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After spending a lot of time preparing, saving the day and writing the goodbye letters Miles, Phil, Caitlin, Nimrod, Laura and Rich were finally ready to go.

"Do you have everything you need because we won't be returning here anytime soon," said Rich.

Everyone said that they did so the group left. Their escape was actually fairly simple: They had packed all of the essentials that they'd figured that they would need food, clothes ex. and just left. The camp supplied jeeps to people who wanted to leave and go search for someone or to just leave. The group managed to get one of these jeeps and left with Miles, Phil and Caitlin wondering if they'd ever see their families again. They'd wanted to go on this most perilous journey knowing that their help would be needed, but that didn't mean that they wouldn't miss their families or worry about them. They knew that they were doing the right thing by leaving, but were also worried about where this journey would take them and where they would end up. They had heard Rich and Laura's stories and while they'd had some adventures of their own thanks to Nimrod, what they were facing was far more dangerous then anything that they'd ever experienced before. From Laura and Rich's stories they knew that at some point that they'd have to deal not only with the creatures but the scientists and government people that were responsible for the creatures creation and release. They planned to help Rich and Laura deal with the creatures and beyond that they didn't have to do anything more and could leave, but there was a good chance that they would have to deal with Lee, Kessler and the others responsible for this before they had finished dealing with the creatures. Miles didn't inform Phil and Caitlin, but he planned to be there with Rich and Laura to the end no matter if the others stayed until the scientists were dealt with. He figured that if they could help him with the growing problem of controlling his new mutant powers then the least he could do was to help them with his powers deal with their enemies. This he kept to himself afraid that if he revealed it that Laura and Rich would try to stop him or Phil and Caitlin would try to convince him that it was too dangerous.

Meanwhile back in camp Miles parents and Caitlin's dad were waiting for them to return. Miles was considered a hero for what he did in stopping the attacking creature and many people who'd gone after Miles the night that the tsunami was announced to be coming came over to apologize for what they tried to do that night. Miles parents and sister accepted their apologies relieved when Phil's parents came over.

"Hey, I'd like to apologize to Miles for not allowing Phil to hang out with him," said Phil's dad. "I thought that after what happened that he was a bad influence and Phil shouldn't hang around him. But I see now that I was wrong and I want to apologize for that and to let him know that him and Phil can start hanging out again."

"Yeah, me too," said Phil's mom. "Hey where is Miles anyway. I haven't seen him since right after he slew that creature."

"Yeah and where's Phil gone off to," said Phil's dad worried. "I haven't seen him since when he was congratulating Miles for saving the day."

"Well we don't know where Miles or Caitlin are," said Savannah. "They went off somewhere with the two people they were rescued with before the creature attacked to do something. They probably went back afterwards but they should have been back by now."

Suddenly a messenger walked up to them. When he learned that they were Miles', Phil's and Caitlin's families he handed each family a letter and left.

"Oh my God," exclaimed Miles' mother after reading some of the letter which was from Miles'. "My baby. I can't believe he did this."

"What, what is it," asked Miles' dad and Savannah at the same time.

Miles' mom wordlessly handed them the letter, which read:

Dear Mom, Dad and Savannah,

I know that by now you are wondering where I have gone and I can't tell you. I know that you're going to be worried about me but I can't come home for a while. I am going to be leaving and won't be coming back for a long time. By the time you read this I should be long gone. Phil and Caitlin as well as Nimrod are coming with me. Believe me this was not my idea, but when they heard about what was going on they insisted on coming with me and I couldn't convince them not to come. These creatures pose a major threat to the world and with the help of the people that we were trapped on top of the church with, we intend to bring an end to this threat. We found out from them just how big a threat these creatures are. These creatures are what caused that tsunami and all of the other ones across the world. As you may have noticed during the attack conventional weapons won't kill them but my powers will. We need that if we ever intend to stop these creatures. My new powers gives me some protection from them and they seem to listen to me somewhat so we can use that to our advantage. You must tell no one what I have revealed to you. We also have been informed that the government are involved with the whole creatures problem to some extent. We believe that some company or organization with ties to the government created these horrible creatures. They can't be trusted to stop these creatures so we're going to do it ourselves. This is one of those situations where if you want something done, you do it yourself. I don't know how long I will be gone but I intend to not come back until this is all over. It could take months maybe even a year but we need to stop these things and can not rest until that's done. I left without letting you know I was going because I knew you'd stop me and I can't have that. I need to go because right now I'm the only one who can kill these creatures. Plus I hope to better understand my powers and learn how to control them better so incidents like what happened at school are more unlikely to happen. If I can control them better I can live a more normal life once this is all over. I don't know what'll happen to them if we succeed. If I can control them I'd like to keep them but if I lose them all the better for living a normal life. If I can find a way to get rid of them then after this is all done I'll decide whether or not I want to do that but for now I need them and I need to be able to control them. I hope you can all understand why I'm doing this and can forgive me. I love you all.

Love Miles.

"My God, what's he thinking running off like that," said Miles' mother nearly in tears. "He's only 14, he can't go around risking his life to save the world like this."

"I think that we should be proud of him," said Miles' dad. "He is willing to risk everything to do what's right and I for one am proud of him. He saved us when that creature attacked and as far as I know he's the only one to ever successfully kill one of those things. He feels that he needs to use his new abilities to stop the creatures and is willing to risk everything to do it. I'm worried about him too but he made his choice and I think that we should support it. I think he'd feel better knowing that his family supported him."

"I agree," said Savannah. "I can understand his wanting to do this after everything that he's been through lately. School was hard enough for him the other day without that fight with Greg. People were avoiding and making fun of him after he'd saved the town just the night before. He has abilities that he can't control and people just don't understand and put him down for it. This will give him a chance to learn to control his new powers and save the world along with it. If he manages to do that then the threat to the world will be over and he'll hopefully get control of his powers so that he can live a normal life. I for one support his decision."

"Alright," sobbed Miles' mother. "But I'm worried about him. Out there with little support and all of those creatures and possible bad guys to deal with…"

"I know mom," said Savannah. "But Miles can take care of himself. Plus as he proved earlier any creature would be stupid to tangle with him. He handled that creature well and if he can do that well the other creatures won't stand much of a chance against him."

Her mother agreed and seemed relived to hear this.

Meanwhile Dr. Blum read Caitlin's letter and was shocked. "Why did she have to go and do this? I thought I lost her with the tsunami and just as I get her back she runs off again." Caitlin's letter read:

Dear Dad,

I know that by now you are wondering where I've gone off to and when I'll be back. The answer is that I've gone off to help Miles. He's going off after the creatures and I can't let him go out there without me to help. We're going with the two people that we were rescued from the church with. I love him and I want to help him so I'm going. They're going to need all of the help that they can get. What we're going to be doing is dangerous and I don't know how long it could be until we get back. It could be months, maybe even a year. Miles' friend Phil has also insisted on coming with us. He's going because he and Miles have worked together on everything to do with Nimrod since the beginning and so he wanted to help as well. We're going to go and try and stop these creatures and to also help Miles understand his new powers and learn how to control them. He believes that he's the only chance that we have to stop these creatures because of his new powers and after what happened earlier I agree. But if we're going to use them to stop this threat then he needs to learn the full extent of his powers and how to control them. I intend to support him in this and help him succeed in his goals. I love you Dad. Bye.

Love Caitlin.

After reading the letter a few times Dr. Blum decided to accept her decision. He knew that she really cared about Miles and he trusted him to take care of her after how he swam back to shore with a tsunami coming when he realized that she was in trouble and saved her.

Meanwhile Phil's parents were angry and worried.

"How could he go and run off like this on some wild adventure," demanded Phil's father angrily. "I understand his friendship with Miles and the connection that they share because of what happened with Nimrod but this is ridiculous."

"I'm worried too but he seems to think that he's doing the right thing," said Phil's mother. "Maybe he is. I mean if these creatures are really as dangerous as he says they are then maybe we should just support his decision for now and decide what to do about it later after he returns."

Phil's dad reluctantly agreed. Phil's letter said:

Dear Mom and Dad,

I know that by now that you are wondering where I ran off to and the answer is that I've gone off to help Miles again. I know that you'll be mad at me for it but you have to understand. Miles, Caitlin (Miles' girlfriend) and the people that were rescued from the church top with them say that these creatures are extremely dangerous. They've explained to me that the creatures are the ones responsible for all of the tsunamis. They will continue to cause an awful lot of more damage until they are stopped. Miles decided to go and help stop them and I'm going to go and help. Miles is my best friend and we've been working together ever since the whole Nimrod thing started. I've helped him since the beginning and I'm not about to back out of helping him now when he needs the help the most. We're going to go and try and stop these creatures forever. Miles figures that his new powers are the best way to stop these creatures and after he killed that creature earlier with them I agree with him. If he's going to go after and stop these creatures then he's going to need all of the help that he can get so I'm going to go to help him out. We're not sure how long it's going to take us to finish this and come back. It could be months maybe even a year, but I'm going to stay and help until this is all over. You can punish me later but right now this is more important than that. I love you guys. Goodbye.

Love Phil.

So the group had set out on their journey. They had no idea where it would take them but they were determined to see it through to the finish. The kids in the group had sent letters off to their families who have decided to accept their decisions and support them. And so the real journey began for the group as they set out to accomplish their goal of the destruction of the creatures and at some point the destruction of the scientists who'd made them.

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