Title: Mother's Day Challenge

Hello, everyone. This here is a challenge that Evil Cat Hater and I design exclusively for Mother's Day. The main plot: Hermione is pregnant and Remus is celebrating. Now, it can be a one-shot or a story of many chapters, that is under your discretion. The category that has to appear is Romance/Humor, though it can have drama or anything else incorparated into the story and the rating must be under the 'T' rating, okay?

Now, for the rules:

. You must try to think outside of the box and try not to do everything everyone else is likely to do.

who the father is of Hermione's baby and how she had gotten pregnant…but it must be under the 'T' rating.

Remus is not the father, then explain how he had gotten in the scenario with Hermione in the first place.

and Ron must know, heck everyone should know as well. How they would react is under your criteria.

setting. Is Voldie dead or alive? Where does Remus live? Hermione's age, etc.

story must be related to the holiday of mother's day, (It's the theme, after all!)

remember it has to have romance and humor.

We will be judging the story on how much creativity the story had, if the rules where followed (The more rules that are followed, the more chance of wining you have) and if you remembered that the theme is Mother's day and not something else.

The deadline will be May 1st and if they are many stories that have been submitted to the challenge, then we will announce the winner the day before mother's day, if not, then we will try to announce the winner a little bit earlier.

So, that's about it. To let us know if you will be participating, then leave a review or on the summary of your story say that it is the challenge response. We recommend if you leave a review, XD.

If there is any questions that you may have, feel free to contact me, ShyMoonlight or Evil Cat Hater, we will be glad to help!