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Rubber bands

Naruto slowly opened his eyes. He was shivering; he had kicked off his sheets in the middle of the night and the fan was on full blast.

"Damn fan," He muttered, throwing his pillow at it. Oops. Bad idea.

"AAAAHHH! THEY'RE EVERYWHERE! GET'EMOFFGET'EMOFF GET'EMOFFGET'EMOFFGET'EMOFF! AHHHHH!" He screamed, loosing himself in an extremely large cloud of feathers. He franticly waved his arms, trying to clear them out of his way, but instead hit his knight stand, knocking over his lamp, stubbed his toe on his bed, then fell face first on the cold, hard floor.

GRRRRRR... One feather landed softly on his nose. Naruto blew it up, but it came back down again on his face. "I. will. Crush. you. BELIEVE IT YOU STUPID FEATHER!" He roared, stomping on it over and over again. The fan, still spinning at high speed, picked up the feather and blew it out the window.

He took a running start at his bed, which was positioned in the window the feather blew out of, and jumped onto it and out the window. He had so much speed and momentum that he had no control over his landing. In fact, he didn't land at all. He crashed head on with the tree trunk of the tree outside his window. He crashed to the ground, landed on his head, betting a mammoth bump with a bump with a bump with a bump with a bump with a bump with a bump with a bump on it. "FINE! BUT ONE DAY, I WILL FIND YOU, AND YOU WILL DIE A VERY PAINFUL DEATH! BELIEVE IT!"

After he recovered from his feather incident, (It took almost forty five minutes) Naruto walked slowly into his kitchen, searching for bread among his life time supply of ramen.

"Bread….where's the bread…." He muttered, pushing aside dirty dishes on his counter. (He is such a slob that he never bothers to wash them or even put them in the sink.)

"AHA! BREAD!" He yelled rejoicefully, holding up a loaf with about three slices of green, moldy bread. "So much for that," he said, tossing the back into the cabinet. "What to eat….What to eat…" He mumbled, pushing aside his ramen. "OOH! How 'bout ramen? Again?" He asked himself. In just a few minutes, he was happily slurping the noodles.

It wasn't really the fact that he didn't enjoy days off, but the fact that Naruto thought was falling behind Sasuke. But he told himself that he could always train later in the day, taking his time in the morning but train twice as hard as he normally would. But Sasuke was probably already on the training grounds, perfecting his jutsu and his Sharingan, leaving Naruto in the dust.

Just the thought made him mad. He gulped down the rest of his ramen, adding it to the already giant pile of empty containers on his counter. He ran straight for his closet, searching for a clean pair of clothes.

Naruto dug through the endless pile of dirty clothes, coming to one of his orange jackets that looked clean enough to wear. But when he turned it around—

"EW! THAT'S DISGUSTING!" he yelled, tossing it out the window. It had what looked to be the remains of ramen on it, like he had gotten into a ramen eating contest and ended up hurling all over himself. Naruto kept up his search, until he finally found something clean to wear.

Just as he was preparing to leave, something in the back of his closet caught his eye. Naruto dove right in, expecting buried treasure or something—

"A rubber band ball?" He said, holding up the colorful assortment of rubber bands. It was a little bigger than his fist, and must have had more than a hundred rubber bands on it.

"What am I supposed to do with this?" Naruto asked himself, and threw it against the wall and prepared to leave. It bounced back, and hit him in the back of his head, creating another bump (somehow the others managed to miraculously disappear.)

"OW!" He yelled and kicked it. This time it came back and hit his fore head, sending him back onto the ground.

"Damn rubber band ball," he muttered. Then it hit him, when he remembered Sasuke, and every one else he knew, while the rubber band ball rolled slowly up to his face.

He knew exactly what he was going to do with it. This was gonna be good.

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