Jonathan was the last one to look. He saw Jack looking up, as if someone was there. Just to be sure, Jonathan snapped his head up. Yeah, it was a bad idea (because Jack could be pulling a bluff), but what if there really was something? And yes, yes there was.

'I leave you for two minutes, and you get into another fight… What the fuck are you trying to do?' Lisa asked, half screaming at them both.

'Um… well…' Jonathan stuttered. What was he doing? He looked down, and saw that one of his hands was pulling Jack's hair. The other was on Jack's chest, pushing him away. Next came Jack's explanation.

'Singing…' he simply smirked.

'Then why have you got your hands around his throat?' she asked him.

'Different teachers have different methods? No, his neck has to be straight, I'm helping him…' he smiled charmingly. Lisa blushed. Jon took the opportunity and flung his opponent off of him. Jack landed in a heap next to the drawing board. Jonathan leapt up, and walked over to her.

'You okay?' he asked sympathetically. He was in two minds whether to ask what she was doing back, but he decided to leave that for a more convenient time.

'Yeah… You?' she asked, with a sigh. Jon decided that this was a good time to greet her properly, with a kiss. As they did so, Jack stood up. He caught sight of the happy couple, and son his mind was swirling with lots of tiny emotions. Well, saying that, they seemed pretty big to him. Envy, jealousy, anger, hatred, indignation… you get the picture. He wanted to get rid of them both. He wanted to kill Jonathan for looking so much like him, for being the detective on his case, everything about him. But more importantly, for stealing his girl from him. Lisa was his, and no one else's. He wanted to kill Lisa for being unfaithful, for going with that bastard… But he also hated himself; he hated himself for not being the man that she wanted, for not being as he should have been, for every life that he had taken…

That last thought stuck to him like he wanted Lisa to stick to him, if not more so. He couldn't shake it off; it was like some sort of parasite that you don't deserve! He forgot all about the very thing that had first caught him with his feelings. He simply walked past them, and out of the door. Lisa opened her eyes. She stopped Jonathan, and just stared at his doppelganger. Once she had seen a vicious monster, then she saw a lover. Now, and lastly, she saw the very figure of sorrow. When her sister had been alive, she often looked like that. Whenever Lisa looked into the mirror and thought of her, she looked like that. Now, Jack looked like that. Like there was nothing left for him, like he was someone on death row, and he wanted to do so much more in his life.

Jonathan was watching at the same time. Although he saw Lisa's pitiful and cheerless face towards Jack, he wasn't angry. In fact, he wasn't even resentful. He watched Jack, and instantly knew that the killer, that he so much hated, knew what he had done. If you had to put it into some kind of word, you could say that Jonathan felt pity towards him. And being the big man that he was, he decided to see if his once-enemy was okay. He walked over to him, and laid a hand on his shoulder.

'You okay?' he asked, with a sympathetic tone in his voice. He shouldn't be doing this, but he only thought that it was right.

Without turning to face him, Jack simply replied with a 'fine'. Clearly he wasn't. Next came Lisa. She walked up to Jonathan, asked for his permission to talk to Jack in private, and scooped him away. She closed the door, but Jon could hear some of what they were saying. He could tell by the tone of his voice that Jack was crying (or very close). When she spoke again, Lisa had the same feeling to her words. When Jon opened the door, Lisa was the only one in the room. He was confused.

'I let him go…' she quietly said, not looking at him (since she was close to tears)' 'You would do the same…'

Jonathan had to agree. With any luck, there would be no more 'Ripping's' (as some people called them). And he was right. For the rest of their days, neither Lisa nor Jonathan heared anything more. Of course, they heard about Liverpool, and America, but they had a gut feeling that it wasn't Jack, only people impersonating him.

And as for the happy couple, they did what any young couple would do; Jonathan retired (who knew that one case like this could pay out so much money?), they moved to the country, got married, had two children, and lived the rest of their days happily. Once or twice, the kids asked about Jack, but their parents simply told them that it was simply a misunderstanding, and Uncle Jack was safely let off the hook. Neither of them really knew what became of their children's godfather. And they didn't want to find out. They simply knew that, even with him gone, he had seriously messed up their minds.

'Eight little whores, with no hope in Heaven,

Gladstone may save one, then there'll be seven.

Seven little whores begging for a shilling,

One stays in Henage Court, then there's a killing.

Six little whores, glad to be alive,

One sidles up to Jack, then there are five.

Four and whore rhyme alright, so do three and me,

I'll set the town alight ere there are two.

Two little whores, shivering with fright,

Seek a cosy doorway, in the middle of the night,

Jack's knife flashes, then there's but one,

And the last one's ripest for Jack's idea of fun'

A/N: Thanks for sticking with me. It's been tough, but I got through it okay. As always, big marshmallow cookies for you lot! Anyway, that little rhyme above is real, and I think that it was actually written by Jack himself. Again, some things I had to improvise, but most facts are real. Obviously, Lisa and Jonathan weren't in anyway involved (that was Abberline), but I think that (by seeing From Hell, and this thing on the Biography channel with Michael Cain), Abberline did turn to drink. I just improvised. All due respect to everyone involved, but this is fanfiction, so some has to be made-up. Just don't sue! Oh yeah, and if you want a sequel, you're going to have to give me ideas and LOTS of time. I've still got to do Invisible to all but you 2!