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Chapter 2

I love you?

"Let go of me you sick demon!" Kagome screamed.

"No. I will make you my mate and have all the jewel shards I want."

"No freakin way I am going to be your freakin mate!" Kagome screamed as pink energy surrounded her and exploded into the hideous demon.

Kagome fell towards the ground, but was caught by strong arms.

"Inu…yasha." were the last words she said before she fainted.

'She looks so beautiful when asleep.' the person who caught her thought. 'I am in love with someone else, or am I?' he stared at the beautiful priestess and took her up into the Sacred Tree and laid her in his lap and fell asleep (I bet by now you know who it is).

Kagome woke up to the sun in her eyes. She rubbed them and found that she was resting on something soft yet firm. She looked at what she was laying on and found herself on top of Inuyasha. She turned a deep shade of crimson.

'Please don't wake up, Inuyasha. I just want to stay like this.' she thought as she laid back down on Inuyasha and continued sleeping.

Inuyasha woke up to a sleeping priestess on him. He smirked.

'Koga didn't win after all. I've got Kagome with me.' Inuyasha thought those last thoughts before Kagome stirred and woke up in his face. Both started blushing a very dark red that was indescribably red.

"Um… Inuyasha? I need to go take a bath now." Kagome said. "I mean, after all, I was captured by that horribly smelled demon."

"Yeah, sure." Inuyasha said as he brought her down bridal style onto the ground so that she can walk to the hot springs.

"See ya later, Inuyasha!"

"Ya sure, whatever."

Inuyasha started walking towards the hut.

"So, Inuyasha. What did you and Kagome do last night?" a very perverted monk grinned. That presented him with a punch to the head. And it was a very strong punch. Which left Miroku unconscious.

"Inuyasha, where is Kagome?" the demon slayer asked.

"In the hot springs, she probably wants you to join her. But Shippo, you are going to stay here." Inuyasha looked at Shippo evilly.

"Why?" Shippo asked.

"Because Sango and Kagome are probably going to talk about stuff not for you."

"Wow Inuyasha. You have become very fatherly to Shippo lately." Miroku said as he got up from being unconscious.

"SHUT UP!" Inuyasha yelled as he punched Miroku out of the hut. 'Immature.' was the final thought Shippo thought about Miroku.

'But, do I love her?' Inuyasha thought.

With Kagome…

'I don't know what to think. But I feel really different. Do I love him?'

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