Revelations 2

Three years had passed in a heartbeat for Robin. Now she sat on a long low deck overlooking a peaceful valley, framed by trees. Beside her sat a timeless looking man with long silver hair and milky white skin. In silence they sat watching the sunset. Three years was all that separated her from the events theat lead up to her death and revival. Three years that separated her from the Factory, from Amon.

Ever her mind returned to rest on the dark brooding man. She had not seen him, not hide nor hair, since the day of the incident in the church. Not since she'd gained Peace. The man who now claimed to be her son. In public, he took the form of a three year old boy, in the wood he was a wolf or an owl, here at the house though, he was a man who sat at her right shoulder. His emerald eyes always watching, and always waiting.

They sat on this porch with the disappearing sun turning the clouds to shades of orange and red, which in turn was making the snow look bloody. Both were thinking of a memory that both could hardly remember. "It is like the day of my birth." He said finally.

"It is, and it isn't." Robin replied. "I have enjoyed all of today, and it is beautiful."

"What was your life like before me?" He asked after some silence, his voice timid.

"Very lonely, and almost desperate." Peace remained silent, trying hard to imagine his 'mother' in a desperate way. Shaking his head he pushed the thoughts from his mind. It didn't take much effort as a car driving up into view brought them both back to the present. "That's Nagira's car." He murmured softly.

"You have a stalker." The lawyer said with a chuckle in his voice, as he climbed out of the car with a over stuffed paper sack in his arm. Peace grimaced.

"Really?" Robin's voice sounded too distant, which caused Nagira's brow to furrow. "Who?"

"My idiot brother. That's who." The chuckle once again in his voice and a spring in his step. To Nagira, this was coming home, not going over to a friend's for the weekend like he told his secretary earlier in the day. Privately, he would like to stay, but not as a house guest. But Robin's sweet smile was not one that invited such a bold question.

"Really?" Her eyes shimmered with sadness, a look that made both men's back straighten. "Why is he still haunting? Shouldn't he just get on with his life...I'd have thought he would by now."

"He's still young enough to think he can change the would, and screwed up enough not to know how to do it. Smart enough to know you're the key, and dumb enough to believe what ever Solomon has told him. Whats for dinner?" He let out the remaining breath and sighed with joy at the smile on her face.

"That could be said for a lot of us." She said softly as she floated from her seat on the porch and headed into the small house. "I though we'd do Chilean tonight." Both men followed in after her, droll forming at the corners of their mouths, as the sent of the future meal wafted out the door as she crossed the thresh hold.

Amon had watched Nagira drive by. Always the same day at the same time of the month the elder would drive up this lain, and then, after a few days drive down it. His eyes hardened as he tightened his grip on the wheel. His mind turning over the last few conversations that he'd had with Robin. The last things she'd ever said to him.

It had been in the forest, watching the smoke and dust rise from where the factory was collapsing into itself that they had seen It. The precursor to the being now called Peace. Amon had jumped to his feet and raised his gun, but Robin had held him back.

"Not now, Amon." She had whispered. "I am not strong enough yet to defend you and you are no match for him." He had whirled on her, but her cool voice cut off whatever he was about to say. "You see, there are bigger things going on than desperate housewives and mad scientists. There is the work of true evil here, and it's not me." She smiled sadly then. "How I wish I was the true evil, and not that. This world doesn't need another of those. Certainly not one at liberty to move about."

"What do you mean? Another one?" He'd asked.

"In Ireland. An Oubliette was the birthplace for It. Nothing can destroy human emotion, especially the beings formed from pure, calloused cruelty."

"That's not what the Facto-"

"That is exactly what the Factory was. Solomon has dehumanized a group of people so badly that it doesn't matter what you do to them. Ziazan was as bad as Hitler, just didn't have the time of the latter to do as much damage. However, do to the kind of people he was committing atrocities to, a true form of terror was created. One that I will have to deal with or let the world suffer." She began to walk away still muttering. "Not tonight, I will need my strength and a clear head."

"The world won't suffer. Your being childishly dramatic." He'd hissed back at her. She stopped in her tracks and turned to face him with tears in her eyes.

"It will look for those who are accountable. All those who helped create it directly, Solomon both far and near, and those who turned a blind eye. Everyone else. No, I am not dramatic, I am still a child, so yes, I'm going to childishly go get some sleep." With that she turned from him again, and did not speak. Months had slipped past and she still did not speak.

Until the day he'd found the church where the beast had destroyed a congregation. She appeared at his shoulder. "Leave now, Amon, this fight isn't for you." Was all she said as walked in. Strode up to the alter and knelt to pray. He had not left, he stayed glued to the floor as the events took place. When the creature was finished, and her blood covered every part of it, it crouched over her body moaning and crying. Amon had watched as light fluttered about it's body, fluttered then straightened, turning to strands of hair. Then with pail, masculine arms, it lifted her body and held her close.

"Mother?" It whimpered softly rocking back and forth. "Mother?"

"I love you." Was the last rasping breath that exited her body. The creature in the man's body cried and rocked back and forth with the force of intense emotion. Finally it let her lie under the Crucifix, stretching her out to be a mirror image. Then curled up just a few feet from her and whimpered to itself. That's when he'd left, gone around the side of the building to think about what he'd witnessed, until Miho showed up. That's when his friends had turned from him, when Nagira turned from him.

"As her legal council, I've arranged a stalking order in place. You must stay at least 100 meters from her or face the consequences."

"I am to shoot her if-"

"The only one whose been driven mad with power between the two of you is, well, you." Nagira eyed him angrily. "Sometimes, I don't believe we're related." Then he turned his back on him and walked away. That was the last conversation they'd ever had. Not that Amon had tried to contact him, just followed him. Three years is a long time to not talk to any of your friends. Amon thought to himself, at the end of Nagira's weekend visit. And finally, the elders car slipped past his, and off down the lane.

So up the lain Amon's car went, up to the cottage in the meadow. Getting out he took in the scene around him. Footstep on the porch alerted him and watched as Peace and Robin both came out. Robin with soft smile, and Peace in lupin form.

"Go into the forest, Peace. I need rabbits for the stew." Robin patted the top of his head. "Be home before dark, please." Off the wolf sprang, a warning in his eyes. "It has been a long time, Amon. What took you?" She asked in her usual calm way.