First up, Sasuke!

1. Sasuke

2. Sakura

3. Kakashi-sensei

4. Choji

5. Shikamaru

6. Ino

7. Asuma

8. Shino

9. Hinata

10. Kiba

11. Kurenai

13. Neji

14. Rock Lee

18. Gai

15. Tenten

16. Gaara (If he doesn't kill me first)

17. Temari

18. Kankuro

Naruto stared happily at his list. His first victim would be Sasuke. He smiled when he thought of messing up Sasuke's training, even if it was only for a day. He carefully folded the list, and put it in his pocket, along with the rubber band ball.

Naruto exited his small apartment, locking the door, and stretched a little bit before he took off running toward the training grounds.

"I'M-" He twisted his upper body "READY!" He then touched his toes-"I'M-" He jumped up and down, "READY!" He bellowed, twisting his body one last time.

He shook his head and looked around. "Whoa… Why is everything blurry?" He asked himself. "Been watching to much Spongebob…OH WELL! OFF TO THE TRAINING GROUNDS! BELIEVE IT!"

When he arrived, well what you know, there was Sasuke, throwing shuriken and kunais at various targets. Naruto hid in the trees, positioning himself so he had a clear shot of Sasuke.

Naruto waited until Sasuke stopped for a break. Sasuke walked over to his bag, which lay in a big jumbled heap on the ground. He silently pulled of a fat yellow rubber band from the ball. He looped it around his thumb, and pulled it back. Ready...

Sasuke pulled out a water bottle and began to take a drink. Aim...

"OWW!" Sasuke yelled when the rubber band hit the back of his head. Naruto, being the incredibly smart and talented ninja that he was, put duct tape over his mouth so Sasuke couldn't hear him laugh.

Naruto took another rubber band, a smaller one, and flung it at Sasuke. This one hit him in the back of the leg.

"OWWW!" He yelled, glaring at the little rubber band on the ground. It looked like a little fried worm, like the kind that dry up on the side of the road after it rains. Naruto was laughing so hard, he thought he might fall out of the tree.

His whole body was shaking from laughing, and he slowly took another rubber band—and hit Sasuke right in the forehead.

"Who is doing that! Show yourself!" Sasuke yelled, glaring in the general direction of Naruto.

Naruto took another rubber band, a fat blue one that was even thicker than the first one, and pulled back… Ready...

"Hurry up! Show yourself, you coward!" Aim...

"AAIIIEEEE!" Naruto hit Sasuke right between the legs.

(Let us journey onward into a bird's eye point of view. Take a deep, relaxing, breath and focus on this screen in front of me. We see in this small section of the Konoha (points on a TV screen) many birds flying away due to and extremely loud, feminine, echoing scream. Thank you for your time.)

He had never actually heard Sasuke scream like a girl before, and now that he thought about it, he had never even heard Sasuke scream at all.

The very thought sent him into a laughing frenzy, but instead of being a 'Ha ha ha,' it turned out more of an 'Mmah mmmfff mmha,' due to the fact that there was still a large piece of duct tape stuck to his mouth.

He accidentally slipped on the branch he was standing on, and plummeted to the ground, in plain view of Sasuke, who was laying on the ground holding himself. (I think you get the picture.)

"Naruto…" He rasped out, in a squeaky voice. "You piece of crap…you are so dead…"

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