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A bright light appeared in the water and a unicorn emerged from under the water. Darien's eyes were so wide; they looked like midnight blue saucers. The unicorn then flew up into the sky and back down, landing next to Serena. The unicorn transformed himself into his human form, which was a young boy, no older than twelve. (blah blah blah you get the idea I've already told you what he looks like so I'm not gonna explain it again.) Serena curtsied to Helios and he bowed back.

"Helios, I want you to take me to another country. Somewhere where things aren't very expensive, but where the country isn't poor either. Somewhere that has a ruling government body that doesn't discriminate where women have equal rights to men. Somewhere I can start over. Understand?" She asked, so quietly Darien could barely hear her.

"Yes, your highness." Helios replied, and with that he transformed into his unicorn form, and Serena got on his back. It was then that Darien jumped out of his hiding place and yelled, "Serena! STOP!" Serena looked back with shock on her face. She did not expect Darien to be there. She quickly told Helios to go and they flew out into the sky, leaving Darien there to drop to his knees and cry.

"Princess, do you think it was the right decision to leave him?" Helios asked as they flew to only he knew where. It was for the best. He doesn't love me anymore. Just then a ringing filled the air.

"Oh no." Serena said as she opened her communicator.

"Moon here." Serena said.


"Well, Helios let's go. We'll leave right after the battle. In the mean time, moon crystal power make up!" Serena and Helios were surrounded by pink ribbons and where Helios and Serena were, there was sailor moon and a unicorn with beautiful armor on him. The armor was harder than steel and was pure white with gold designs on it. He had on a mask of armor that covered all of his face except his eyes, horn, nose, and mouth. They were engulfed by a bright golden light and were immediately transferred to the park. They looked down at the scene before them. The sailor scouts were all badly injured and were sitting on the ground, completely vulnerable to the monsters that were attacking. Tuxedo mask was attacking the monsters in a blind rampage, for he was still upset at losing sailor moon. Above the fight, just below sailor moon and Helios, there was a man, wearing all white with a vine-like design on the front of his shirt. He had white-blond hair, and looked to be in his twenties.

"SAILOR SCOUTS! UP HERE!" Sailor Moon shouted. The man turned around and stared in awe at sailor moon, looking directly at her eyes. She, however, ignored him and continued to talk to the sailor scouts.

"Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Venus, Tuxedo Mask! This will be the last time that I help you in battle in a very long time, maybe the last time ever, so listen closely." The monsters stopped attacking and so did tuxedo mask and they all (including the sailor scouts) looked up to see Serena on Helios. Helios flew lower to the ground so that Serena was the same altitude as the man. Serena then transformed into princess serenity, stunning the man even more.

"Princess of Mercury, Princess of Mars, Princess of Jupiter, Princess of Venus, Prince of Earth, open your hearts to me and you will be healed." She said. They followed her instruction and they were instantly healed of all their wounds.

"Azurath metrione zenthose!" Princess serenity said, and as she said those words, the sailor scouts and tuxedo mask were encased in negative energy and transported so that they were eye level with Serena.

"Princesses of your respective planets, prince of earth, open your hearts, souls, minds, and bodies to me and you shall receive new powers." She instructed. They did so and in front of each of the sailor scouts a new transformation stick appeared. The sailor scouts grasped their stick and transformed.





Where once stood sailor mercury, stood super sailor mercury wearing a sailor fuku with a white skirt that faded into blue at the hem. Sailor Mars, sailor Jupiter, and sailor Venus, now super sailor mars, super sailor Jupiter, and super sailor Venus had similar outfits but theirs had the colors of their planets. They also had large angel type wings, each the color of their respective planets. Next, in front of tuxedo mask a beautiful golden rose appeared. He grasped it and transformed into super tuxedo mask. He wore a lavender tuxedo with a white mask. He also had wings, which were as black as his hair. He looked exactly like his future self, except without the purple hair. This astounded the other man even more.

"Now super sailor scouts and super tuxedo mask, destroy the monsters with your new found powers, and never forget me. I hope that you will live happy lives without me, but always know this, that me, your princess, princess serenity, will always be safe and will always be thinking of you, her loyal court. Maybe I'll return someday after I have my child. To answer the question that statement just brought up, yes, I am pregnant with prince Endymion's child. Even though he doesn't want anything to do with me." And with that said, Serena and Helios were once again engulfed in golden light, and were transported to the Tokyo bay. (They didn't go all the way to their destination because they can't transport that far yet…)