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Summary: Usagi has a none existing love life and Haruka has Michi. What happens when two guys fall in love with the small blonde? One comes in first but what does Rei have to do with it. We'll leave you to guess who the pairings are.

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Silent Love


Amnesia Nymph and Sailorstars16

Chapter One: the deal

It was late when Haruka finally returned from her date. Slowly she opened the front door not wanting to wake her sister up. But when she entered, she noticed the lights were still on much to her surprise'' Usagi are you still awake?'' The blonde tomboy asked the figure who sat on the couch watching television. The house was moderate left to them by their parents; it had the essentials, chairs, beds kitchen bathroom. Everything the two would need left to them in a will. The girls had dealt with the death of their parents well helped by their friends; it had been difficult adjusting to having the house to themselves all the time. Makato had helped Usagi a lot and Michiru Haruka. Makato was Usagi's best friend.

'' Yeah, I'm awake Ruka, so how was your date?'' Usagi asked while she jumped off the couch to join Haruka in the kitchen. The kitchen was a well-sized kitchen well kept by Usagi, in fact, the main reason the house was tidy was that Usagi had had to grow up quickly after loosing their parents, it was a good job she had Ruka.

'' It went well but we had to watch a romantic movie and you know how boring I think they are.'' The blonde murmured as the smaller blonde just nodded, personally, Usagi loved those types of films but knowing her sister as she did, and Ruka was more of an action gal, one who liked things on the edge…

'' Why don't you tell Michiru you don't like them, I'm sure she won't mind.'' Usagi smiled up at her sister, in fact she knew for a fact Michiru wouldn't mind though Michiru was a sweet girl she wasn't easily offended by silly things like wat Ruka was fretting over.

'' I know, but speaking about dating. I bumped into Rei this afternoon and we talked some. You know her brother really thinks you are cute and she said it would be great for you two to start dating.'' Haruka said while she opened the fridge. Looking around she finally decided on yoghurt and some cheese, to eat separately of course, looking back up she looked over to Usagi to catch her reaction, which was a slight sign of disgust at the mention of Rei's bother.

'' Rei Hino? Please don't tell me you are serious about that , you know I can't stand Seiya , he's always being mean and calls me Odango all the time.'' Usagi said with a sigh and sat down at the table that stood in the middle of the kitchen, he had taken the nickname from one other man the only other person she just could not stand, Mamoru Chiba, the overly sized ego-ed baka .'' Not to mention he already has a girlfriend.''

'' No he doesn't have one anymore.'' The tomboy grinned as she closed the fridge again, she knew Usagi hated the nickname and it coming from to people she hated was enough to make anyone go crazy.'' By the way, you are 17 now and you've never had a date before, who cares if he calls you Odango, I do it all the time.''

'' I know but it's not the same and besides since when do you care about my love life?'' this topic on the unfortunate nickname was getting Usa a little agitated, it was bad enough Mamoru calling her odango attama but Seiya as well just added her hate to both men.

Haruka smirked for a moment before regaining her cool composure again.'' Come on we are family, I have all right to care about it. I'm not saying I like Seiya because I don't but I promised Rei I would set you two up for a date.''

'' No way, I'm not going out with him Ruka, forget it!'' Usagi hissed a little annoyed.

'' Please Usagi, for me. I promise I will never ever call you Odango again.'' Haruka begged.

'' But...'' Usagi wanted to say something else but the look on Haruka's face told her the tomboy was not going to give it up.'' Okay one date Ruka but you have to drive me everywhere I want for the next few weeks and you have to cook and do the dishes for one whole month !''

Haruka rolled her eyes. She would find some way to convince Usagi later not to let her do those things.'' Deal.'' She said just as the phone rang.

'' I'll get it!'' Usagi said and before Haruka could even react the smaller blonde had already ran out of the kitchen back into the living room her attitude back to its normal happiness forgetting all about a few minutes ago.

A few seconds later, she was back again.'' It's Michiru; she wants to talk to you. Please don't even think about having phone sex okay?'' Haruka blushed slightly before she shook her head amused.

'' We are only dating for two weeks Odango; I'm not planning on...'' purposely said to see what Usa would say.

'' Ah, ah, ah Ruka, you wouldn't call me Odango anymore remember, we made a deal.'' The tomboy just ignored her sister as she walked into the living room to pick up the phone.' Stupid deal, I just hope that Seiya idiot is worth all of this. Why do I even try to come between her and her no existing love life?' Haruka scolded herself, why did she let herself get talked into these things.

'' Oh, maybe this isn't as bad as I first thought.'' Usagi smiled to herself. Haruka would do the dishes and cook, drive her everywhere she wanted to and wouldn't call her Odango anymore and all she had to do was go on a silly date with Seiya. In fact, she was getting the better half of the deal.

To be continued.

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