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Syaoran ran, Syaoran ran and ran after Sakura, his little overly-determined mind going a mile a minute as to all the horrible fates that could of befell her.

" Princess Sakura! Oh why you, my beautiful princess! Who knows what's here in this world, waiting in the shadows to destroy what is more precious to me than even...chocolate bunnies... and green!"

Syaoran reached a intersection, stopping to use his superior "Syaoran-sense" to find which direction Sakura had gone. He concluded that she had headed towards a certain group of houses, and sped off in their direction. He stopped suddenly, hearing a rustling in the bushes. He closed his eyes, trying to "sense it's aura" like Kurogane had been trying to teach him to do. Being a one-eyed determined little puppy sometimes did have it's disadvantages. After a moment of silence, the buzzing of bees and occasional swaying branches of the cherry blossom trees were the only things audible, and he blamed the noise on the wind. He began to start after Sakura again, taking no more than a step before he heard it again. He stopped immediately, calling out,

" Show yourself! "

The rustling stopped, and Syaoran went over to the bushes slowly, just about to pull the leaves apart and reveal the spy when a childish brown-haired face popped out. Li. The two sets of amber eyes bored into each other. Syaoran sighed and pushed Li's head back into the bushes,

" Please, I don't have the time to mess around with children. I have a very important feather to find."

Li cocked an eyebrow,

" Feather, why the heck would you dress yourself and all your weirdo friends like costumed freaks and parade around Tomoeda looking for a feather, armed with weapons that could get you arrested and breaking into elementary schools?"

Syaoran sighed again, literally falling to the ground in frustration,

" Look, this is going to sound really stupid and insane to you probably, but my princess and friend, Sakura, needs these feathers to restore her memories."

Li jumped out of the bushes, standing across from Syaoran and desperately lifting his chin trying to appear taller than he really was, speaking annoyingly,

" Why would feathers help you remember anything? That's stupid."

Syaoran scoffed and folded his arms,

" The feathers are absorbed into her, and she regains memories of the past."

" Okay, lemme see here,"

Li said,

" You take a bunch of random feathers you find, stuff em' into your little girlfriend, and she then remembers stuff that none of the rest of you really care about. You just want chicks."

Syaoran looked at him, actually considering that what he was saying made a bit of sense,

" Well, we all want chicks except maybe Fai, I think he wants guys personally."

Li's eyes narrowed, becoming almost as determined as Syaoran's

" So then our goals are the same."

Kurogane sat across from Tomoyo, Tomoyo's small hands trembling as she diverted her gaze from the imposing ninja. Kurogane stood up immediately after hearing a small noise from the out side. Upon standing up though, he overturned the entire table and all those cheap plastic teacups that ten-year-olds play with, spilling all the invisible imaginary tea. Tomoyo hid under the overturned table and cried because no one cares about her and no one really wants to save her anyway because her voice is really annoying at the beginning of Carcaptors episodes. Kurogane withdrew his sword, waiting for the source of the noise to show themselves. A small girl, one of Tomoyo's friends, stepped out warily, speaking meekly,

" Um...can Tomoyo come out now?...Please don't hurt us!"

" Intruders! You deceive us and threaten the princess!"

Kurogane yelled, smashing through the window and running after the girl, chasing her down the street with the full intention of maiming her in some horrid and unspeakable way. This gave Tomoyo a few precious moments to make her escape, and after Kurogane was sure the little girl would never sleep a peaceful night ever again, ran back to the house. Tomoyo literally tumbled down the stairs, crawling until she could get back unto her feet again and make a mad dash for the door. She was close, her hand mere inches from freedom before Kurogane tackled her to the ground,

" Princess! There's no need to run, I have taken care of your enemies."

Tomoyo's eyes widened upon hearing him, interpreting "taken care of" as that he'd slaughtered her friends who had only expected a day of dress-up and tea looked up at him with teary eyes, Kurogane's " ooh lookie I am so tough" face finally faltering.

" Y-you"

Tomoyo said, her voice shaky,

" You killed my friends!"

Kurogane's eyes softened, he was almost smiling (he was smiling in that Kuro kind of way. You know, that one where he's both angry and pleased. Yeah, you know, That one. You do know! Don't lie to me, your lying...liar.)

" Now, now, Princess Tomoyo, you are just such a kind person that the mere thought of bloodshed is unsettling. Well, you don't need to worry, I'm here to protect you forever and ever and ever."

With that Kurogane picked her up, Tomoyo still praying for the release of death, and carried her off to her room,

" You just need some sleep. You'll be better tomorrow, and then we can attack the enemy clans."

By "enemy clans" he meant the neighbors. Kurogane laid her out into her bed, Tomoyo immediately closing her eyes. Maybe sleep would save her.

" Sweet dreams, Princess Tomoyo."

Kurogane whispered before leaving the room. Tomoyo had nightmares about ninjas all night long.

Meanwhile, upon his throne sat Fai, now with a crown atop his head ornamented with chocolate chip cookies and chibi plushies. Toya and Yukito were beginning to doubt Fai's "almighty power" though.

" How are we supposed to know your really a god, or whatever you say you were?"

Toya said, doubting Fai and seeing that this guy was probably some hobo who was using this as an excuse to get some cookies and the eternal worship of two bored teenage guys. Fai gave him a shocked look,

" I'm pretty, is that enough for you people?"

Fai said, reaching into a box and only pulling out crumbs. He gasped, speaking like the world had just split in two,

" We're out of Oreos!"

He threw the box at Yukito, whining like a child,

" Moooore!"

Yukito picked up the box like it was a dead cat,

" Oh come on, I'm not gonna-"

" Mooooore!"

Fai collapsed in his throne like he was slowly wasting away with the absence of the Oreos,

" You can't expect me to live off just the chocolate chip cookies! I need Oreos, to youknow, balance it out."

Toya and Yukito looked to each other, not sure if this guy was for real. Fai then got up from his throne, walking across the room as he spoke,

" You know, if this was Kuro-pippi he'd be so much more cooperative. He lets me have whatever I want, he's someone more worthy of the radiance of my presence."

Fai reached the windows, tearing the them and looking forlornly outside them,

" Oh Kuro-wan, where are you? When will you come and rescue me?"

Toya glared at Fai, speaking through gritted teeth,

" Okay, first you're a god, and now you're a prisoner!"

" Yes."

Fai responded,

" Now you can make yourself useful and get your prisoner some more Oreo cookies."

Sakura stood outside the door of little Sakura's room. She had to just stop and gape for a moment, the girl was the spitting image of herself in her younger years. The girl looked almost afraid of the older Sakura, she picked up what seemed to be some kind of fancy pink baton and concealed it behind her,

" Who are you and what do you want?"

The younger Sakura questioned, her emerald eyes trying to comprehend what the older Sakura was thinking,

" I-I'm princess Sakura."

The older Sakura answered,

" The princess of Clow, or at least from the little I remember."

The younger Sakura's eyes widened,

" Even our names are the same..."

The two stood in silence for a moment, before the younger Sakura called out,

" Kero! It's okay, you can come out."

The small winged creature floated off of a shelf of stuffed animals that it had been using to conceal itself, it's golden fur shimmering,

" Wow. You were right, she does look a lot like you kid, maybe in six years though."

The older Sakura titled her head, finding the creature amusing and strange,

" I'm Kero,"

It said,

" Guardian of the Clow Cards. You wouldn't know anything about them, would you?"

The older Sakura shook her head. Kero sighed, sounding disappointed,

" Well then it probably isn't anything that has to do with the cards. I wonder what could of caused this to happen..."

The older sakura spoke quietly,

" Well, you see, we were sent by the dimension witch, Yuko, and we're trying to retrieve-"

" Wait! Go back!"

Kero shouted,

" Did you say Yuko? I think Clow knew her! I heard him mention her once, a long time ago."

" Would this Clow know anything about strange feathers?"

Sakura inquired. Kero shook his head,

" He's dead now. Sakura's taken his place as master of the cards, and she doesn't know anything of those past days with Yuko or the Tsubasa."

The older Sakura's eyes faded off for a moment,

" The...Tsubasa..."

Suddenly they heard the noise of Syaoran running through the house, eventually reaching Kero and the Sakuras.

" Princess Sakura! Thank god I've found you! I'd thought you'd been lost!"

" I'm fine Syaoran,"

Sakura said giggling,

" It's funny how you get so worried."

Syaoran blushed and looked away, speaking hurriedly,

" I just don't want anything to happen to you, Princess Sakura."

Sakura took Syaoran by the hand, again causing Syaoran to blush so much that Kero was sure the boy's head was going to explode,

" Let's go find Kurogane and Fai, and then we can start looking for my feather together."

As Sakura and Syaoran left the house, Kero couldn't help but find the blushing boy and smiling girl all to perfect together, and all too familiar to two others he knew.

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