Jack the Ripper

Author's notes

As usual, don't sue, as I own nothing of Red eye.

If you are reading this at any time of which I should be writing something else, I'm sorry. I just had to write this one, fresh off the press.

As the title suggests, this story if about Jack the Ripper. In Red eye, Jackson keeps throwing us hints that he is in some way connected to Jack the Ripper, but never really gives us a clear answer. This is the reason that I am writing this.

It has a cross over through it (Red eye, Batman Begins, and certain elements of From Hell). We see Jonathan Crane as the detective on the Ripper's tail, Jackson as the Ripper, and Lisa as the woman that decides to help Crane. I know that it may seem weird, but really, this fic just has to be written. It is set in the late-mid- eighteenth century.

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