Disclaimer: I don't own Surface although I now own the DVD. I got the name of the place Jackson's place is north of from that. The show said that it was 25 miles north of Shelter Cove California wherever that is. The things in italics are the converstations between Nimrod and Miles in their minds.

Miles, Caitlin, Phil, Laura, Nimrod and Rich drove to an abandoned lab that was nearby. The lab had been abandoned in the fear of the tsunami possibly coming there although it had never hit that area. The doors to the lab had been left wide open and no one had been back there yet but all of the equipment was still working and in good condition.

"Alright I'll need to take some blood from you Miles and from Nimrod as well," said Laura.

"Alright," said Miles. He let Laura take his blood and got Nimrod to do the same thing. "With this I can analyze how you got your powers and we can run some tests to see what they are. Also we can use Nim's blood to help determine how you got them."

So Laura got to work examining the blood samples. Meanwhile the others got bored as this took a long time to do. Suddenly Laura shouted.

"I got it!"

"What, what is it," everyone else asked crowding around.

"Well I think that I've got some idea of how he got his powers," said Laura. "The creatures have some kind of venom that's in their bite. It's mostly untraceable and unless you knew what you were looking for you probably wouldn't find it. This venom attacks all of the body's systems on all levels and that's what caused the fever that was killing Miles. Now when Nim healed him it undid this damage but it changed him on a physiological level. His body had been badly affected by the damage that that venom wrought and when the healing powers took effect somehow it carried over some of the creatures' own abilities. He now should have most of the creatures' powers as a result of this. I checked and he has the healing power for sure: that doctor who helped create the creatures developed the healing powers and she showed me what the chromosome for them looked like and I found it in his blood. As for other powers from what we've seen he definitely has their electrical powers but beyond that I can't tell without him trying to do different things. Now I think that the creatures may be able to communicate telepathically so why don't you try to communicate with Nim telepathically?"

"Alright," said Miles. He began to focus. "Nim, Nim can you hear me?"

"Yes Miles", said Nim.

"Wow," said Miles. "You were right they do communicate telepathically and I just talked to Nim like that."

"Okay now let's test the healing powers," said Rich. Everyone just looked at him. "What we need to test them to see how good they work."

"Alright," said Miles. "But let's not do anything too serious."

"Alright," said Laura. "Let's cut your hand and see how long it takes to heal."

So Rich took out his pocketknife and cut Miles' hand. They watched as it fully healed within a minute or two.

"Wow," said Laura. "Okay now let's see if we can find some kind of disease or something around here that we can put under the microscope with his blood to see how it reacts with his new healing abilities."

Looking around they found in the trash the tissue of someone that had a cold. Laura took a sample off of the tissue and added it to a little of Miles' blood that she took from him under the microscope. They watched in amazement as within moments the cold virus was eliminated by the blood.

"Well that's a handy little power to have," said Rich. "I wonder what other kinds of diseases that it'd cure? If it can heal a simple cut like that broken bones probably heal a lot faster then normal and the person with it would probably have a longer life then most other people."

"Hey wait a minute," said Laura. "Why don't we all inject ourselves with this chromosome? It will give us all the healing power. It'll be a great asset especially considering what we're facing. We'll be able to recover from our injuries faster and when your on the run and or dealing with these creatures that's always a good thing to be able to do."

"Won't we get all of the freaky creature powers like Miles if we do this," asked Phil.

"No, this is just the healing power that we're dealing with. The other powers he has aren't connected to this chromosome, only the healing power is so that's all we'd get. I for one am going to do this, what about you guys."

"Well it sounds really useful considering the situation we're in so yeah," said Rich.

"Sure, why not," said Caitlin.

"Yeah it sounds really cool," said Phil. "Being able to heal myself, I'd love to be able to do that so I'm in."

"Also this will be in your genetic make-up so it might pass on to your descendants as well just to let you know. Miles all of your powers might pass on to your descendants as well," said Laura.

"Wow, that's pretty cool," said Miles.

"Yeah," everyone else agreed.

Soon everyone had been injected with the chromosome and when it was tested proved that they had the healing powers.

"Alright," said Laura. "I think that we're almost done here but there's one more thing that I can do to help you Miles. You have to focus and learn to control these powers of yours on your own but I can manipulate Nimrod's genetic make-up and make it so that he can't grow much bigger. You can't afford to have him around if he has the potential to grow to the size of those adults."

"Alright I'll talk to him and explain it to him to see if I can get him to agree," said Miles. "Nim, we can stop you from growing to the size of one of those adults. Now it'll be dangerous if we let you grow to your full size because it'll be so big that I won't be able to keep you around anymore. I want you to agree to let us stop your growth. Please Nim, it's for the best."

"I don't know Miles. I trust you but I really don't want to stop growing, but maybe it's for the best. I've seen the size of the other ones and I don't like the destruction that they cause by just them being there, so alright."

"He says alright," relayed Miles.

So Laura used the labs equipment to manipulate the genetic structure of Nimrod. When she was looking at his blood she discovered that his genetic structure could be manipulated because he was man-made and his structure was left so that further manipulation could be done by the scientists that created his species. She succeeded in manipulating it so that he could no longer grow and it wouldn't cause him any problems as a result.

"Alright, we need to get up to Jackson's place north of Shelter Cove in California so that we can get the research that we left there and figure out what to do next," said Laura.

So the group left the lab to head off to Jackson's place to continue on their quest to end the threat of these creatures.

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