Chapter 2: double date

The next morning, found a small blonde up early making sure the house was tidy, her sister was out enjoying an early morning. She herself was going out to the arcade to see her friends. Rei, unfortunately, was among them. It wasn't like she didn't like her; she just didn't like her older brother. But now she had a deal with Ruka which found her in a strange predicament with the said brother.

Walking out the door and locking it, she left the key under mat, where she always left it when she left the house. Walking down the street, she made her way slowly towards the crown loosing herself in a world of thoughts. Her feet carried her the whole way…. Or what would have been the whole way if it wasn't for a what felt like a brick wall in front of her. Landing on the floor in a un-lady like way Usagi was broken from her reverie to find that the cold pavement was now under her bottom and not under her feet. Looking up she spotted a chuckling black haired figure and knew immediately who it could be, "Chiba! I can not believe you did that!"

"Do what? I didn't do anything?" he replied trying to hide his mirth as a frown crept onto Usagi's forehead.

"Do what? DO WHAT? You know exactly what you did, baka, and that was walk into me and then, with all the baka nerve you hold, you laughed at me! Jeeze if it isn't already a bad day I had to bump, quiet literally into you!" Usagi was not happy, he didn't even think of helping her up, so moving up she stamped the dirt from her legs and wiped the rest from her blue jeans. She gave him the evils as she stood there waiting for an explanation, "well, aren't you at least going to say sorry?"

Mamoru shook his head, "of course not odango, why would I do that?"

"Oh hell no, you did not just call me that! If you aren't more of a baka then I counted you for, you should know what my name is? It's U-S-A-G-I!" she gave him a triumphant look; he shook his head in disappointment.

"No, it's O-D-A-N-G-O. Odango, remember, odango? Or do you know longer know your own name." he smirked at her flushed face. It was flushed with anger. But then she got an idea… maybe Seiya would be of good use after all…

"Well at least I can get a date, unlike some people, whom I have never seen with someone." She smiled evilly when he looked keenly and slightly angry at this. One how did she know he was single and two… well two he didn't see who would date his annoying odango.

"Oh, and who would want to go out with you? I mean look at you, three heads shorter then me, at least, a ditz, a cry-baby…"the last comment really fired the blonde up and cutting him of she said who was going to take her out on a date. He stopped mid sentence, she was dating Seiya, Seiya Hino, the Seiya he had gone to school with.

"that stopped you straight, I hope you understand now Mamo-baka that I'm not the little girl you perceive me to be… in fact I am no longer the one you still see me as." She trailed off sadly, as her mind wandered to her lost parents. She walked up and slapped him, "that is for calling me a cry baby when you have no idea what I have been through. In fact I'm gonna go out on a whim here and say Seiya is probably the best thing to happen to me since fried rice!"

She was lying, hands down, that was it but to fire him up was all she could do to hurt his huge ego.

Walking past him, she noticed his darkened eyes and hand on the cheek she had slapped him on, dismissing it as defeat she continued on to the arcade. He followed disheartened b

Walking past him, she noticed his darkened eyes and hand on the cheek she had slapped him on, dismissing it as defeat she continued on to the arcade. He followed disheartened by her actions but he was now in need of some serious caffeine to drown out the feeling of sudden despair at her words…

In the arcade, Haruka had just joined them; they were all there, Rei and her three elder brothers, including the infamous Seiya, Makoto and her two older brothers Jed and ken, Minako and her twin Zeph, and Ami, the only child among them. They were discussing details of recent happenings and Usa knew Mamoru, who sat in the next booth beside them, was listening so she didn't say anything.

"I think we should make your date a double date with me and Michi, we were planning to go out Friday night anyways. Besides Usa, you'll get to meet the fabled Michiru." This caught Usa's attention and she nodded there was an alternative reason for the double date she knew but she wasn't objecting, at least she would have someone for support. Seiya looked sceptical but nodded his head anyway accepting the fact that what Haruka said was not a question but a statement and she would be accompanying them with her girlfriend whether he like it or not.

Usa moved out of the crowded booth and out the door thinking on things, not even bothering to say goodbye to her friends. Seiya smiled and moved to catch up with her, putting his arm around her, he turned to the glum figure of Mamoru and smirked.

Seiya walked her home, "I'll see you tomorrow night, for our date."

He made to kiss her, but she stepped back out of his line, "sorry Seiya."

She walked in the house and closed the door on him. She wasn't going to deal with him now.

Next night

Usagi looked at what she wore a knee length silver dress with silver-heeled sandals on. Her hair was let down and pulled into a Minako style ponytail. Her make up was of natural tones and she felt very caked in it. But of course, it had been Minako's idea. She wasn't complaining.

Haruka walked in, she was wearing a suit white suit with a deep blue shirt. Her hair was its normal style and she looked very dashing if USA had any say in it. As they stood making sure the other looked presentable, the doorbell rang letting them know two of the expected people were here.