1517 hours, 10.20.2552 (Military Calendar)Far below the Indian Ocean, planet Earth

Deep beneath the ocean, the titan slumbered. He had once been a simple dinosaur, living on an island far from any human. And then, a massive storm hit the island, a storm of light, of sound, and of pain. He had fallen asleep and when he awoke, he had changed. He was large, far larger than he should ever be. Although the pain had stopped, he was in far greater emotional pain. He had been transformed into a monster …and he then saw the cause.

Now that he was so much taller, he could see the sea creatures that sent the storm. He had somehow smelled the essence of it on them. Enraged, he had attacked them. The essence of the storm then seemed to flow through him. A burst of flame erupted from his mouth, engulfing the creatures. Filled with rage, he had then swum out in search of more. He swam an incredible distance, burning all of the creatures he found, until he came to a small island.

The island was not the same as his home, but it had suited his needs. On the island he had found a nest of the little animals found on every one of the sea monsters. Connecting the parasites with the cause of his painful transformation, he had walked through their nest, smashing their dwellings. This had temporarily sated his rage.

But then the parasites had sought him out, moving from their nest. This had infuriated him, that these creatures who were with the ships that let loose the storm would dare approach him. He had left the island, swimming out farther, until he came upon an enormous island crawling with them!

As soon as he had swum up to take a glimpse of the place, he had been stung by dozens of wasps. He had ignored the wasps, and made his way onto the island. After sampling the local wildlife (it had tasted awful), he smashed some of the nest, and then returned to the ocean for rest. The following night, he had returned to the nest and destroyed everything he could, when he had a realization. He had realized that no matter how many of these creatures he killed, he could never end his pain. He left the islands, wandering deep into the ocean. He had swam to the bottom of a deep valley and fallen asleep, and there he had slept for ages. For in sleep he felt peace. In sleep he was himself again, the way he should be.

Suddenly a huge surge flowed through him, jolting him awake. Throughout his sleep, he had felt himself getting steadily weaker, but now he felt as though he had just eaten a hearty meal. The surge had been reminiscent of the storm that had transformed him long ago. Were the creatures at it again, transforming others like him? Drawing in deep breaths, he could smell the surge. It was like an immense wave flowing over the world. Curious, the titan began making his way toward the wave's source.