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Chapter 3

Nights of Boredom Game 1

"'Yawn' Boy, am I tired." Kagome was riding her bike as everyone else walked.

"Kagome, there's no time to be tired. We only have one jewel shard left." Inuyasha said.

"Oh, I forgot that I'm just your jewel detector, aren't I?" Kagome was now furious at Inuyasha. They were now blabbing out arguments back and forth, while Miroku had other plans.

"PERVERT!" Sango yelled as she punched Miroku, and sent him flying into a tree. Shippo sighed as he watched everyone fighting. 'Their all immature if you ask me.' Shippo continued eating his lollipop as he walked past the arguing, "couples".

"Oh, did you smell that?" Shippo asked.

"What? (sniff…sniff) yeah, smells like demons are coming." Inuyasha agreed. He started growling.

"Inuyasha?" Kagome asked.

"It's that mangy, no good, low life wolf boy." Inuyasha said. Kagome was amazed by how many words Inuyasha knew for insults. He never used "no good" or "low life". He must be learning something

"Calm down Inuyasha. If we just turn the opposite direction, you don't have to see him." Kagome said.

"Feh!" Inuyasha just walked the other way as they headed in the opposite direction of Kouga.

That night…

"I'm bored." Kagome sighed.

"Me too." Sango agreed. Shippo was fast asleep as the four was watching the fire rise and fall.

"How about we play a game?" Kagome suggested.

"What kind of a game?" Miroku asked.

"Well, we could play truth or dare, nervous (she started blushing at that one), murderer of the night…" Kagome was interrupted by a surprised hanyous.

"How do you play murderer of the night?" Inuyasha asked. He was wondering if you really "murder" someone in the game. Cause he had his eyes set on a little fox demon on his list of who to kill.

"Well, you are playing in the dark and you pick who will be the murderer, judge, detective, or citizen by picking randomly from a hat. The murderer has to kill the judge so that he won't be arrested…as in put into jail. The judge has to have the detective find out who the murderer is. Did you guys get that?" Kagome asked. Miroku and Sango were in awe at the astonishment of the game.

"Sounds kinda boring to me." Inuyasha said as he leaned back onto the tree.

"Well, you were the one that was so interested into it, weren't you?" Kagome pointed out.

"I want to know what nervous is!" Miroku stated because of the blush Kagome had on her face during that one.

"Let's just play that one first. Okay, all the positions are in Inuyasha's cap (everyone stared at the cap Kagome was holding and then at Inuyasha. They imagined how Inuyasha would look like in that hat. (This is just Miroku and Sango)). Now we each pick a piece of paper out of the hat. Don't tell anyone. Now put them back in the hat and let's start." (A/n to make this more interesting, I won't tell you who is who yet. Hehehe).

"Let's go into the forest, good luck!" everyone disappeared into the shadows of the forest. (We'll go into Inuyasha POV now).

Inuyasha's POV…

I looked around through the misty woods as I looked for the others. I sniffed the area, even if they say it was cheating, I didn't care. I continued walking following what seemed like the scent of Miroku. I tagged his back.

"Dead!" I said as frightening as I could. Miroku fell (you can guess who Inuyasha was). He was the citizen, I needed to find out where the other two were. I sniffed around, searching for the two girls. I found Sango's scent next. I leapt into a tree, and crept behind her on the back.

"Dead!" apparently she was the detective, which means Kagome was the judge. I found Kagome's scent after Sango fell to the floor. I followed her fragrant scent that droved me out of control every time I smelled it. I followed the scent toward a little clearing. Kagome was leaning on a tree. Apparently, she had gotten very tired. I went into a tree behind her. I tried to tag her but I…slipped.

Kagome's POV

I heard a rushing of wind behind me. I didn't hear anything until that noise until I turned around. I saw… Inuyasha falling out of the tree. I had no time to react.

End of POV

Inuyasha fell closer and closer to Kagome until…thud. They were both knocked onto the floor, their lips pressed against one anothers. They were both so surprised that it lasted for about 5 minuets. They broke apart as Inuyasha whispered into Kagome's ear:

"Dead." to Kagome. Kagome smiled a little, then they both began blushing and got up. When they got back to camp, they were both red from this.

"So, what did you two do while we were dead?" Miroku joked.

"PERVERT!" everyone but Shippo and Miroku shouted as they pummeled him into the ground.

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