Author's Note: This entire thing just came to me during a chat with a few friends a while ago, discussing oddball theories for the last two books, and final battle scenarios. It's incredibly short, but I decided I should post it anyway. Enjoy.

By the Hand of the Other

"I'm coming for you Tom!" Harry charged across the field, wand outstretched, dodging spells every which way...and tripped. Fortunately for him, what he tripped over was an anchor-rope for one of the siege engines Fred and George had come up with. As he went down, Harry's hand caught on the release lever.

Voldemort was laughing. "Ha, and this is all the Great Harry Potter can do? Why, you can't even make it to the battle!" His closest Death Eaters laughed sycophantically. No one noticed the shadow slowly getting larger. "Now, NOTHING stands in my way. ALL shall bow before me, LORD VOLDE-" He was cut off as the huge rock landed, sending a magical pulse rippling outwards.

That section of the Dark Lord's army, a major part of it, were knocked off their feet like bowling pins. Not that many of them would know what those were. As the blinding flash cleared, and the dust settled, Harry stumbled to his feet. He blinked, seeing the crater where the Dark Lord had been, and then looked at the lever beside him.

"Well," he said, shaking his head, "I guess it was by my hand..."

The End.