've never heard of a Sailor Sun though, or Sailor Sol. Why is that?"

Pluto smiled, and sighed. She was expecting this question.

"Because there is no such thing as Sailor Sun, or Sailor Sol." Chiyo responded. "You are indeed a Senshi. But you will have a different designation from the others. You are a StarKnight. Sol StarKnight to be exact. Though most everyone will refer to you as StarKnight without the Sol part, since StarKnights are extremely rare."

"Why is that?"

"Well, your powers come from our star. That is a lot of power to be able to call on. So usually when a StarKnight comes into being, it usually means that there are things taking place on a cosmic scale that can have severe repercussions, at least for the system where the StarKnight is from anyways."

"So you mean my being the Soldier of the Sun is an omen for something bad that looms before our home system?" Lian finally asked.

"I have not seen any indications of such. Like I said, it usually means that. It could be something else entirely different for you to be what you are." Chiyo carefully answered, not wanting to upset the younger girl. "It could very well be that it was time for our home system to have a StarKnight once again, and so here you are."

The two Senshi walked a little way in silence, as Lian was thinking over what Chiyo had told her. She was also going over how different it was on the Moon in comparison to her homeworld of Mars.

"We are here." Chiyo informed her, opening a door. The younger girl stepped through it first, finding herself in an airy office. The first thing she saw was a pair of cats, one white and the other black. Both had gold crescent moons on their foreheads. Then the movement of a woman standing up drew Lian's eyes towards her. She was dressed in a white sheath dress that seemed to glow. Pale lavender hair worn in odango with long streamers swirled around her slender form. A gold crescent moon on her forehead that matched the cats informed the young Senshi that the woman before her was Queen Serenity, the ruler of the Moon Kingdom and the Silver Millenium.

"Thank you Sailor Pluto for bringing Sol StarKnight to me. If you would, please introduce us." The Queen requested.

"Your Majesty, this is Sol StarKnight. More commonly known as Lian of Mars. Lian, Her Royal Majesty, Queen Serenity of the Moon." Chiyo introduced them. "The white cat is Artemis. The black cat is Luna. They are the royal advisors."

With that said, Chiyo vanished back into the hidden passage.

"I thought that Sailor Pluto was taking me to the court?" Lian finally asked.

"So she did. This is my private office. Through that door there is the Throne room." Serenity answered, smiling. 'You will be introduced soon enough at Court when everyone is here. First things though, you need to train and study, along with making friends."

At that moment, a miniature blonde version of the queen burst into the room. Right behind her was a teenaged girl who looked to be the same age as Chiyo. The teen was scolding the younger girl.

"Warui Princess. You know your mother wanted some privacy while she met the new Senshi."

"But Pandora, the new Senshi is only a little bit older than me. I wanted to meet her, in hopes that she would be willing to be my friend and play with me." The Princess answered, whining slightly.

"Since you are here now, I might as well introduce you. Lian, this is my daughter, Princess Serenity. With her is Sailor Pandora, the Senshi of Illusion. She more commonly known as Princess Triala. Girls, this is Sol StarKnight, more commonly known as Lian." Queen Serenity introduced. "Lian will be my personal guard, and help protect the Princess."

The girls bounded around Lian, including her in their ranks. Princess Serenity looked over at her mother.

"Mama, is Lian the Princess of the Sun? Because all Senshi are princesses or princes." was the question asked.

"Well, I don't see why not. Even if she does come from Mars." the Queen agreed. "So yes, as of this moment, she is Princess Lian of the Sun."

Sono owari...

Author's note: Warui is the Japanese word for bad, at least according to my English to Japanese dictionary.