The Pink Flamingo is the hottest club in New York City and they were there. Three seventeen-year-old girls were at the hottest club in New York, full of alcohol and gorgeous men. What a wonderful combination!

A girl's night out was the perfect way to rid them selves of their drama filled week. The disco ball and dance floor was the ideal way to fling drama thoughts The music was pumping, the colorful lights were shining brightly, and an intoxicating smell floated in the air, enabling the girls to dance all night.

The girls found a spot on the dance floor and immediately found the beat. Each one of the girls was different and unique in more ways than one.

The one to the right was dancing safe, not anything too rowdy, just like her personality. Lorna Dane was stunning. She was tall, brunette, and had the perfect figure. She was everything a guy could ever want, but would never get. Lorna was a great student and aspired to go to Stanford, she didn't have time for boys. Lorna was a lot of things. She loved her life, but being a mutant is the worst part. Her ability to control magnetic forces never came in her favor.

The girl standing to the left was quite the handful. No one knew that better than her boyfriend. Katherine "Kitty" Pryde is captain of the cheerleading squad and a well-known gossiper. I suppose it comes with the territory. Born a brunette, Kitty streaked her hair blonde, which suits her much better. A perky attitude and flirtatious nature can get her anywhere in life and so can her mutant power that enables her to walk through walls.

Anna Marie Raven was in the middle of the two girls. Bad-girl turned good, Anna is also a mutant, whose powers are currently inactive. She is a mixture of both Kitty and Lorna. Sexy, smart, flirty, that is a southern belle at your service. Desperately trying to escape her past, Anna under went a painful procedure to destroy her mutant DNA and her school Professor, a psychic, erased her dark past.

"See, didn't I tell ya'll that this was gonna be fun!" Anna yelled, hoping to speak over 'My Humps'.

"I still don't know how you got us in here!" Lorna wondered.

"I do!" Kitty shrugged and batted her lashes.

"What did you do?" Lorna asked.

"Kitty had sex with the bouncer yesterday!"

"Did not! I just like, took my top off. No biggie!" She giggled sweetly, it really was nothing in her mind. Just slip off your shirt, get in a club, alls well that ends well.

"Kitty! What were you thi- oh crap." She grabbed Kitty's shirt and pulled her to the ground. They began crawling on all fours across the dance floor.

"Girls?" Anna turned around and saw a gentleman with eyebrows raised. "Why Mr. LeBeau, what are you doin' in a place like this?"

He said nothing. Smiled and then took a seat at the bar.

Anna remembered the first time she saw him. She thought he was a student, but later found out that he was a teacher at her school. She had to be in his class, just to look at him. He was so pleasing to the eyes, tall, tan, and very handsome, just what she looked for in a guy. But, this was no guy. Mr. LeBeau was man. A 21-year-old man and when she first laid her eyes on him, she knew she had to have him. Just once… or maybe twice.

Anna went in search of her two friends. She found them on the second level of the club, both sipping a martini.

"Thanks girls. Really." Anna said sarcastically.

"You have to go back down there and talk to him!" Kitty ordered.


"Just to make sure he won't tell anyone, especially not Logan. He is already chasing my ass since he found me and Lance… um…. You know… like about to…- Just go!"

"Fine, but ya'll owe me." She headed to the bar.

Anna found him toying with his empty shot glass. Okay Anna be super cool.

"Mr. LeBeau… um…"

"What's your plan?"

"My plan?"

"To get me not to say anything. Little fille got to have a plan."

"I have no idea what your talkin' about Mr. LeBeau. Lil girl like me don't have any 'plans'." She smiled pushed her bang to the side.

"Stop callin' me Mr. LeBeau. I'm off the clock any how."

"Well in that case, is this seat taken?"

"Yes it is."

"By who?"

"My… date. She went to the restroom."

"Uh huh." She took a seat at the barstool next to him. "Buy me a drink will yah?"

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