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Well, Jack brings you this, from the bottom of his shoes...

Fai smiled, he was perfectly content in his own delusions right now, which currently was that he was in fact a prisoner of the ones that he had originally claimed as followers. Though Fai's didn't want followers, Fai didn't want to be worshiped, Fai wanted to have Kurogane to come to his rescue and maybe buy him some ice cream. Toya and Yukito were boring him to death anyways, all those two seemed to do was stand around all day talking about irrelevant stuff that was supposed to be important to the Cardcaptors story. Fai isn't in Cardcaptors, Fai doesn't care.

He just went on looking outside the window bored. looking for the smallest trace of the dark-haired ninja. All of sudden, when all hope seemed lost, Fai heard a scream. It wasn't a scared scream, it was an angry scream. The kind he knew to be Kurogane's. Fai gasped and screamed out the window,

" Kuro-chi!"

Though Kurogane couldn't really hear him, he was too busy screaming,


He could see him, running after a small girl. Fai hadn't been there that time at the school, so he had no idea who she was or why Kurogane would be compelled to chase her down the street. Fai looked at Toya and Yukito,

" Well, it looks like Kuro-pippi's a bit busy to rescue me. Hmm, so now I'll be a god again and I'll be leaving thank you, I have a ninja to catch."

And with that Fai left, leaving the house and walking out unto the street, trying to remember where he'd seen him from the window,

" Where is he? He can't be that hard to find, he looks weird."

Fai laughed, he'd always thought that of all the awkward stares they got when they appeared in a new world, Kurogane received the most of them. Then there was his sword, which he was sure was going to be taken from him eventually. That wouldn't end well for anyone unfortunate enough to try it. He eventually ran right into the girl, the both of them falling to the ground. Fai hit his head on the cement, barely noticing the pain until he brought his hand to his eyes, instantly screaming upon the sight of the blood,

" AUUGGHHHHHHH! I'm bleeding! My head is spilted–ed! I'm. Going. To. DIIIIIIIE!"

Than Fai started to hyperventilate, and Tomoyo, who and only viewed this as a small accident, was quite confused with Fai. Kurogane eventually caught up with them, immediately un-sheathing his sword and pointing it in Fai's direction,

" You! You have caused my dear Tomoyo to fall! How dare you harm this most precious of things! Now you die!"

Kurogane brought his sword down on Fai's little injured head, but just before the steel of Souhi cut through Fai's pathetically venerable skin, his mind actually started working,

Hmm...Blond...skinny...dumb-lookin' smile...um, cabbage...wait no, Fai!

Kurogane threw the sword aside, and strangled Fai instead,

" You idiot! Don't you NEVER touch my Tomoyo again!"

Kurogane yelled, as Fai barely squeaked out,

" I didn't! I didn't! Oh, Kuro-rin, your so mean!"

Kurogane let go of Fai's throat, Fai gasping for air and whining,

" I'm injured you know! Look!"

Fai parted a portion of his wispy blond hair to reveal a small scratch, barely bleeding,

" Am I gonna live, Kuro-chi?"

Kurogane sighed,

" No."

Fai instantly started weeping, falling to the ground and lying there motionless, mumbling,

" Now I wait for death's cold hand to come and finish the job. Goodbye, Kuro-pun, you're the best ninja I ever knew."

Fai reached his hand up toward the sky,

" I can see it now, the light coming for me...I'm a'comin' gramma...now...I...die..."

Fai stared, not understanding why he wasn't dead yet. Kurogane shook his head in disappointment. Fai just laughed,

" Well, it seems that I'm just too cute to die, oh well."

Fai shrugged his shoulders and stood up, brushing the dirt off his odd clothes. Kurogane looked at himself, dressed like a ninja and Fai, dressed like...that.

" We need some normal clothes."

Kurogane muttered, pulling at his long black cloak. Fai smiled,

" Whee! This is my favorite part!"

Before Kurogane could object, Fai grabbed his hand and pulled him off into the distance. As for Tomoyo, well, that huge black cloak of Kurogane's is quite useful for hiding things...

Sakura and Syaoran walked down the sidewalk, the afternoon sun glaring down on them. Syaoran wiped the sweat from his face,

" Wow, I'm hot..."

Sakura stared at him cocking an eyebrow,

" What?"

"I'm hot!"

Syaoran retorted, quite frustrated from the heat. Sakura laughed nervously,

" Never took you for the conceited type..."


Syaoran almost yelled,

" I'm just hot, okay! I can't help it!"

Syaoran folded his arms,

" I bet your hot too, your just hiding it so you seem so smart."


Sakura said,

" What do you mean!"

" Your hot too! We're both hot! YOUR HOT, OKAY! JUST ADMIT IT!"

Then there was silence, it seemed Syaoran had overreacted quite a little bit agian. I mean, the guy kicks people in the face at random, he has some problems. Sakura just got teary eyed,

" Your just doing this for me because you think I'm hot!"

"I'm not doing anything! God, if you want me to, fine!"

Syaoran pulls out a piece of paper with a drawing of a walrus on it, and folds it up into a little paper fan and fans her with it,

" There, NOW I'm helping you because your hot."

Sakura humphed and walked faster, saying under her breath,

" I never thought you'd be so shallow."

" What! Your hot, what do you want me to do, just stand here and watch you be hot!"

" I bet you do that a lot, huh? Staring at me, you sick little pervert!"

Sakura threw little gold bracelet at him, running off. As soon as Syaoran realized "Sakura is gone"he screamed a blood curdling scream and fell to his knees.

" I didn't mean it! WAHHH!"

Sakura stopped looking back at the surely-not-as-respected-as-much-anymore-for-his-dignity-and-cool-head-in-dire-situations-anymore sight before her. She shook her head,

" Okay, but only because the S+S shippers will tear the writer apart if we get mad at each other, and then leave Fai and Kurogane to rule over the fanfic with an iron fist."

Syaoran squeaked like a gleeful little turtle, and then floated back over to Sakura. They walked in silence for some time, before walking past a seemingly harmless tree, when all of a sudden he felt something whack the back of his head.

" OUCH! What was that!"

Syaoran turned around, looking fpr the culprit, all there was were the tree branches hanging above their heads,

" Musta been nothing..."

Syaoran said, taking one last glance before beginning to walk again, when he was hit yet agian,

" What the foschizzle? Who did that!"

Li's head poked out of the tree, he was smiling deviously as he snickered,

" Ha! Got you, you big retard."

Syaoran tried to whack him, but Li's head drew back up into the tree and he whacked Sakura in the face again. Sakura whined,

" Ow! What was that for!"


Syaoran said,

" I only have one working eye, I have bad depth perception. Blame CLAMP."

That was their motto, "Blame CLAMP". Poor little travelers of dimensions with shoes on their feet. Syaoran scrambled up the tree after Li, who was much smaller and could evade Syaoran's advances easily,

" You can't get me, fatty! Go ahead, try it!"

Syaoran reached out for Li and Li bit his hand, Syaoran crying out in pain. Sakura had to speculate about what was going on up there. Li jumped down from the tree, looking at Sakura and smiling,

" Hey, baby."

Syaoran came after him, and after hearing that comment picked up the ten year old and brought him up to eye level with him,

" Do NOT talk to Sakura-hime that way!"

Li just pulled at Syaoran's fingers and kicked around a lot,

" Why don't you freaks just leave! We have enough problems already!"

"Oh yeah!"

Syaoran said, growing angry,

" You think YOU got problems! Huh, kid! I don't see you running around the worlds, picking up feathers and restoring the memories to the person you love just so that she'll never remember you! You think that's so easy!"

Li rolled his eyes,

" piece of cake. What I do is much harder, not to mention I have to hang out with a bunch of girls."

Syaoran grabbed Sakura's hand,

" Let's go, I don't want to hear more from this little brat."

Sakura waved to Li as Syaoran stomped off. Li stuck his tongue out as them as they walked away and scrambled up the tree again to poise himself for the next victim.

Fai and Kurogane stood, seemingly lifeless, in the middle of a store,

" I like this one..."

Fai said calmly, taking out some clothes,

" No!"

Kurogane said, whacking his hand so that Fai dropped the clothes.

" Kuro..."

Fai said, rubbing his wrist in pain,

" Are you going to say that about everything I pick out for you?"

"Why are YOU shopping for me? I'm a grown man."

Fai looked at him annoyed,

" That's exactly why I'm shopping for you."

Kurogane looked at him, a look of sheer confusion on his face,

" And your not one?"

Fai seemed to think for a moment,

" Oh, wait, I am. Wow."

Kurogane just took a few steps back. Fai took out something else holding it out to Kurogane,

" How about this?"

He asked, smiling,

" Fai, we're in the girl's section."

Fai looked up at the sign,

" Oh, oops."

Fai laughed as veins started to pop out of Kurogane's flesh,

" That's it!"

Kurogane pushed Fai over, who is weak and pathetic as ever and fell even before Kurogane touched him, and Kurogane just went and got, Guess what? Black stuff. Fai got up and joined Kurogane in the line, which was but another obstacle. Kurogane yelled at the people in front of them,

" Hey! You, lady! Yeah you, move! MOVE! Come on, I have things to do, move! God, you lazy woman, now move! Go! Come on, move! Move!"

Eventually Fai and Kurogane reached the cashier, and then the price came up. They both stood ther,

" You gonna pay or what?"

The cashier asked, as Fai and Kurogane stood there like they were dumbstruck. Then their brains finally registered the request after a few minutes, and Kurogane took out a few yen, and Fai took some drier lint and a hairbrush,

" I think this will be more than enough."

Fai said, fairly confident. Then Kurogane took the clothes and ran. Fai ran after him and screamed,

" Sorry, but we have to steal!"

They made it outside, after being attacked by a few fat people who offered them candy and three rabid dogs. Kurogane breathed heavily, holding up the bag in triumph,

" We have done it!"

Fai laughed, this was a small and important victory. Fai stopped, asking Kurogane,

" Did you get me a gumball?"


Kurogane said, staring at him in confusion,

" A gumball, you said you'd give me one."

" I never said that!"

"Yes you did, you said to me..."

Fai imitated Kurogane's deeper voice,

" Okay, Fai whatever, I'll get you a gumball or whatever, just shut up."

He went back to his normal voice,

" That's what you said, Kuro-chi! I didn't get it, you forgot, it's all your fault!"

Fai literally started to cry,

" Come on Fai, I'm not going back in there."

Kurogane said, annoyed. Fai just wiped the tears from his eyes,

" That's because your not my bestest -est friend. A bestest-est friend would go and get it for me."

Kurogane just started walking without him, quite sick of the mage's antics. The he heard a small muffled cry, way too high to be Fai's,

" what was that?"

He said, suddenly alert.

" It's coming from you! Are you crying?"

Fai said, laughing,

" It is!"

Kurogane called out, and then opened the black cloak to find Tomoyo inside,

" Oops, forgot I put her in there..."

Tomoyo was teary eyed, and then she started to cry again. Just another moment with Fai and Kurogane.

Sakura and Syaoran were still walking, they tended to do that. Sakura looked over at Syaoran,

" Hey, Syaoran, Fai, Kurogane, you, myself, do you think we're weird?"


Syaoran said,

" what would give you that idea?"

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